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OVER VIEW 350 HP 358 Engine All new sheet metal Flowmaster Exhaust 29-18-50/15 tire size (weld Alumaster wheels) All new after market interior 98 Mustang GT seats

Paint by: Steve Vincent 9in Ford rearend Nearly 4 years ago the Father and Son Team of Chuck and Derek Horn started working on this beautiful 1972 Original Heavy Chevy Chevelle as a rolling chassie.

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picture taken ny: Danny Beeler

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BIKE CHECK With Ryan Clark of Quality Bike Shop

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Ryan, what bike do we have today ? We have the Trek Soho S. What style of bike is the Soho ? It’s a urban commute bike, it is great for exercise, if you have a short commute to work or just a quick and fun way to get around town. Does this bike have gears or is it a single speed ? This bike is a single speed but, we have a geared bike in the same model available too. What is the advantage of having a single speed bike over a geared bike ? The single speed weighs 21 lbs. opposed to the geared bike of the same version weighing 24 lbs. Single speed also saves cost, there is almost a $400.00 difference between the single and the geared. Also, single speed is much easier to use, no worries on shifting and much easier maintenance. Would you say the Soho is a great starter bike ? Yes, especially the single speed., but it’s great for advanced riders too. It comes in a variety of sizes to cater to different body types. Would you say this is a durable bike ? Yes, the frame is made out of alpha aluminum with a full chro-moly fork. It has puncture resistant tires, sealed headset, sealed crank and can handle the abuse of everyday riding. How would you rank this bike overall ? I would say it is a very nice bike, on Trek’s website it received five out of five stars on it’s reviews, and it’s just a super fun bike to ride rather it be around town or on the Green Belt.

See Quality Bike Shop’s coupon on page 18.




am in my sixth year as a retail worker and I’ve seen it all, from a husband and wife shop lifting, to people leaving a baby in my store as if it was a 1/2 price item from a sale rack. At my first retail job, I was the tender age of seventeen years old, and working at a well known retail department store that we will call The Super Power Bigger than Life Store. (Names changed to protect the innocent.) At that time, the cold pills were not locked up, nor was there a limit to how many could be purchased. Shoplifting had become a problem, and since there were no law enforcing the sale of the cold pills, The Super Power Bigger than Life Store had decided to hire a task force of Retail Ninjas to guard the inventory. The powers that be had not figured out yet that the cold pills, commonly used in the making of methamphetamines, should probably be locked up to prevent theft. The Retail Ninjas were trained to follow people who were suspected of shoplifting or any other wrong doing. Now don’t get me wrong these guys are big guys but they are completely stealth and almost magical, hence the name Retail Ninja. At the time, I found myself having secret ambitions to one day train to be one of The Super Power Bigger than Life Store’s secret Retail Ninja elite. The Retail Ninjas were notorious for watching the criminals make mistakes, and when the time was right, normally once the crooks left the store, the Ninjas moved in for the capture. This was no different during one certain situation that I was lucky enough to witness. A husband and wife team of shoplifters were on the move in a department close to where I was working. I was minding my own business, stripping shelves of old tabs and placing them in a shopping cart, when suddenly my cart began rolling away by itself! I walked over to see where my shopping cart was going when suddenly I caught my first glimpse of a secret Retail Ninja using my cart as a disguise while he followed the husband and wife team of shoplifters. I have to tell you that I felt so privileged to know that out of all of the workers in the store, and all of the shopping carts in my area, he decided to use mine. We made eye contact and he said, “shhhhh, you don’t see me”, as he push the cart slowly. As I think about it now I realize that I was under the Retail Ninja’s magic powers. I did as I was told as I got to help the Retail Ninja watch the dirty criminals shove large amounts of cold pills into their coats and purse. The husband was also stealing cans of carbonated cleaner as the Retail Ninja and I worked side by side, and pushing my cart closer and closer. 08. VENTMAGAZINE FEB. 2009 | SOLUTION #2

