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Venterra Takes Care of Their Own Diane Giest, Temp/Contract Worker, San Antonio Region

We have a Leasing Consultant who has been a temp within our region for six years. She works at all of our communities, and is one of Venterra’s biggest fans. Recently, her apartment burned to the ground and she lost everything. As soon as we realized what had happened, a number of our staff leaped into action to help. First, one of the property managers drove her to her community. Next, several other property managers took to social media and got the word out about her loss via text, email, and Facebook. Not surprisingly, many Venterra employees banded together to donate money, furniture, towels, and clothes. Within a week we were able to move her into her new place. She was so grateful and said, “If there was ever a place to be when tragedy hit, it’s right here at a Venterra Community!

Part 2 – Corporate Recognition, Maitina Morrissey, Senior Regional Manager Diana Geist is one of our go-to leasing consultants for temporary help in San Antonio. She’s been assisting Venterra since our Vista del Rey days so she’s almost considered a Venterra employee. She is clearly liked by everyone and this showed even more when we found out her apartment burned to the ground a few weeks ago. She happened to be working at Signature Ridge when she received the call. Teresa Heeney immediately leaped into action and drove her to her community. Sadly, she lost everything and her three-year-old puppy had to be rushed to the vet. Teresa immediately informed everyone about Diana’s loss via Facebook and email. Not surprisingly, we had a bunch of San Antonio employees donate money, furniture, clothes, gift cards, etc. You name it, they were there to assist. I must say that the ones who ended up assisting the most were Teresa, Leann, and Stephanie. I thanked Teresa and Stephanie for their big hearts (need to call Leann as well). They said they wanted to do the right thing for this wonderful person. Because of this Diana, can’t say enough good things about Venterra. She clearly loves everything about this company. Side note: I mentioned Diana’s story to Lissa May and she ended up reaching into her pocket that same day (Kick Off ) and handed Diana some cash. Way to go Lissa!” 121

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