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I became part of the Venterra family in Feb. 2015. My background was in mortgage banking. After years of working that industry, I realized I was bored and lacked fulfillment. Not sure what would fulfill me, I got hired on with Venterra and was encouraged to make professional connections and build friendly rapport with our residents. I love that. I am a people person and have met the most wonderful people working at Venterra. I also love how not every day is the same. There really never is a dull or boring moment. Also, because I am not in a large corporate office, I have built and maintained close friendships with my teammates and consider them my family; I love every one of them dearly. I guess you can say that being part of Venterra has impacted my growth both professionally and personally. I am truly happy and excited about what’s to come and it has given me confidence, joy, laughs, and most of all the thing I was missing most, love for what I do!

Christi Higueros

When Smart Dollar first rolled out, I was not very interested in learning about it because I felt I was already a financially responsible person. In addition to not having any personal debt, I had a nice savings account going so what could Dave Ramsey teach me that I did not already know? The answer I learned very quickly... a lot! I learned I wasn’t anywhere near ready for retirement and time is running out. I needed to start a 401K, realize that my husband’s debt was my debt, realize the importance of us having life insurance policies, investments & compound interest, understand the right way vs. the wrong way to make large purchases and so on! I started to listen to Dave Ramsey during all my free time and when I finished listening to every clip offered, I knew I needed to sit down with my husband and discuss our financial future. Seeing that first credit card being paid off by working together and sacrificing had a powerful effect on us both. We saw what could be done by learning everything Smart Dollar had to teach, by making a plan, by sacrificing, by communicating and by working together. We even shaved 6 months off our original estimated date of being debt free by July 2019 to December 2018! A unexpected and amazing bonus was the effect Dave Ramsey and Smart Dollar had on my stepson Aidan. He watched all of Smart Dollar and Dave Ramsey with us in record time and then proceeded to tell his parents he was not going to play basketball his senior year. He said it was more important to get a job so he could start saving for college. I truly feel that the knowledge I attained from Dave Ramsey and Smart Dollar has changed my life, my husband’s and now my stepson’s. We were able to pay off $20,000 in debt this year – amazing! It’s been an unexpected gift I cannot thank Venterra enough for.

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