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I noticed my air conditioner wasn’t cooling at about 7 pm. I decided to enter a work request that evening with the expectation that the work might be completed the next day. Much to my surprise, Jose came to my door thirty minutes later and had my air working that evening! I was delighted, and I thought the response was above and beyond! To have Jose immediately respond was phenomenal. I really didn’t mean to make Jose get called out so late in the evening! He is a lovely man and always, always friendly and helpful! - Barbara Acker, College View Apartments, Resident since March 2011

Rick and Barry did a fantastic job completing my service requests. They responded quickly and fixed every issue very fast. Rick arrived with all the tools necessary to complete each job. Barry arrived shortly after to help with the issues that required two sets of hands. I am very satisfied with their professional service. - Roger Murphey III, Amber Place Apartments, Resident since August 2010

Robbie was top-notch; first class all the way! I can't thank you enough for being thorough and finding the problem with my air conditioner. It felt so good to walk into my apartment and feel the cool air. It has been a huge relief for me, and I can finally sleep comfortably again. Thanks again for your professionalism and for going above and beyond. - Karla Albrecht, Belterra Apartments, Resident since August 2014

I had a problem with the kitchen light which required several visits. John Wells, the professional that he is, was so frustrated with it that he just put in an updated lighting fixture. Now it works beautifully. I also noted that John installed a bedroom fan and my sleep has never been so good. Thank you! - Amy Witt, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Resident since December 2012

I left a phone message around 7:00 am and didn’t expect anyone to show up until much later. I figured I was going to be very late for work, but to my surprise, Jose showed up around 7:30 and was able to fix my garage so I could leave. It took him about 15 minutes, and then I was on my way. Great response time! - Darcea Quaye, Park at Waterford Harbor Apartments, Resident since October 2014

The Maintenance staff at Estancia is a tightly run ship. I’ve lived here nine years and have never experienced a problem with Jorge’s team. He hires good people and leads in a way that everyone is happy. The entire team speaks to the residents and they take great pride in their work. - Nola Blackwell, Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, Resident since March 2006 49

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