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THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE The desire to be a customer experience leader starts with our corporate culture and the quality of our team members. Our Core Values help shape an environment where diverse, passionate and innovative employees love coming to work every day. We are focused on providing employees the opportunity to learn and grow throughout their careers with Venterra, all while having a great time along the way!

Fifteen years ago, I started my career with Venterra. At that time, I was unaware of the journey I would take and how my life would change with this amazing company. I have had opportunities to learn and grow within the company, and to help shape what our company is today. Moreover, every day I get to do what I love: find and attract talented people to Venterra and help create a culture that team members at all levels rave about. The Venterra culture has been shaped by our Core Values and a genuine care for each other, our customers, and the world around us. It is a significant part of our success and truly allows us to stand out in our industry as a best-in-class organization. If you ask our team members that have been with us for many years, “What keeps you at Venterra?” the answer is always the same – the people. Venterra employees have big hearts and a real passion for providing amazing experiences for their customers, their co-workers, and their communities. They are the ones who truly make the Venterra Difference!

Bridget Sherrod Experience Leader, Senior Director of Recruiting & Employee Development Employee Since 2003

When I started with Venterra, the CEO, John Foresi happened to be on site for a visit, and he took the time to sit and speak with me. During this conversation, he shared his feelings about our organization, emphasizing that no matter who you are in this company, no one is better than another, we all just have different responsibilities and different points of view. This statement still rings true today as everyone in the company is on a first name basis and extremely approachable. - Employee Survey Most companies have a vision statement, core values and employer promises. So, what makes Venterra different? What separates us from other companies? The difference is we walk the talk. At Venterra, our values are more than a statement; they are the spirit in which we do business. They are how we treat our customers, how we treat each other, how we are held accountable to the organization. We can do this because we recruit and hire team members who exemplify our values, we demonstrate application through the actions of our leaders, and we “put our money where our mouth is” through a variety of programs.




When you have the chance to work with a Venterra team member or live at a Venterra community, you are with people that are Candid and Honest, display Humility through a Team First approach, and Pursue Excellence through the delicate balance of Customer Service and Cost Management. They do this not because of a statement on a piece of paper or on a wall, they do it because they truly believe in everything we stand for and show it every day. That’s the Venterra difference.


Bryan George Experience Leader, Vice President of Property Management Employee Since 2011

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