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Rest and Relaxation Christina O’Brien Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX Christina is a single mom who has moved out here from California. Every time she talks about her son Ashton, it is very apparent that she loves him very much. Anyone with children knows that raising a child is a full time job, not to mention doing it on your own, in a different state, away from the support of friends and family. As busy as a single mom’s life can be, Christina has been lost without Ashton the last couple of months, because he has been visiting family in California for the summer. She is so excited that he will be returning soon, and has been super busy, getting everything ready for his return, and for school. With all this excitement and activity, she really needed to take a little break, and have some “me time”. Not long ago, we were spending a little down time looking at each other’s wish lists on Pinterest. Among other things on her list was a pedicure – she hadn’t had one in over a year! I decided to put together a goody bag based on some of the things I had seen in her list: a gift card for a pedicure, a super cushy yoga mat, some Scentsy wax, and a bracelet. The day that I had the goody bag ready, she was a little down, so it couldn’t have been a more perfect time for this great little WOW-EE! She was so thankful! It really does feel good to show our team how much they are appreciated! We do appreciate you, Christina! Enjoy!

An Aching Foot just for this! So we did some digging. First, we found that if he paid cash for the test, the price would be cut in Mario Rendon is our M/R person at half. Then we took up a collection to The Vinings. He is a true A+ team raise the rest of the money he needed player. Recently he has had a lot of for the test, and gave it to him as our pain in one foot. When he saw the WOW-EE! When we insisted that he doctor about it, they said he needed withdraw his notice, he was nearly an MRI. Mario is the sole provider for his family, so when he discovered that speechless. In tears, he managed to say, “Thank you, Thank you!” Really, the insurance company wanted an Mario, it’s no big deal! After all, isn't $800 payment to go toward his dethis what Venterra is made of? ductible, he knew he couldn’t afford it. But by turning in his resignation, he would qualify for the County Gold card. Well, there’s no way that we were going to accept his resignation, Mario Rendon The Vinings Apartments, Stafford, TX


WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

Read about the culture at one of Glassdoor's Best Workplaces for 2016, Venterra Realty. WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, is packed full...

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