Just as fast as he appeared, the Retail Ninja was gone. I looked around everywhere but there was no trace of him, and the bandit couple we were pursuing was gone as well, almost as if I had imagined the whole thing. I couldn’t help but think that the cops were going to bum rush (no pun intended) into the store and arrest the thieves, but all was calm from what I could see at the time. About twenty minutes later I was sitting out front on break when the here come the shop lifters out the front of the store. Even better than that, right on their heels were three Retail Ninjas! A loud thundering voice yelled, “STOP RIGHT THERE!” and I thought for sure that the ground even quivered as I peed my pants a little. The purps tried to make a run for their truck, but they were no match for the speed and cunning ability of the Retail Ninjas who quickly caught up to the criminal couple and took them to the ground hard! Soon there after the police came rolling in, and they found over ten packs of cold pills, three cans of carbonated cleaner and more cough medicine than anyone will ever use. All of this was in one huge purse/ bag. A search of the truck they were in turned up a mini meth lad with enough drugs to give them plenty of time to think about what they did wrong. This was an amazing bust for the retail ninjas and the Owensboro Police Department and it all happened right before my eyes. I never got the opportunity to train to be a Retail Ninja, and I no longer work at the Super Power Bigger than Life Store, but often when I am shopping, I know they are watching, they are always watching.

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Lovely By: Sarah Jessica Parker

With KC Aka Kara &Cassie “Don’t make good first impresstions, make great long lasting one.” -Kara & Cassie

This perfume says it all. It is truly lovely. Not to strong and nor is it weak! Its great for those nights out or Valentines day! Any man will fall over after smelling this perfume! This would be a great gift to get for your sweetie! Very appropriate for this upcoming holiday! This bottle can run from $35-80 a bottle. Remember check out discounted stores. The more money you save.. the more money you can spend on your sweetie. This lucky lady will definitely appreciate the gift.

Spirit By: Antonio Bandera’s

The Shoe Wheel This little product is a great way for all you shoe people to keep your kicks organized and ready to go.



Men- unfortunately spraying this cologne will not give you a seducing accent and long sexy hair. Fortunately this cologne will make you smell amazing and ladies will go crazy once they inhale this heaven on you! This Bottle can run anywhere from $30-60. Ladies, this would be a great Valentines gift also. It’s a great way to tell your man that he needs to smell better! In a nice way.

Cream babydoll tank. Target 19$


-Bags under your eye? Try warm tea bags on each eye. Chunky bangle adds to your outfit.

-Try Main n Tail shampoo for horses on your own hair! Works better than most shampoos. -Tooth paste works great to make any silver shine.

Issaic mizahe 7$ target. Snake skin mary jane flats.

High waisted hot pants, denim. Gold buttons. Gives any look a nautical look. 7$ tj maxx

-If you sound like a horse in heels, its time to retire them. Tall people -Taller bodies can take larger prints and bolder colors. -Tired of green around the

The word “corduroy” neck or finger from your costume jewelry? Try basting comes from the French the jewelry in clear finger nail word “ cord du roi” polish. meaning “cloth of the VENTMAGAZINE FEB. 2009 | SOLUTION #2 .09 king”.


Internet has became the most popular form of entertainment for teenagers as well as adults. Some of the more well-known web sites include,, and for millions of people Youtube is an entertainment website much like many others with the exception of public use. The aforementioned website is geared towards providing you, the public, with the ability to display your home videos; many of which have been shot for the sole purpose of Youtube. According to,Youtube has produced over 91 million logins monthly and over 5 billion videos. An average viewer watches 54.8 videos during their surf time. Youtube allows the public to establish their own screen name and post their own videos. One of many good things about Youtube is that it is a no nudity site so most videos are suitable for all ages; you can find

anything from funny animals (*Funny Animal Video and Picture Collection*) to your average village idiot (*Ross doing a back flip off the blue bridge*) looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. Also included on the website are helpful instructional how-to videos(*How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD*) and various popular television clips(*Rob & Big Season 3 Trailer*) that can be viewed at your convenience. Then you can’t for get the newest movie trailer (* X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer*). The most ridiculous music videos (*Electric Feel - MGMT - The Rock-fire Explosion*) Vent Magazine has spent many hours on Youtube finding our favorite videos, we have narrowed it down to our top ten list. So here are our favorite videos:

1 (*Beyonce Battle*) This is hard to watch but even harder to look away.

