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Queen’s Lesson Plan

Teachers Name: ​Venturo Bryan, James Addison, Chris DeHaan Course: ​TGJ2O Lesson Title: ​Cyberbullying Unit Title & Number: ​Safe and Responsible use of Technology (Unit 2) Specific Curriculum Expectations:​ C2.5 describe social and ethical issues relating to the use of communications technology (e.g., promotion of hatred, irresponsible use of the Internet, cyberbullying, cultural appropriation). Prior Learning:​ ​Students would have been exposed to various class and school sessions on bullying awareness and prevention. These sessions would have provided key resources and information on cyberbullying and ways of addressing cyberbullying. Key Learning Goals: Students will learn how to recognize cyberbullying Students will learn strategies to prevent cyberbullying.

Key Learning Question: What is cyberbullying? Who is cyberbullying? How do I know if I am being cyberbullied or if I am a cyberbully? What can I do to improve awareness on the issue of cyberbullying? What can I do to stop or prevent cyberbullying? Enduring Understandings and Essential Skills: Traits of a good digital citizen Netiquette Materials List: * Markers * Projector * Whiteboard

Teaching Aids: YouTube Video- Cyberbullying (UNICEF) ​ YouTube Video- How to beat Cyberbullies ​ YouTube Video- Childnet International ​ Website- Who are Cyberbullies ​ Teaching Strategies: Class will begin with attendance and any housekeeping issues. ​(10mins) Introduction/Hook: (20 minutes) Once the class has settled we will watch the Youtube video on cyberbullying, followed by a class discussion. Students will be encouraged to write down any comments or questions that seem relevant to them during the discussion. Group Activity: (30 minutes) We will then watch the Youtube video on how to beat cyberbullies. After the video students will be seperated into groups. Each group will discuss what they learned in the video and develop 5 strategies to prevent or stop cyberbullying. Each group will present their strategies to the class. Individual Activity (15 minutes) On their own students will begin to create a presentation on cyberbullying prevention. The presentation can be a poster, slideshow, podcast or video. Note: students will be given several periods to complete their presentation

Modifications and Accommodations Students will be provided with Additional Videos on Cyberbullying for a deeper understanding of the effects of cyberbullying. YouTube Video- Childnet International ​ Amanda Todd’s Story- ​ Assignment Accommodations- Students will be broken into groups that represent different skill sets and strengths. Assignment Modification- Students will be allow to present the information using podcast, poster, slideshow or video.

Terminol​ogy List ​ ​(List all new terminology that may be learned during the lesson) * Cyberbullying * Netiquette

Literacy and Numeracy​ ​(List any literacy strategies and numeracy strategies which may be addressed or delivered during the lesson) Students will be exposed to new jorgon as it relates to technology (Netiquette). Closing Questions​ (List any closing questions which may be used to reflect student participation during the lesson) 1. What is cyberbullying? 2. List three strategies that can be used at prevent or stop cyberbullying?

Lesson Reflection (What when wrong/What went right, What can be changed) ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________

Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan  
Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan