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Family Lunch on Me

Dexter Rendon Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, St. Petersburg, FL Dexter recently joined us here at Calais Park in St. Petersburg, after completing a move from Jacksonville. We learned right away that there are two things Dexter really values: his dog, Shelby, and his new shiny blue Jeep, Captain America. Shelby fared just fine during the move, but unfortunately, that was not the case with Captain America. First, there was the issue of a roof leak while driving from one city to the other during a heavy rain storm (the jeep is a convertible). As if this wasn’t enough, he noticed some spots developing on his shiny new jeep after parking in the property’s parking lot. It turned out that the hard water from our irrigation system, combined with some rust, was leaving semi-permanent stains on his beautiful jeep. Well, we weren’t going to allow this to happen to Captain America! Scottie suggested that we buy Dexter a gift card at Pronto Detailing, a car detailing center near the property. He didn’t have to ask me twice! The lady who answered at Pronto was nice enough to take my order, write a note on the card, and mail it to the property. Captain America, we’ve done our duty! Now it’s your turn to shine!

Q2 High Achiever – Awesome Job! Sharon Starkey Villas at Newnan Crossing Apartments, Newnan, GA Sharon recently received the Q2 High Achievers Award for her work at the Villas at Newnan, a new acquisition in March, 2015. Sharon has worked very hard, learning her role with Venterra, mastering Encasa, and generally doing a phenomenal job during this period of transition. I appreciate all her dedication and hard work, and feel so fortunate to have her as my Assistant here. The TEAM here at the Villas at Newnan is very proud of her for receiving Q2 High Achievers Award! It speaks volumes that she received this award during our true first quarter. AWESOME Job, Sharon!!! We rewarded her with one of her favorite perfumes, Michael Kors! Smells wonderful! A lovely scent for a great girl!


Jaime Aguirre College View Apartments, La Porte, TX Jaime is such a team player. Every single day without fail, he brings lunch into the office and his wife prepares enough to share with the entire staff daily! Jaime lives in Dayton, and we work in La Porte, so he never gets to spend lunch with his family since they are so far from work! I saw him on the phone today and he told me that his father in law was in Pasadena and he may meet him for lunch with his wife and son. I had an idea- lunch would be on me. I found out that they wanted to go to the Chinese Buffet down the street, so I handed Jaime some cash and told him to let loose; lunch for him, his wife and his son were on me! I know how precious time with the family can be, and I felt it very important to show him that I acknowledge this! He would have ended up going to the same restaurant and treating his family, but I am sure the egg rolls tasted better when the money did not have to come out of his pocket. Of course, Jaime refused- but that is OK- I put the money in his pocket, pretended to plug my ears and told him to enjoy as I walked away. Later, I met Jaime’s niece who was able to join and his wife and was thanked by both of them.

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