6 (*Terry Tate Office Linebacker*) Be glad you dont have terry in your office.

2 (*Leprechaun Sighting*) Have you seen the leprechaun ? 3 (*Seven-year-old boy steals grandmother’s SUV*) Hide your keys

7 (*Baltimore cops V.S. skateboarder*) DON’T CALL ME DUDE !

from this little one.

8 (*Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis*) WOOOO WOOOO That’s it and that’s all.

4 (*Obama and McCain - Dance Off!*) This is no high school dance.

9 (*Indian Thriller*) THE BEST THRILLER EVER !

5 (*brokeback to the future*) Marty McFly and doc have something

10 (*Ken Block Gymkhana Practice*) If your a car person you cant miss this.

So there you have our top ten, let us know what you think or send us a funny link to your favorite video ( We here at Vent Video encourages you to log onto and look at your local filmstars such as “Nosurfers,” which is a group of local teens including Drew and Nolan Bramschriber, Janssen Payne, Matt Hayden, Colton Millay, Benjamin Biggs and many others that found themselves bored and looking to have some fun. Their

videos are prime examples of Owensboro’s youth at it’s best...boredom with a video camera. You will find funny parodies and nosurfers productions original videos. Here at Vent we encourage the public to give their own opinions, so if you have any Youtube videos you want us to see send them to us at Hope to hear from you soon!

they need to tell us.


How come no one ever says, “It’s only a game” when their team is winning?

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Hard Candy 2005

Boondock Saints 1999

The Orphanage 2007

After chatting with the thirty-two years old photographer Jeff Kohlver on the Internet, a fourteen year old Hayley Stark meets him at a coffee shop. Hayley flirts with him in spite of the age difference. After a conversation at the coffee shop Hayley travels with Jeff to his home. This is the beginning of a crazy unexpected twist.

Two Irish American brothers (Connor and Murphy MacManus) take on what they believe to be God’s will, by disposing the world of it’s criminals. Boondock Saints was blacklisted from the theaters in 1999 due to the violent nature of the film.

Haunting secrets of the past resurface when a child mysteriously disappears in the supernatural thriller The Orphanage, a spinetingler with a jaw-dropping twist that will take your very last breath away! Produced by Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth). NOTE: The Orphanage is subtitled.

Lions Gate Entertainment



Please send your unseen must see movie ideas to with your contact information, for a chance to win a copy of this months movies. Only one person will win per month, one DVD copy of one movie of his/her choice. You must be a Owensboro resident and 18 years of age or older. All emails must be

received by 2/20/09.


