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Pedal of Honor Luis Gutierrez Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Orlando, FL We have a dear family at Falcon Square who are new to this country. They have been working very hard since they arrived, but recently have run into a problem which has set them back financially. One day the father came to the office to ask about a rusty old bike which he had found in their building. He asked if they could clean it up so their son could ride it to school. From the looks of the bike, I knew it was too small for him, and that it would take a lot to get it up and running again. I see how much they do to raise their son to be a good kid, and to settle into a new life here in the States. I decided that giving the boy a gift would mean more to them than a family gift to be shared among them all. So I went to Target and got this awesome new bike! When I gave the bike to his son, I attached a nice card saying that we realize how much they are struggling, and that we appreciate them as residents. The father broke down in tears. I had never seen a grown man cry like that. I’m so glad that we were able to help this great family with this small but meaningful gift!

A Warm Anniversary Welcome Andrea Doane, Fabiola Celado, Darlene Seale, Bridget Proctor South Shore Lakes Apartments, League City, TX Liz & Nathan are one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasure of coming across at South Shore Lakes Apartments. When the couple first came to us, they immediately fell in love with the community. However, at the time, they were in a bind. Their lease was up at their previous home, a place where they were completely miserable. They were struggling financially. They were excited they found a great alternative in South Shore Lakes Apartments, and decided they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live here. Liz didn’t mind collecting every last one of their pennies to move in, because they loved it. They were so excited and happy. When Liz and Nathan were doing their first walk through of their apartment, they revealed it was their Anniversary. That was all we needed to hear. We recognized that we had to do something amazing for this couple. We gave them an assortment of housewarming gifts: and just for good measure, a voucher for a dinner and a movie night. Liz and Nathan were touched by the surprise, which reaffirmed that they picked the right community.


WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

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