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S u n Mary Green Senior Training Manager, San Antonio, TX Last summer, we planned a family get away to the beach to enjoy some much needed time together. I was excited to get the time with my family building sand castles and jumping in the waves with my five and two year old. On our last night there we decided to go out for a really nice family dinner. Afterward when we came back to our hotel room I saw a bottle of champagne and a sweet note wishing me a relaxing time on my vacation from my Venterra Team.

Get Well Miguel Canas, South Shore Lakes, League City, TX Our wonderful AM, Miguel, had an accident last week, and has not be able to return to work yet. We wanted to let him know that we cared and that we missed him, so we paid him a visit to wish him a fast recovery. We took him some flowers,

chocolates, and a card signed by the entire team. We even threw in a word puzzle book to keep him from getting bored! We hope to have Miguel back at work soon. Get well, Miguel!


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