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The Work Must Go On Vanessa Ortiz, Anna Flores

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French Place Apartments San Antonio, TX

Willow Springs Apartments Pasadena, TX

Not long ago we were preparing to complete a deep treatment in one of our apartments. We informed the resident that she would need to leave her apartment for two hours while we were there. Unfortunately, this presented a problem because she was on call that day, and needed to have Wi-Fi access so that she could work from home. She does not have a vehicle, and I knew it would be too hot for her to work in the courtyard. So I offered to take her to a nearby Starbucks. She was so happy and relieved! When we arrived at Starbucks, I treated her to something to eat and drink, and she said the setting would be perfect! Then I arranged for Anna to pick her up at 7 pm so she would not have to worry about walking home. She was so grateful, and thanked us very much for going above and beyond.

One of our long term residents who always pays by check asked us if we could help her fill out a money order, muttering that she had never had to use a money order before. We could tell that she was very anxious and upset about it. When I asked her if everything was okay, she told me the story of her eventful weekend. While she was out running errands, she had stopped to get gas at the local Wal-Mart. In less than a minute, her life was turned upside down. She went from worrying about her grocery list one minute, to calling her banks and freezing all her accounts in the next. While she was pumping gas, someone had opened the passenger side door and grabbed her purse from the seat. She said she carried EVERYTHING in her purse, including her driver’s license and social security card. She was still in shock while she told the story, adding that she was glad she hadn’t seen it happen, because she might have been hurt while fighting for her belongings. As it was, she had had to drive around for hours, just to track down her birth certificate so that she could regain her identity. With all the stress she was going through, we decided to buy her a new purse, wallet, key tracker, pepper spray (just in case), and a book about finding joy in her days, hoping that it would ease her anxiety a little. She was thrilled with the gift, touched that we would help her out, and thankful that we cared so much.

I Can See Clearly Now Nicole Currence Forest View Apartments The Woodlands, TX Marissa, a new resident at Forest View, came in to the office one day to place a maintenance request. The globe of her ceiling fan light fixture had fallen off when she pulled the chain, and had broken right on her head! It had left a little scratch on her forehead, and chipped the right lens of her favorite prescription Ray Ban glasses. She acted as if it didn’t matter, insisting that we do nothing but fix the globe. No way! Of course we were going to do more! First, Nicole found out where Marissa originally bought her lenses, and ordered a new lens to replace the one that had been damaged. Then

she called Marissa to let her know that a new lens would be ready by the end of the week. Marissa was so surprised! She thanked us a bunch of times, and said she had never heard of anyone ever doing that for a resident. She added that she’s so glad that she chose Forest View for her new home!

Welcome to ATL Kimberly Agudelo Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments Atlanta, GA Recently one of our newer couples arrived at Tuscany at Lindbergh, super tired on move-in day! They had just driven in from NYC, and were completely exhausted and stressed out. To make matters worse, the moving company had confused their delivery date, and their things would not arrive until the following week! Fortunately, they had packed enough items in the car to get them through the next few days, but I could tell this was discouraging. As I walked with them to their apartment, I discovered that they had never been to Atlanta before. I tried to lighten the mood by telling them about all the cool things there are to do near our community. They mentioned that they wouldn’t be starting their new jobs until the following week, and so this would be a great time to do some exploring! At that point, I realized that Atlanta City Pass tickets would be the perfect WOW for them! With these tickets they could enjoy Atlanta’s top attractions which include the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, CNN Center, Zoo Atlanta, Fernbank Museum, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. When I gave them the tickets they were so excited and happy! They couldn’t wait to check out all of these great sites! 149

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