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Birthday Boy Olga Kosterina Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Winter Garden, FL Recently our manager, Olga, was checking on a moisture buildup issue in one of our apartments. During her visit, the family’s little three-year old son Kaleb fell in love with her. As she was trying to talk to the parents, he kept grabbing her hand and pulling her to his room, where he showed off his toys and asked her to play with him. The parents were amazed at their son’s unique reaction to a stranger he had just met for the first time. Olga was touched by this bright little boy, and excused herself to play with him. He kept hugging her, showing her his toys and little cars with huge excitement. It was so heartwarming to see him happily telling her about his upcoming birthday and his love for cars, that Olga decided to surprise Kaleb with a huge remote controlled car. The day before his birthday, she called his parents to ask if they could stop by the office. As it happened, they were right by the clubhouse, checking their mail. When she asked if Kaleb was with them, they said he was, but added that for some reason he was very cranky right then. Olga asked them to stop in, and then surprised him with his early birthday gift. Boy, was he happy! The tears dried immediately on his excited little face! He couldn’t believe that his gift was about ¾ his size! Seeing his joy absolutely made our day!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Got Milk?

Elizabeth Metts, Jessica Geeslin, Stacey Shropshire Riverstone Apartments, Fort Worth, TX

Alexander Roach, Angela Kohler, John Hourigan, Travis Swanson, Gianina Painter, Samuel Skelley Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Nashville, TN

One of our newest residents, Tom, is a single dad with three little boys. He has been working with Liz to find the perfect new home for his family. After doing a little investigating, we discovered that they have come to us from out of state, and that he and his boys are huge Boston Red Sox fans. We thought the perfect way to WOW them, and to welcome them to Texas, would be to send them to their first Texas Rangers game! We studied the upcoming MLB schedule, and noticed that the Rangers would be playing the Red Sox in May - perfect! We rushed out to buy them four tickets for a Sunday afternoon game. The day they moved in, they found their tickets waiting for them on the kitchen counter! We may not be able to convert them into Rangers fans, but it’s worth a shot! 134

Gas Guzzler Bridget Proctor, Darlene Seale, Fabiola Lisa Baudler, Stephanie Burns, Brittany Bryant, Marco Juarez Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, The Colony, TX Patrick stopped by the office the other day to inform us of an unfortunate situation. He had just filled his tank the night before, only to find that someone had siphoned all his gas the next morning. He didn’t blame us; he just wanted to let us know what had happened. We all felt horrible, and wanted to do something to make it right. We WOW’d him with some gas gift cards to replace the gas that had been stolen.

One of our residents had just had surgery on her neck, and was having a difficult time getting around during her recovery. Her son asked the office staff if we could pick up some milk for them, because she wasn’t able to drive to the store. When he offered to pay for the milk, we declined, saying we would be happy to take care of it. While we were out, we thought it would be a great idea to surprise them with a few extra groceries to make things easier for them during this time! Travis ran to the store and picked up some freezer meals and, of course, milk! She was so surprised and grateful for our thoughtfulness, adding that this is why she LOVES living at the Hamptons. We are family!

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