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A Magical Moment

From Homeless To Forever

Making A Lasting Impression

Carly Haycraft Salado Springs Apartments San Antonio, TX

Fabiola Celado, Andrea Doane, Darlene Seale, Briget Proctor, Rie Gresham South Shore Lakes Apartments League City, TX

Lavona Thomas, Ramon Gonzalez Sandstone Apartments Pasadena, TX

We have a resident at Salado Springs that brings her son in about four times a week to rent a DVD from our Library. Her little boy LOVES signing for the movies because it makes him feel big! Every time he came in he asked if we had the first Harry Potter movie, The Sorcerer’s Stone. This little guy had read all of the books and that was the only movie he had not seen. This same scenario went on for a couple months and each time he was just as hopeful, asking if we had the movie yet. Well, it turns out that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone had gone missing, so every day when he came in I had to tell him, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have it yet, sweetie!” He was very gracious and said, “That’s okay!” with such a sad look in his eye. He was so sweet and polite that I decided to rectify this situation. I went out and bought, not just the first movie, but the entire collection! I called to ask his mom to come to the office and bring her son because we had something for him. They came in and when he opened his gift he jumped up and down and explained to his mom in Spanish that it was ALL EIGHT MOVIES! He had the WHOLE collection, and he kept saying “Thank you” while jumping up and down. Before he left he made sure he hugged and thanked EVERYONE who worked in the office! It was such a magical moment and made all of us feel so happy that we could give something to this sweet boy!


This past winter, our maintenance team found a Lab-mix puppy on the property that had been dumped. She was cold, scared, and hungry. They brought the puppy into the office with hopes that we could find her a place to stay so she wouldn’t have to spend another night in the cold. By closing time we had had no success. Kate, a resident, happened to be in the office and offered to take the puppy home for the night. We promised we would bring the puppy back the next day and find her a home. Kate had to leave early for school the next morning and left the puppy in the bathroom. When Darlene and Bridget came to pick up the puppy, they discovered that she had chewed through Kate’s blow dryer and straightener cords! They quickly cleaned up the mess and brought it back to the office. We felt awful that the puppy had destroyed Kate’s stuff. Fabiola took off to the store and replaced all the damaged items and even added in a few extras to show our gratitude. When Kate got home we asked her to come by the office. First we showed her the damage, then surprised her with the goodies! She was taken aback and was very happy with all her new items. So, what happened to the puppy? Darlene posted pictures of her on Facebook and the first offer came from Rie Gresham, the PM at The Fairways. Rie’s husband came and got the puppy. They named her Bella, and she is thriving in her forever home with a loving family!

We have a long-time elderly resident who is physically disabled and in poor health. Not long ago we did a routine inspection of his building for pest issues. We knew that he was doing his best to keep his apartment clean in spite of his limitations, but we were saddened to see the condition of his place. It was heartbreaking to see the way he had been living for the past six years, along with his two dogs, who were also aging and in poor health. It was clear that he needed some special support. I feared that if Ramon were to see the condition of his apartment, he would want to move him out. That just wouldn’t be right! Something had to be done. But Ramon surprised me! Rather than move the gentleman out, he showed true compassion by putting a plan in place to transfer him to another apartment so that he could have a fresh start! Together we arranged for movers to load and unload his belongings. In addition, he asked me to call a few of our sister properties to see if they could spare some furniture to replace his pieces, which were old and damaged. When he realized what we were doing to help him out, he was in tears and expressed great appreciation. Ramon’s compassion made a lifelong impression on me, and taught me a valuable lesson - ALWAYS put yourself in other people’s shoes. I will forever hold this story close to my heart.

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