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Happy Feet!

Hugo Rocha, Maria Lara, Maria Moya, Champions Woods Apartments, Houston, TX Maria (Jr.) and I were going over the Final budget for March and we realized we didn't spend any money for our great team. She quickly mentioned when Maria (Sr.) was cleaning the office one day she saw her little toes sticking out her shoes, we see Hugo go through shoes that belonged to his sons, and Donald is always complaining about his feet, so why not get them comfortable work shoes! So thanks to that big creative brain of hers I quickly Googled searched for some good solid comfortable shoes. HOWEVER, I realized! I didn't know anyone's size. Maria Jr. had already asked Maria Sr. what size shoe she wore, so during our next huddle meeting we talked a bit about the uniforms and, of course, shoes! Long story short, we got everyone's shoe sizes and ordered some New Balance comfortable work shoes for the team! Now everyone has cool working kicks!

All It Takes Is A Little Pampering Stacie White, Palm Club Apartments, Brunswick, GA My LC, Stacie White has a busy life juggling an elementary school child and a teenager. She spends all of her time off doing things with them, running to and from activities. Along with this, Stacie hasn't been feeling well. Being a great mom, Stacie takes no time to do anything for herself. Finally Stacie has made a point to have a checkup. Running around with children is exhausting, let alone not feeling well. Stacie is a giver, not a taker and taking time for herself was not in her schedule! I overheard her one day say she missed getting her nails done, and pampering herself like she used to. She claimed she just didn’t' have time and she spends all of her fun money on her girls. Well, I decided it was time to treat her to a little pampering. I arranged a manicure and pedicure with my nail salon. I sent Stacie over and told her to take all the time she needs to get the full treatment and not to worry about work for a few hours. She was so excited! I knew by her reaction, I had picked the right thing to treat her to. She came back with beautiful toes and nails and feeling really special. She is special and she deserved a good pampering.


WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

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