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While there were great results in the past year, a common theme stood out to me, CHANGE. I believe we will look back on 2018 and see it as an organizational inflection point that led to significant growth; not just in the number of units, but also in the experiences, skills, and capabilities of our organization.

Every year we have relentlessly pursued excellence and the goal of “Getting Better, Faster.” Arguably we have gone too fast at times, but the pursuit of excellence is only for the brave and, in retrospect, I am not sure we would have done it differently.

In 2018, Venterra officially launched its multi-family development effort. After 18 years of focusing exclusively on the acquisition of already-built, multifamily communities, we are now taking an exciting step that will shape Venterra’s future.

I do understand that change has implications to both those who support it and those who are impacted by it; my appreciation for the contributions our employees have made to support innovation and change is immense.

We will apply what we have learned about property operations to the development and construction of apartment communities, which will allow us to build apartment homes with a heavy focus on customer-oriented design and generate strong investor returns.

Without your efforts, we would not be the successful company we are today.

We also introduced “Lifelong Learning” in 2018, which is a culture initiative intended to spur personal growth. This will help all of us be ready to navigate the change we have planned and that already exists in our rapidly evolving technologyoriented world. For Venterra to stand the test of time, we need to be extraordinary at navigating change and able to capitalize on the opportunities presented to us. As the saying goes, success is where preparation and opportunity meet. “Lifelong Learning” is a key component in positioning us for future success. I often get asked by investors and groups outside Venterra what the secret to our success is. My response always speaks to our ability to adapt to change as a key competitive advantage. Looking back in time, the amount of change we have implemented to go from a startup, 18 years ago, to an industry-leading real estate management and investment company is breathtaking.


This new undertaking will accelerate growth, open new opportunities for employees, and ultimately make Venterra a more diverse and resilient company.

Thank you very much. Looking back over the last 18 years, there is a bright picture that we should all be proud of. Our past success has put us on the path to great opportunities, but that path will be full of challenges to overcome. We need to pursue excellence more vigorously and innovate faster. Our ability to change as an organization will be tested in a technology-enabled world that is evolving in unimaginable ways. My challenge to all of you is to position yourself for personal success by embracing and leading change; invest in yourselves, improve your skillsets, challenge your norms, be curious, and become a Lifelong Learner. The future will go to those most capable of quickly adapting. I feel very privileged to have my role and that I get to work with so many talented people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our residents, prospects, employees, neighbors and business partners. I very much look forward to building a Better Venterra with all of you. Let’s celebrate the past, embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead, and charge forward to what is an even a brighter future. Here’s to a great 2019 and beyond!

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