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Shawn Hunter Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA

Dawg-On Nice Office

I don't know about the MM offices on other Venterra properties, but at Tuscany, the MM office is nothing more than a converted closet. I don’t know how Shawn manages! There is a narrow path to his desk and file cabinet, and the rest is packed full with marketing materials, sparkle buckets, and more! To add insult to injury, when the clubhouse was renovated recently, everyone got new desks and a decor upgrade, including artwork on the walls – everyone except Shawn, that is! He’s still stuck in his little closet, with bare walls and old hand-me-down furniture. Not a fun place to be! Now, Shawn is really committed to Tuscany, and has even received High Achiever recognition the last 2 quarters! So I figured we needed to do something to make his office a little more enjoyable! Football season is in the air, and Shawn is a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan. The team got together and decided that we would deck it out, UGA style! We bought him a desk caddy, a koozie for his Cokes, some artwork, and a badge reel so he can show his team pride even when he's out on property! Shawn's not one to show a ton of emotion, but when he came in and found all his new swag, he gave me a "that's what's up" which tells me that he loves it! I can tell that he takes real pride in his newly decorated digs, because it took him no time at all to get everything in its place! We’re so glad you like it, Shawn!

One Day Part Timer Jennifer Barrios Monticello Oaks Apartments, Fort Worth, TX


Jennifer only works one day a week, on Saturdays. This means I never get to see her face to face; we only communicate by email or text message. So I never have the chance to tell her in person how awesome she is and how much I appreciate her work on the days that she is here! This past weekend I wanted her to come in to a nice surprise, so I left her a little something, just to let her know that all her hard work does not go unnoticed, and that I appreciate everything she does for us. I bought a gift card so that she could get pampered! Nothing like getting your hair done! Jennifer was so thankful! “Ohhhh, my goodness! What a surprise! Thank you so much, Erin!!! I love working here, and love working with you! Thanks again!!! :) I just can’t stop smiling!”

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