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A Little Happiness In Your Cup Whitney Ryan Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA Mr. Garman is a polite widower who relocated to Amber Place to be closer to his sons after his wife passed away. Mr. Garman’s wife was his world. They’d been a couple for 46 years. When Whitney first visited Mr. Garman’s apartment, he expressed pride that the closet was big enough to hold the 100 jackets his wife bought him. Whitney could tell how much he missed his wife. Mr. Garman visited the office the next day just to say hello and tell us how much he was enjoying his new place. Whitney asked him what his plans were for that morning. Mr. Garman said he was heading towards a restaurant for his morning cup of coffee because he couldn’t find his coffee pot. Mr. Garman had 3 storage buildings filled with belongings, and didn’t want to trouble his sons to help him go on a treasure hunt for the coffee pot. Upon hearing Mr. Garman’s conundrum, Whitney immediately thought “Let’s Wow Him.” Melinda was already in a store outside getting office supplies. Whitney called and asked her to buy a coffee pot, some filters and a card. When the goodies arrived, Whitney called Mr. Garman and told him she had something for him to sign. He came to the office, received his surprise, and was taken aback. He said we were the “sweetest ladies” he’d ever met. Mr. Garman’s daughter in law called us later that day. She wanted to thank us for taking such good care of him. She told us Mr. Garman had called her and was practically crying when he told her what we had done. He couldn’t believe we’d be so kind. The next day, Mr. Garman walked into the office carrying two cards and a box of chocolate to show his appreciation.

Tacorofic Alison Pinyan Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA One of our favorite, and most attended resident events is Taco Tuesday. During the fall and winter months there were so many holiday-geared resident events, we were unable to incorporate Taco Tuesday. One of our residents, Nicole, and her 5-year old son, Michael, came into the office to pick up a package. While Nicole signed for the package, she looked at her son and said “Go ahead, Michael, ask her.” The little boy was so shy but politely asked Alison, “When are we having Taco Tuesday again?” Alison apologized to Michael and let him know that there was no date planned for Taco Tuesday yet, but that she would see what she could do. Michael looked disappointed, but smiled knowing there would be one soon.. Understanding Michael’s disappointment, Alison got a gift card to a local Mexican restaurant so he wouldn’t have to wait any longer to get his taco fix! Michael was so excited when he came to pick up his gift card and Nicole said they would use it that night!


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