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I feel honored being in my new position for many reasons. The main reason is because I truly enjoy helping others. Whether that is making a difference with one of my team members or making a difference with our residents. I care deeply about the success and well being of my team. Being engaged and them knowing they can always come to me for anything makes me feel honored to be their leader.

Christi Higueros

Promoted to EXPERIENCE MAKER, BETTER LIVING MANAGER Silverbrooke Employee Since 2015 For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I belong, and I found my true calling. This is and will continue to be my career as I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The culture, people and heart that drives Venterra is a rarity and not something easily found in other property management companies. I am so proud and lucky to be part of this amazing company.

Angie Carey

Promoted to EXPERIENCE LEADER, REGIONAL BETTER LIVING MANAGER Employee Since 2016 When I got promoted, I was all in my feelings, and at that time I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster! I went from being so happy that I was offered the position to feeling a little sad because that meant that I would not be with my Park 9 family every day anymore. But the strongest feeling I had was gratefulness! I was recognized for all the hard work I had done and getting the chance to advance within such an amazing company is more than I could have asked for.

Christopher Cowart

Promoted to EXPERIENCE LEADER, MAINTENANCE MANAGER Balmoral Village Employee Since 2015 My advice to any Assistant Maintenance Manager looking to be promoted is to never stop learning. Everyday that you are not in the spot you want to be is a day to prepare for who you can be. Never look at the Assitant Maintenance Manager position as something you are out growing. Try and find something to learn about every day. The more time you prepare for the next step, the easier your transition will be.

Samantha Hawxhurst Promoted to EXPERIENCE LEADER, REGIONAL BETTER LIVING MANAGER Employee Since 2015

Venterra is a company that wants their employees to succeed in their career paths. Never have I worked for a company that gives employees ample ways to better themselves in their professional and personal lives. There are no silly questions or dumb answers with Venterra! When I got promoted, I felt ecstatic! Let’s just say my “Happy Dance” was one for the books! Given the opportunity to grow with Venterra is something I knew I wanted from day one. It means a lot to me that my peers and regional manager have given me the encouragement to do so. I love that I continue to work with all my peers daily. Normally I would only see everyone outside of my property at meetings and kick off but with my new position, I get to continue to make great connections with everyone. Knowing my peers on a professional and personal level makes the job that much more fun.

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Promoted to EXPERIENCE LEADER, COMMUNITY MANAGER Silverbrooke Employee Since 2016


Jessica Lunsford


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