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David, one of our long-term residents, came in to the office to complain that right after washing his car, the landscapers had messed it up with the blower, and that this was the second time it had happened. My first thought was to get him a gift card to Mi-T-Fine Car Wash on Beltline. Jesse called David, and told him we had something for him in the office. He was so surprised and grateful that we had done this for him! He told us that we didn’t have to do that – he was just informing us of the problem with the blower. We told him we were happy to compensate him for his frustration with the landscapers. He was very thankful!

A Visit to the Car Wash Jesus Rico, Foxborough Apartments, Irving, TX

Ready For Fitness Sonya Page

Cypress Pointe Apartments Orange Park, FL I was conversing with a resident as she watched a TV commercial about a program which would help her to improve her diet and boost her metabolism. Her husband is a long-distance truck driver, and wouldn’t be home until July. She really wanted to get in shape and surprise him with a new look before he got home. Unfortunately, she would have to wait until payday to purchase the books, and payday was two weeks away! As soon as she left the office, I looked on Amazon and immediately found the author she was talking about. I purchased 3 books for her, including a cookbook and some test strips, so she could monitor her progress. When they arrived, I told her she had a package in the office. When

she opened it, she was so surprised! She told us that she had tried many other things in the past, but never kept up with them, adding that this time would be different, because I was investing in her goal. She knew she would make it this time, because we were there to keep her motivated and determined! Her goal is to lose 80 pounds, and she is so excited!

Yoga and Tea- We Love Thee Patrick Morris Chez Moi Apartments, Austin, TX I recently started teaching yoga at Chez Moi. The positive feedback from the residents has been heartwarming. I’m happy to share my passion for peace of mind with all who live here through my classes and my leasing position. After class on Sunday mornings we share hot tea and talk about our yoga experiences. One of our residents, Elva, got

really excited the first time I brought out the tea. She exclaimed, “I LOVE TEA!” She went on and on about her deep appreciation for all kinds of tea, especially vanilla. I knew I had to WOW her with all the tea she could handle! I went to the Steeping Room and got eight types of tea, four of them being some type of vanilla. Then I purchased an electric tea kettle and a ceramic teapot. Elva was so excited to receive her WOW gift, she was beyond words. I know she came to my yoga class to relax, but she got much more than that. I’m so grateful to work for a company that allows me to go above and beyond to make others feel good.


WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

Read about the culture at one of Glassdoor's Best Workplaces for 2016, Venterra Realty. WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, is packed full...

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