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The layout of the townhouse is incredible. I love the spaciousness and the open floor plan. I was concerned about traffic noise, but there was no need to fret. The townhouse is impressively insulated. Once I shut the door, the whole city and its noise disappear. Everyone I've met in the community has been incredibly kind. I moved from NY and I was clueless about Texas. The folks here are happy to share their love of Fort Worth, stuff to do, and places I can take my dog for fun. Speaking of dogs...everybody here has one, it seems. This only enhances the camaraderie among the residents. The dog park within the complex is a nice place to let my dog play. I love that the complex is small. It enhances a sense of community. I'd get lost in some of the other places I researched that have 800+ units. The cozy, quaint size of Monticello is one of the things that attracted me to this property. I was also glad to know they have a recycling program...rock on! Go green! Last but far from least, the staff. What can I say? They've been stellar! They have met all of my needs and have done so with expediency. The maintenance manager is clean-cut, highly skilled, and extremely prompt. The office staff always presents a professional attitude. They are consistently pleasant, helpful, and greet me with a smile. Think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. Trust me, I'm rabid about where I live. Maybe even a little neurotic about my surroundings. I need order and cleanliness. I work from home, thus my environment is crucial to my productivity. So for me to give such a glowing review is tantamount to spotting a unicorn on Main Street. Due to my high standards and critical nature, I rarely rave. Monticello is the exception, and I'm very happy to have the chance to say so! - Amy Ainsworth, Monticello Oaks Apartments, Resident since April 2015


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