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The power in my bedroom went off completely when I turned my ceiling fan on, and I couldn’t get it to come back on even when switching the breaker. This happened at 1:30 am. Maintenance was at my door at 9 am to fix the problem and even showed me how to make sure the breaker goes completely off and back on. I was super impressed and happy with how quickly my request was responded to. - Danielle Cagney, Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Resident since March 2014

Carlos M. Reyes of Chez Moi Apartments is seriously the best maintenance man there is. Give this man a raise, a promotion, and a brand new car. I had three maintenance issues, and within one day he not only fixed them but fixed them with the highest of quality. Once again, I give my highest praise to Carlos. Chez Moi is unbelievably fortunate to have him. - Humberto Lumbreras, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since August 2014 The maintenance supervisor, as well as his staff are awesome! He’s very friendly, professional, and efficient. He calls to let me know he’s received my voicemail and he works long hours. I was especially impressed the day of my repairs. We had a flash flood warning and he and his team worked very late and in terrible weather to ensure that the needs of the property and residents were not ignored. The entire property management team here is wonderful! - Kathleen Blanchard, Forest View Apartments, Resident since June 2014

The gentleman who came over to address my air conditioning issue was very kind, quick, and seemed to genuinely care about the problem. He was happy to explain things if I had questions, and managed to get the entire job done in a very timely manner. He should be commended for his manner and work ethic. - Geoffrey Futch, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since January 2015 AWESOME service as usual. My air conditioning wasn’t working properly and the maintenance men were here twenty minutes after I sent in my request. I’ve lived here for fifteen months now and have never had a service call that wasn’t responded to immediately and professionally. They even followed up the next day to make sure everything was okay. It’s the best group I’ve ever seen. Many thanks! - Corie Ho, Village Walk Apartments, Resident since May 2014 This was the BEST maintenance request processed for me in two years. I’d had a piece of cardboard on my thermostat blocking the bright blue light. When I came home from work there was a completion notice for the repair I had requested and a note that they had set the light on the thermostat to go off after ten seconds after any button is pushed. They also replaced the filter in the furnace and replaced the battery in the smoke detector. I would like to commend the individual that went above and beyond for my request. Carlos was the maintenance guy that came to fix my door. I’ve come to know him and trust him. He NEVER complains about his job. He’s always in high spirits, respectful, polite, and conversational. In fact, when he came the last time, I gave him some DVDs I was about to take to Goodwill, and he mentioned that he’d give some of the chick flicks to the girls in the front office. An hour or so later he showed back up to bring me lunch from Jimmy John’s as a thank you for giving him the DVDs! - Megan Smith, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since July 2013


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