w w w . v e n t m a g o w b . c o m Left: Drawing of Downtown Master Plan

Right: Center for Business and Research



reetings Venters and Ventees. Here we are second areas. The EDC is working with Kentucky Bio Processing, the Canissue and going strong. This month we find our- cer Research Program, and Western Kentucky University . The center selves at The Crème in our beloved downtown is funded and Brake looks for the ribbon cutting to be in the second speaking to president and CEO of Owensboro’s quarter. The Center is about pairing higher education, technology, and Economic Development Corporation, Nicholas entrepreneurship, one combination that will generate business and Brake. Vent ran the gamut with Nick in an ener- put Owensboro on the map. “A similar model exists in an old shopgized jam session about Owensboro past, present, future, and beyond. ping center in Bowling Green , but has a different focus,” says Brake. Two: The combining of the River Port Authority and the OwWhen you think of Owensboro do you think of innovation, walkability, and a downtown scene that is a destination? Has the term new urbanism ensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport into one consolidated Port Auever crossed your lips when speaking of Owensboro ? If you are Nick Brake thority.The EDC is evaluating whether or not the airport is living up to its it certainly has, and he is working tirelessly to ensure that it does for you. potential as a commercial flight facility. Owensboro is in a key location for freight/cargo and military space 2009 was ushered in on the wake of for the entire eastern half of the stock market instability,corporate bail outs, United States thus, putting Owand the doom and gloom of a recession ensboro on the map. So, once nursing a depression. Not to mention that we have the business and people The Messenger-Inquirer deemed the closhere what do we have for them? ing of Owensboro ’s once flag ship hotel, -Nick Brake Three: That’s where The Executive Inn, to be 2008’s top story. Grim enough? Vent thinks so, too. It turns out that asking the Master Plan comes in. “ Owensboro needs to improve its quality of Nick about the Big E was the perfect entry he was looking for to living and create a synergy,” says Brake. A downtown district that follows springboard into his big three projects to come out swinging in 2009. a ‘new urbanism’ format is the model Owensboro needs.The Master Plan The EDC’s approach to revitalizing Owensboro is drastically different would include a combination arena/convention center, parking garage, than a 30 year old strategy that has kept Owensboro on a respirator. arts academy, farmer’s market area, traffic-pattern changes, and develop“People are tired of living in Evansville ’s shadow…and tired of being pa- ment of Smothers Park . Brake says that Owensboro has to create a tient.” Owensboro used to focus on large manufacturers, showing them sense of vibrancy that is going to attract private investors and now is cheap property and electricity, hoping they move in. The global economic the time to do it with labor costs, materials, and commodities dropping. situation has changed, says Brake, we want to maintain the manufacturing Vent agrees that it is now or never and the closing of the Big E was that we have, but play in this high tech, knowledge-driven economy. “ Ow- the jolt Owensboro needed. Vent will continue a series of arensboro is not a corridor city, it needs to be a destination city,” says Brake. ticles relating to the development of a new community, one that One: The EDC is developing the Center for Business and will rise from the ashes of a recession and send a message that Research. The facility, a 37,000 square foot building on the fringe of we have lasted and have grown stronger from our setbacks. downtown that used to be a tobacco warehouse, will act as a business please send any comments or questions to accelerator providing room for labs, offices, workspace, and common

FEB. 2009 | SOLUTION #2

“People are tired of living in Evansville’s shadow… and tired of being patient.”


w w w . v e n t m a g o w b . c o m

Picture taken by: Danny Beeler for Vent Magazine


Sam (Jung Park) Maddy - age: 20 This my first tattoo it’s my Korean name (Jung Park) on my ribs. I’m working on and idea for my next tattoo ( one is not enough they are some what addictive ). Fred Tatum - age: 37 Tattoos are a way for me to express my freedom any way I want. I’ve always got pla ns for more ink.

Joey ( Mo ) Lester - age: 25 My tattoo shows my dedication for bmx riding. I’ve been riding bmx for 13 years and don’t plan on stoping anytime soon.


os have age: 21 . All tatto f work Barlow age of 21 o e rs th Heather u o at h o 4 rst tatto rst was and needs rs u Got my fi ings to me. My fi o ) 3 1/2 h n ss ea re m g ro en p d hid rk in cond (wo and my se . re o about 4 m


