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Venterra Comes Together to Welcome New Family Members Ashley Johnston, Francisco Vazquez, Kristin Schubert, Natalie Currence, Nicole Currence, Patty Martin, Wesley Carroll, The Ravinia Apartments, Spring, TX

Hayley recently moved from Indiana to Houston with her husband and were living with family. When she was hired at Timber Mill, they chose to make The Ravinia their new home & we soon found out that Hayley was pregnant. Hayley came to work one day, already showing the beautiful shape of a “Mommy to Be” and made a comment to Natalie (another Leasing Consultant) that her back was hurting. Come to find out, she was still sleeping on a blow up mattress. Word spread like lighting between the rest of the Forest View and Timber Mill family & we all started to look for a solution. We were calling friends, family and checking Craigslist. I came across a nice bedroom set that someone was selling for a good price – so I decided to check with the rest of staff to see what they thought. Then I called Wesley to talk to him about it. He told me that he was getting ready to move and was going to sell his bedroom set. He made us a great offer for the set

that included a queen size bed with mattresses, chest of drawers and a dresser with a mirror. We could not have asked for a better deal. We bought the bedroom set and were able to set it up in the apartment one day while Hayley was at work (with the help of her husband – Jeremy). The Maintenance staff from The Ravinia (Oscar, Julio, Iris and Francisco) cleaned and moved the furniture from one apartment to the other & Wesley went shopping for the bedding that would match. When Hayley came home that night, she had a furnished bedroom with everything including balloons. She was so excited. She told us that she had the best night sleep that evening & her back isn’t hurting her anymore (aside from the normal pains from carrying a bundle of joy, that is). (cont.) Forest View and Timber Mill always work together as a team, but The Ravinia was right there alongside us helping the whole way through

this project. We all wanted to give Hayley (and her husband) the warmest welcome to Venterra and hope to make this special time of her life as pleasant (and comfortable) as possible. Welcome to Venterra Hayley. We look forward to meeting the newest member of your family soon.


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