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Embarking On A New Challenge Margarita Lazcano, Westover Oaks Apartments, San Antonio, TX Last October the staff at Westover Oaks was very fortunate to acquire a heavily decorated veteran employee from Carlyle Place, Margarita Lazcano. After 2 months without a housekeeper, we reached out to Margarita and offered her the housekeeper/porter position. As soon as she arrived, she continued on her path of excellence, performing her duties at a very high level. When she wasn’t cleaning, she was riding along, side by side, with our AMM/MR, Luis Roberto, eager to learn as much as possible. It wasn’t long before she developed a great fascination for what we do as maintenance staff, asking many questions about the why’s and how’s of repairing different components. Then she expressed an interest in exploring more of the “porter” side of her job title, confident that she could be more useful if she had the skills to repair things here at the property. My assistant and I decided that we would take it a step further and train her on the make-ready process. Luis took her under his wing, and within a few days, was already commenting about how well she was progressing with her work. He could see that she was ready for some tools of her own! Margarita had already started to scrounge together small hand tools when she came across them, and carried them with her in her hand or in her pockets. She had also mentioned how nice it would be if she had her own tool box. So my AMM and I decided to fill her very own tool box with the tools she would need to help us maintain our property at a high level. After running the idea by Vanessa, I bought her a small tool box and filled it with the tools that would help her in her new challenge. Just as we anticipated, she was extremely happy to receive her very own set of tools! We hope she has great success with her new skills here at Venterra. We love you, Margarita!

Hard Work Pays Off! Chris Earle, French Place Apartments, San Antonio, TX Recently we had quite a busy week maintenance wise. In the middle of several move out and move in there was a major plumbing issue withone of our buildings. Chris came in early throughout the week and even stayed late into the evening on that Friday to ensure that the major plumbing issue got taken care of. Throughout all of this he was still running around getting his daily duties done along with working on his make ready. By Friday afternoon you could tell he was quite beat. He recently bought a PlayStation 5 and so I got him a gift card to Game Stop his favorite place to buy video games and a bag filled with his favorite goodies to enjoy throughout the weekend with his new games.


WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

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