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Superhero Twins Frank Damian Silverbrooke Apartments, Stafford, TX Here at Silverbrooke, we want to make sure all our residents are happy. We have one family with twin boys who are OBSESSED with superheroes! They were unhappy about being on the second floor, and since their boys are 10 years old, the downstairs neighbors were equally unhappy. We were able to transfer the family to a first floor unit. Unfortunately, they had to move the weekend of the twins’ birthday...leaving them short of time and funds to throw a birthday celebration. We decided to take it on ourselves, and got the twins matching Batman bathrobes with their names embroidered on them! They were so excited; they immediately put them on and ran around the office!

With Sympathy from Huntcliff Allison O’Brien, Diana Stephens, TaiRae Richey Huntcliff Apartments, League City, TX Allen and his daughter Alannah recently moved to Huntcliff, and they absolutely love it. Allen is a wonderful resident who has been friendly. One day, he arrived in the office, despondent and asked the team if they’d grant him a little leniency on his monthly rent. Allen revealed that his brother had passed away unexpectedly. Allen was responsible for making travel arrangements for himself, his Mom and his sister to prepare the funeral. They would be driving from Texas to their home town in Louisiana. The team found it tough to witness Allen’s pain and wanted to help him out. They decided to get Alan a gift card that would cover gas expenses for the entire trip. When they presented him with the card, they told him they were sorry for his loss and wanted to make their small contribution to help him out. Allen started crying. ““I knew I picked the right place to call home and this gesture just made that more true for me,” he later said. 178

WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

Read about the culture at one of Glassdoor's Best Workplaces for 2016, Venterra Realty. WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, is packed full...

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