w w w . v e n t m a g o w b . c o m

HOW DURABLE IS THE IPHONE? I’ve had my iPhone 2 ½ months now and it’s only gotten a couple scratches. I also cherish it like it’s my first born. I also use a Clear Naked Case from Case-mate (29,99.) It covers the whole phone and keeps it shiny. I’ve dropped it on concrete twice and luckily have not brought on its destruction. I haven’t broke it yet, but give me time. It will then join all the other broken iPhone’s on eBay. HOW IS THE STABILITY OF EACH PHONE? The Curve is rock solid, it rarely freezes, operates quickly, and applications never crash. You don’t have to worry about this phone ever letting you down. The iPhone on the other hand has kinda frequent crashes. You will be playing a game and it randomly just goes back to your home screen. My iPhone has locked up twice now to the point where I have had to reset it. The Curve only did that once, in a year. Blackberry defiantly has their stuff together in this respect. HOW IS HAVING A TOUCH SCREEN KEYBOARD? If it wasn’t for Apple’s predictive text, I would have thrown this phone out the window a long time ago. If you have sausage links for fingers, the cramped keyboard can quickly cause error. This never happened on the Curve. I could type faster on that phone than I could on a computer. A tangible keyboard is way better than the touch screen crap. If you could text message with the landscape keyboard on the iPhone, it would be sweet. Apple, you suck at life for not letting me do this! HOW IS THE INTERNET ON THE IPHONE? A-ma-Zing! It’s just like being on your home computer basically. You can view full web pages, Google whatever, just use the internet however you wish, unlike the Curve. The Curves internet sucked so bad I got rid of it after having the phone for a couple months. It’s as bad as Cheeseburger’s T-Mobile Pre-Paid nugget of a phone.

CAN YOU BLUETOOTH RING TONES ON THE IPONE? No, you have to make them in iTunes. Apple has to make their cut when it comes to this. Unless you have a Mac. Then you can make them in GarageBand. With the Curve you can have any ones ringtone as long as they send it to you. The iPhone has better quality sound than the Curve. This means you can listen to your two dollar ringtone crystal clear. The curve you can have like 500 but it sounds like your dad’s record player. HOW ARE THE APPLICATIONS ON THE IPHONE? You can find anything you want. Myspace, Facebook, Games,YouTube, Weather, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM,) you can even get WebMD to figure out why those bumps are there. The blackberry’s apps are strictly business. You can get some games, Brick breaker really saves you when there is nothing to do but it’s very limited. The iPhone has more apps than our sad Owensboro lives will ever need. HOW IS THE BATTERY LIFE ON EACH PHONE? My iPhone just used 50% of it’s battery to send my last text message. I usually have to charge my phone before the day is over. I carry my charger everywhere. Apple gets -10pts. The Curve lasted forever in comparison. I think I only had to charge it twice the whole time I owned it. OVERALL: The iPhone is there to entertain you. It has all kinds of cool apps, games, and little things that allow you to be entertained. The blackberry is faithful though. It will get you wherever you need to go. Despite the iPhones negatives, I still like it better. It’s shiny and does cool stuff. My main argument is the keyboard that just wasn’t made for my chubby digits. However, I find myself thinking quite a bit that I miss my Curve. They should make curves do cooler stuff, then I would go back, until then, it’s the iPhone. As long as I don’t break it.


w w w . v e n t m a g o w b . c o m

COOKING WITH THE CHEF Marinaded Beef Tenderloin 1 WHOLE BEEF TENDERLOIN MARINADE: 1/2 CUP OLIVE OIL 1 CLOVE GARLIC, CRUSHED 1 TABLESPOON OF BLACK PEPPER 2 TABLESPOONS OF WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE 2 TABLESPOONS OF SOY SAUCE JUICE FROM 2 WHOLE LEMONS 1 TABLESPOON GARLIC SALT MIX ALL INGREDIENTS TOGETHER Place tenderloin in large bag or bowl with marinade for 2 hours or overnight. Place on grill over hot coals or put in oven at 350 degrees until internal temperature is between 140 degrees and 150 degrees (medium rare). Slice to desired thickness and enjoy!


