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Just Whisk Those Worries Away Chelsea Ramirez, Nicol Brown Villa Lago Apartments, Fort Worth, TX It's been a crazy ride for one of our residents, Ashley. She first moved in to Villa Lago almost two years ago. She was separating from her husband at the time, and you could tell she was going through a whirlwind of emotions. Shortly after moving in, she moved out so that she could try to work things out with her husband. She was excited that they might be able to pick up the pieces and get things back on track. Well, two months after paying off her lease break, she asked if she could move back in, because things had not worked out as she had hoped. Her account was in good standing, so we were happy to find a new apartment for her. About five months later she moved out again. This time she shared the exciting news that she was pregnant, and that she and her boyfriend were starting a new life together! We were sad that she was leaving us again, but happy to see her so full of joy – and excited for the bundle of joy she was expecting. Unfortunately, within a few months, Ashley was moving in again – for not the first - not the second - but now the third time! When she came in to sign her lease, she told me that she had lost the baby, and that things had not worked out with the new boyfriend. Although she put on a brave face, saying that everything happens for a reason, I could see the struggle in her eyes. Ashley is a single mom of two boys, and as a full time pastry chef, she is always on the go! She often stops by the office, and when she does, she always brings yummy treats and stays to chit chat about life! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to WOW her!! I went online, bought a ton of awesome items from The Pampered Chef, and ordered a personalized apron that says "Just going to whisk those worries away", with her name in the background. When the package arrived, we called Ashley to let her know she had something 'Perishable' waiting for her in the office that way, we knew she would pick it up the same day. When she saw the wrapped package full of all the goodies, she was shocked, happy and excited, all at the same time – and kept asking why we had done that! I told her we were just so pleased to have her back, and that we hoped she would stay with us for a long time this time!! She confessed that she had had a stressful day that day, and that this kind of treat was just what she needed. As we were visiting over her new goodies, we started talking about some of our upcoming Resident Events. She was so excited about her new tools that she asked if she could host a free baking class as a Resident Event for us. We told her we would LOVE that! Sounds like a win-win for all of us! Yay!


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