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A Night on the Tow Beatrix Mueller, Melissa Cordaway, Vanessa Sullivan, Nicole Ponton,

something like that could happen to them during their first night alone.

Part of Our Family

Alexander Roach, Angela Kohler, The next morning, the couple came John Hourigan, Samuel Skelley, Travis in, upset and told us what happened. Swanson Westover Oaks Apartments We decided to buy a new tire for San Antonio, TX Hamptons at Woodland Pointe the couple. We secretly found their Nashville, TN tire size, went to the tire store and Kira walks around Westover Oaks made arrangements to have it put community grounds for over an hour on. When we showed the young During breast cancer awareness a day talking on her cell phone to her couple the tire, they were touched month, staff at the Hamptons prehusband, John, who was transferred that we were so caring. They felt so sented a pink basket filled with treats to a Navy base in Hawaii. Kira, who is much better about their luck and to Tammy—one of our most inspiraalso in the Navy, recently moved with knew they chose the best place to tional residents. her dog from her old apartment to a call home. Tammy was diagnosed with Stage IV two bedroom apartment. breast cancer last year, and touched When John returned from his deployment, he only had a month to spend Acing the Real Estate with Kira before making his way back License Exam to Hawaii. Kira couldn’t take any time Erin Dobias off from work, so the couple had Monticello Oaks Apartments to squeeze quality time together Fort Worth, TX around a 60-hour work week. Team members at Westover Oaks decided to WOW Kira and John with a date night package which included a gift card for dinner and a movie so that they could treat themselves right one night before John traveled back to Hawaii.

Helping Young Residents Adjust Sonya Page, Maried Aleman, Patti Cassidy Cypress Pointe Apartments Orange Park, FL Sonya, Maried, and Patti were tickled to watch a couple move into their first apartment away from home. They had a great time decorating for hours and hours, and then decided to call it a night and go to bed. The first morning in their new home, the boyfriend decided to go out and get the couple breakfast. When he got to his car, he found his tire had been slashed. The couple was upset

us all deeply with her courage and tenacity in fighting the disease. She is currently in remission. We thought the pink basket was a fitting gift to celebrate her good health, and Tammy thought so too! When we called Tammy and her boyfriend, Sean, into the office and gave her the basket, she hugged us so tightly. She exOne of Monticello Oaks’ residents, plained how grateful she was to have an interior design consultant, decida “second family” and a safe place to ed she wanted to become a realtor. heal that truly felt like home. She exShe took the required courses, and plained how important support was studied for two weeks for hours on to her when her relatives were so far end for the license exam. Erin, who away. She was so moved, we could had previously taken this challenging see the appreciation in her eyes. Her exam, put herself in the resident’s boyfriend even teared up. shoes. She could relate to the details Moments like this remind us why we of the test the resident was strugdo this work. Tammy’s appreciation gling with, and could relate to her dreams and visions for accomplish- reminds us that when you give, you are the one who receives the best ments after she was licensed. Erin wished her luck and told her to keep gift. We love to help residents find their “home sweet home,” a place her posted. that is more than just four walls and A few weeks later, the resident came a place to stow their stuff. We are so into the office to let Erin know she thrilled that Tammy is with us today. passed her exam and had already It makes everything we do day in and secured a job. The new realtor gave day out worth it. Tammy is a remindErin one of her new business cards. er to us all to Never Give Up! Erin was so proud. She knew the resident’s favorite color was turquoise and had seen turquoise decorations in the resident’s home. Erin had a turquoise business card holder custom made to celebrate the resident’s achievements. 165

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