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My mom and I are planning an out of state move to St. Petersburg, FL. Jenna was our leasing consultant. As soon as we arrived she made us feel welcome and was genuinely invested in helping us find the perfect fit for our needs. This was a welcome gift because we had had the exact opposite response from two different leasing consultants at two different properties in St. Petersburg. The energy, knowledge, and support she offered during our consultation and tour was like a breath of fresh air compared to the very poor welcome we received at the other locations. All of our options were clearly explained and Jenna made the process smooth and engaging. This was extremely helpful, given our limited time to explore St. Petersburg housing options in person before heading back home. Knowing how challenging an out of state move can be, Jenna was also kind enough to explain your online contract process. Thanks to your beautiful property, and the professionalism and care of your leasing consultants, we look forward to making Calais Park our new home! - Alexandrea Worthy, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in October 2014 It’s a beautiful property. The leasing agent did a great job. I’m a property manager for a different management company, so being in the industry I can sometimes be a bit critical. However, there was nothing I would have done differently. The leasing agent was extremely knowledgeable about the product and community. The grounds were clean, and the clubhouse was organized. Great property and definitely in my top three! - Janelle Jordan, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in January 2015


Jenna was very professional and answered all my questions. She was willing to go the extra mile if needed. She not only made me feel welcome but didn’t put pressure on me like a used car salesman, which would have sent me out the door. Also, she explained everything so well that my questions were minimal. I received a follow-up call from her the next day. - John James, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in August 2015 Tracy is extremely professional, but welcoming and kind at the same time. The process was seamless. All of the community and leasing information was expressed in an honest and well informed way. This was truly the best experience I’d had after viewing several other communities earlier that day. By the time the tour was completed I already knew this was where I wanted to call home! I completed the application before I left. - Sarah Neilsen, Carlyle Place Apartments, Toured in August 2015 Jennifer was GREAT! I move at a fast pace with everything, but she, Johnnyon-the-spot prepared and had everything ready when I needed it. I loved her enthusiasm as well. She was really the deal-maker for my roommate and me in deciding that Champions Green was the place we wanted to be. - Victoria Pinson, Champions Green Apartments, Toured in November 2015 Your entire team was very attentive and helpful. They genuinely cared about helping me to find my home away from home. I appreciated their efforts. It was obvious that the staff has been well-trained and is happy with their work environment. The property manager was great also. Somehow she has found just the right balance between her professionalism and sense of humor to be an effective representative for your company, and a good, positive role model for her staff. The property is nice, but wouldn’t be worth much without the staff. Kudos. - Chris Howard, Fairways at South Shore Apartments, Toured in March 2015

I love EVERYTHING about Falcon Square! Violine and Luis in the leasing office are the two most sincere people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time! I didn’t feel pressured into renting and felt at home among friends with them, and at Falcon Square! I will definitely recommend Falcon Square to whoever needs a home! - Nadya Herrera, Falcon Square at Independence, Toured in December 2014

WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

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