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Get The Motor Running Francisco Avilez Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX Frank is such an asset to our community. He is great with our residents here – so friendly, outgoing, and compassionate. Recently he was talking to one of our residents who was very down on his luck. After being laid off from his job, he had finally found new employment. This was great news! But as soon as he found his new job, his wife lost her job! As if that weren’t enough bad luck, his truck broke down, and they had no disposable income to take care of the repairs. How on earth was he going to get to work? Fortunately, after a little investigating, Frank found that all the truck needed was a new fuel pump. He researched the type of pump that was needed, priced it, and surprised our resident with a $200.00 gift card to AutoZone! Needless to say, the man was speechless at the gesture. Now he can get his vehicle running, and start his new job off right!

Now You Can Watch TV Andrew Anthon, Kimberley Baker Bala Woods Apartments Kingwood, TX

over right now and get it set up for you!” We are so happy that we were able to find a way for her to watch all her shows, without the commitment!

joyed and thankful that we were able to help him during this hard time.

A Perfect Fit Recently Andrew and I were talking with one of our newer residents when she came in to look over our movie selection. She had heard that DirecTV requires a 2 year commitment (which is the cable option for Bala Woods), and asked if we could suggest some other TV options. She was very interested to hear about Netflix and Hulu, and told us she would have to give it some thought. Among other things, she seemed a little unclear as to how to install the apps on her TV. As soon as she left, we had a bright idea. We looked on Amazon, and found an Apple TV that would be perfect for her! When she came by the office to pick up her “package” she was soooo excited! She wanted to get it set up right away, but mentioned that she would have to wait for her daughter to do it, because didn’t know how. Andrew, our techie, said “No need! I will come

Joey Zamora

A Helping Hand Beatrix Mueller, Nicole Ponton, Vanessa Sullivan Westover Oaks Apartments San Antonio, TX George is a veteran who lives in a two bedroom with his son Brandon here at Westover Oaks. They absolutely love our community! Currently he is a full time student, and relies on his VA loans to pay for his schooling and housing. The past two months the VA has not been consistent with their payments, which has created a hardship for George. We decided to WOW him with an HEB gift card for gas and groceries, a gift card to IHOP (his son’s favorite restaurant), and his favorite candle. George was so over-

Stonecreek Ranch Apartments Austin, TX A resident recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment. She was leasing an apartment she had never seen, but loved our community. While moving in she was devastated to find that her bedroom furniture didn’t fit. She loved her new home so much she decided to move in and sell her furniture. We helped her out with a $300 gift card for some new furniture. She was very happy that we went above and beyond to welcome her to Stonecreek Ranch.


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