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From Delays to Hoorays Aaron Leal, David Rojas, Teresa Heeney Signature Ridge Apartments San Antonio, TX When Mohammed and his family moved from New York to Texas, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. There were airline delays, missed flights and incorrect hotel reservations. The family’s move in to Signature Ridge was delayed because their soon to be upstairs neighbor’s apartment flooded. Needless to say, San Antonio had not made a great impression on these New Yorkers. Signature Ridge’s office team got to work to help remedy the situation. They planned a WOW re-do of their apartment and a “day of fun” which included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, shopping and a trip to the movies. The family was so happy to have a break from their tumultuous experience. The children screeched with excitement and their mother was moved to tears. It was such a privilege to be able to provide this wonderful family with a silver lining.

Lunch & a Tour on Us Mayra Aviles Wilshire Place Apartments Houston, TX Priscilla, a resident at Wilshire Place had a hankering to see what our 2 bedroom apartments looked like, and to transfer to a different floor plan, but was having trouble because office hours didn’t correlate with her schedule. She left home too early and came back too late. She arranged to come to the office at 11 a.m., during her lunch hour. Mayra remembered Priscilla’s lunch hour was only 45 minutes long. She also knew that it took Priscilla nearly ten

minutes just to get out of the garage at her workplace.

pain. Watching Allan literally walking around in pain broke Ramon’s heart.

Mayra thought it would be awesome to buy Priscilla lunch and have it ready for her to eat when she arrived. When Priscilla arrived, she was treated to a chicken meal with lemonade and a bag of cookies. Priscilla was so happy that she hugged Mayra! She loved the layout of the apartment she was shown and was enthusiastic about transferring. Priscilla’s catered lunch hour really made her week.

The maintenance team had replaced the air conditioner but Allan decided that being on a higher floor was too much for his back. He inquired further about the cost of transferring to a downstairs apartment.

A New Refrigerator Eases Family’s Tough Week Debra Anderson Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments Atlanta, GA Mary’s small, personal, under-the-counter refrigerator was on the fritz. She asked if somebody from maintenance would take a look at it. Debra went over to her apartment to look at her refrigerator. While there Debra learned that Mary’s son was involved in a car accident. He wasn’t hurt, but his car required extensive repairs. Of course, we couldn’t buy Mary’s son a new car, but thanks to Debra’s idea we were able to make Mary’s day by replacing her refrigerator.

A Move that Made the Difference Ramon Gonzalez Sandstone Apartments Pasadena, TX Allan, a resident of Sandstone, came into the office late one afternoon frustrated that his air conditioner didn’t work. As he was talking, Ramon and Shawna learned that Allan had undergone multiple back surgeries and was often in severe

Ramon and Shawna took Allan’s health into account and considered how challenging it would be for him to carry all his belongings downstairs. They knew Allan didn’t have any friends or family in Houston, and that he had to drive himself 100 miles, every month, just to get his pain medication. They decided they couldn’t miss an opportunity to WOW him. Ramon made a few phone calls to find a moving company that would help Allan pack AND transport all his belongings for him. Allan didn’t have to lift a finger. Allan is now ecstatic with his downstairs apartment.

Happy Birthday Pizza Mollie Witt College View Apartments La Porte, TX A student on scholarship at the school near College View came into the office and asked if her mail was being held. The student seemed sad. She later revealed her birthday had recently passed. She hadn’t received any birthday cards and was feeling homesick. Mollie sprang into action after the student left the office. She put in a pizza delivery order. Within twenty minutes the student received a surprise pizza, soda and pizza cookie with a note “Happy Birthday from College View.” Who can appreciate a pizza better than a homesick college student?


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