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I moved to Ventana after my lease was up specifically because Teresa 20and Aaron took this property over. This is the second property I have lived at that they were at. Their leadership skills are top notch. I don’t worry about anything related to the apartment because I know they will be on top of any issue in a timely and effective manner.

Teri Davis Experience Leader, Regional Manager Employee Since 2012

I love being able to show our residents their home because I want them to know that I am proud and happy with our product. This is also a great time for me to show them how to access all the amenities the property offers, so they can really enjoy their community. Moving is such a stressful situation, and this is our opportunity to make things just a little bit easier for our new residents.


Kelley Tuiasosopo Fairways at South Shore Experience Leader, Community Manager, Employee Since 2016 I truly think that Venterra’s 30 Day Guarantee makes Venterra stand out from other property management companies. This program illustrates our humanistic side. It is a simple fact of life, stuff DOES happen, and for a company to recognize this, is truly a paradigm shift in how to behave towards residents. Venterra does not view tenants as just another number but rather as individuals with individual concerns, needs and problems, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Chirogianis Valencia at Westchase Experience Leader, Better Living Manager Employee Since 2018 The move in experience, especially the first 30 days, is where we make good on all our promises given during the leasing process. This is where we truly separate ourselves from our competition proving why we are a top-rated customer service company. It’s where we show them they made the right choice in choosing Venterra.

Dustin Crandall Apex West Midtown Experience Maker, Leasing Manager Employee Since 2014

My husband and I moved from Connecticut to Houston and were both looking for jobs. St. Andrews was looking for an assistant maintenance tech, and I told him he should apply as I knew the property was nice. He started with Venterra, and told me how great it was working for them. I then applied for a leasing position at Shadowbrooke and started three months after him. That was five and a half years ago. He is now a Regional MM and I am a CM, and we could not be happier with our decisions to join this company.


- Verified Resident, Ventana Kingsley Feedback


I feel the critical time to impress our new residents is during the move-in process because it is a very stressful time for them, and they possibly are experiencing buyer’s remorse during the process. This is a great opportunity for us to put their minds at ease by being friendly, helpful, and showing our appreciation for their decision. If I were in their situation, all fears would subside with a caring associate looking in on me. Small acts of service such as showing they are in good hands by reaching out and checking up on them, sending them water during the heavy lifting and maybe even delivering pizza at the end of the move-in when they are too tired to cook will show Venterra is serious about taking care of their residents. Following-up with them over the next few days can also make a difference to our residents by showing we are different; we `care, and this is where we make the biggest impact.

Kelly Levesque St. Andrews Experience Leader, Community Manager Employee Since 2013 1 0 T H



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