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Everyone Needs A Weekend Getaway

Matthew Godaws Providence of Northlake Apartments, Lawrenceville, GA Our team at the Providence of Northlake is fortunate to have Matt as our Maintenance Manager. His hard work and dedication go a long way toward making us a winning team. As the single dad of an adorable 5 year old little girl, life can get kind of hectic for Matt. He takes his daughter to school in the mornings, works hard at Northlake all day, picks his daughter up from school, and then runs through dinner time, playtime, bath time, and bedtime. After all this, he might get a few minutes of ‘Matt time’. Then bright and early the next morning it’s time to wake up and do it all over again – each and every day! He loves his daughter and never complains about his schedule – it’s just what he does. It’s tough for two parents, but even tougher when it’s just one. He needed a break! Early last week, Matt started talking about his upcoming “weekend away.” He was super excited about a trip he had planned with his brother Justin at Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina. His mom would take care of his daughter that weekend, and the two

brothers would be able to let loose and have some fun! The two of them don’t get to hang out very often, so this weekend trip was going to be super special. He had checked out several different hotels, but as of Friday afternoon, had yet to book a room. Then it clicked! What better way to say thank you than to surprise him by paying for a night at a hotel right

across the street from Harrah’s? When we caught him looking online one last time, we told him we wanted to help. He thought we were offering to help with the booking, so when we told him we wanted to PAY for the room, he looked confused. When he realized what we were doing, he was so happy and thankful, his face just lit up! After their weekend getaway, he brought pics of them having fun and being silly outside of Harrah’s (above), and was full of stories about their great time together! It’s pretty awesome to have a Maintenance Manager everyone can depend on. Matt always has such a good attitude and sets a great example – one reason why our team really ‘clicks’. :) We are blessed, because we truly value and respect each other. Not everyone gets the chance to be on the kind of team that works so well together. Thanks, Matt! We’re so glad that you had such a great time!

Reach For Your Goals Andrew Anthon,

Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX


Andrew has been with the company for almost a year. In the past several months, several of us have been trying to get fit by doing small things here and there in the office. I recently purchased a Fitbit. Several of my friends have one as well, and we are trying to keep up with our steps

every day. I mentioned to Andrew that thanks to our Fitbit app, we have weekly competitions with each other. He thought that was really cool! He had just recently joined a gym, and was a little low on extra spending money, so I went down to Best Buy and got him a $100 gift card so he could pick out the one

he wanted. Now that he has his new FitBit Charge HR, we are constantly comparing our steps every day! And just in time for the 30 day Tone and Tighten Challenge!!

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