Chef: Gary Pickrell, Owner/ cook of Garys Drive- In


It started in 1970 when Gary married his wife Donna Tretter. They made an agreement -or should I say a deal, that Gary would be the cook of the house and Donna would be the cleanup person. Well that agreement still holds to this day in the Pickrell household. Gary has been cooking for his family and friends for more than thirty years and this the reason why VENT has chosen him for Chef of the Month. Gary stated, “I would go to various restaurants to try something new and I would actually come home and try to duplicate it.” With this said, we can surely say that Gary is a very creative person. On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of dinning with the Pickrells. Let me tell you, it was FABULOUS. We started off with a garden salad served with homemade dressing, then a entree that literally melted in my mouth. A marinated beef tenderloin, so moist and juicy that fell apart with a forks

w w w . v e n t m a g o w b . c o m

touch, fresh whole green beans wrapped in bacon, river potatoes that was cooked to perfection, and hot sweet rolls to top the meal off. When I think about the dinner, the taste still savors in my mouth today. Other than cooking for his friends and family, Gary also cooks for his customers. It was known as the Cree-mee Drive In in 1954, transferred to a burger joint owned by Carl F. Stewart in 1968, and today it is now Gary’s Drive In, owned by our chef of the month himself, Gary Pickrell. Gary bought the establishment in October 2000 and business is still going strong today. All items on the menu are cooked to order; nothing is left under a heating lamp. Fresh food, delicious milk shakes, signature soups with choices of bean, potato, vegetable, chili, and even Hoppin John, what more could you ask for? Not to mention the comfortable and cozy dining atmosphere gives Gary’s Drive In a great quaint place to gather. Besides the fact that this man has a Drive In, a hefty household chore, he also caters on the side. Can you say passionate? Gary’s love for cooking has been expressed throughout this article and he mentions, “Cooking gives me pleasure and I do it to relax.” Enough said, as for me I’ll just stick to the couch and the television for relaxation and hopefully Gary might invite me over for dinner again.



($16,000.00) 2004 Nissan Maxima Fully Loaded, heated seats, leather seats, 6 disc changer, etc... For more info call 270-485-1359

($1,600.00) 1994 Cadillac Deville Runs perfectly. Owner has no need for the car anymore. For more info call 270-903-2090

($50.00) These DC shoes were bought off e-bay and received the wrong size. I paid 50.00 plus S&H, I’m just wanting my 50.00 back. For more info call 270-316-3245

($7,295.00) 2003 GMC ENVOY (4X4) Black- fully loaded w/ moon roof 80k miles. Rebuilt title needs air bags. 20" chrome wheels. For more info call: 270-929-3266 please leave message.

($7,500.00) 2003 Ford Mustang V6 Black exterior and Grey Interior 77k Miles, amazing gas millage All basic maintenance done on the time of last oil change. For more info call 270-244-0265

Not actual picture of unit ($800.00) Digi Design 002 Only 3 months old. Pro Tools software included. For more info call 270-313-4512

Limited to one person. Coupon must be present at time of purchase


D L SO ($700.00) The Apple MacBook "Core Duo" 2.0 13-Inch (White) features a 2.0 GHz Intel "Core Duo" processor (T2500), with two independent processor "cores" on a single silicon chip, a 2 MB shared "on chip" level 2 cache, a 667 MHz frontside bus, 2GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300) RAM installed in pairs (two 1 GB modules), a 160.0 GB Serial ATA (5400 RPM) hard drive with "Sudden Motion Sensor" technology, a 4X slotloading double layer read DVD/CDRW "SuperDrive", an Intel GMA 950 integrated "graphics processor with 64 MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory", and a 13.3" widescreen TFT active-matrix "glossy" display (1280x800 native resolution). (Price is negotiable within reason) Also include with the macbook is a external cooling fan system and apple remote. For more info call 270-485-1359

That scientist in Japan grow square watermelons to save shelf space.

($800.00) Original Ms Pac-Man arcade machine. This unit is very rare. Works great!!! For more info call 270 929-3124

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