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A Healthier Way of Living Amy Pollak, Crystal Bradford, Shannon Stokes

Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX

We have a young couple who moved here from Florida. Sometimes the husband’s shift work involves working nights for weeks at a time, while his wife Neyeli is stuck at home all by herself after she gets off work. A few weeks ago, Neyeli sat in the office with me, talking about how her doctor had recently told her that her cholesterol was high, and that she needed to start taking better care of herself. She had just started doing Zumba at home, and was trying to eat healthier to lose weight. We thought it would be great to 138help her achieve her goal, and to

have fun doing it! We purchased a pretty pink water container so she can drink lots of water while working out. We also bought her an assortment of healthy snacks and protein bars, a $50 Target gift card for some workout clothes, and a $50 Visa gift card to put toward Zumba classes at a local dance studio. We even printed all the information about the classes in the area along with their locations, so she can choose the ones that are best for her. When we called Neyeli to the office to surprise her with the package, she was speechless, smiling from

ear to ear. She thanked us for being so kind, saying she couldn’t believe that we had done this for her. Her exact words were, “Nobody has ever done anything like this for me!” She just had to give each of us a huge hug!

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