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4123 Cedar Springs Experience Leader, Community Manager Employee Since 2005 The WOW program has allowed residents to be truly surprised and thankful they live at Venterra. We have a resident that has lived here eleven years, and we surprised her with tickets to her favorite concert. She was completely shocked and so appreciative. The look on her face was priceless!

Brooke Brewer Axial Buckhead Experience Leader, Community Manager Employee Since 2017 I think our WOW program is amazing, for it shows how much we care about our residents. So many people have different stories, come from different backgrounds, yet the decide to make their home at our communities. I think it’s phenomenal that we are encouraged to take a moment and find ways to WOW our wonderful residents, showing them that they are more than just a rent check coming in every month.

WOW-EE has a special meaning to me. Not only does it provide an opportunity to WOW our employees, but it can oftentimes include our families. I will never forget how Stephanie Gonzalez WOW-ee’d me, as it affected my family, too. Every year, I am part of the Kickoff Committee and am gone all week to make preparations and to attend both parties. This almost always falls on my daughter’s birthday, and she is always really upset when I’m not home for her birthday. When I do get home, I always make it up to her with a party, but it’s still a sad time for her. One year, I told Stephanie about how Kendall, my daughter, wanted a Pomeranian puppy for her birthday. Now, this was not going to happen since we already had two dogs, so I just laughed it off and said “no way man”. Well, to my surprise, Kendall got a package from Venterra! It was a stuffed Pomeranian puppy and a note that said “Kendall, your mom is out of town working on your birthday every year. We just want to say thank you and realize it must be hard for you. Happy birthday! -Venterra”. Kendall was so excited! Just a simple conversation led to such a big impact. It wasn’t a big elaborate gesture, but to see Kendall’s face, you would have thought she opened up gold! That is what WOW-ee means to me: a simple gesture from the heart; someone listening. My daughter and I will never forget the way that made us feel.

Kimberley Baker

Kristi Gillespie

Bala Woods Experience Leader, Community Manager Employee Since 2009

Experience Leader, Portfolio Collections/HOA Manager Employee Since 2003

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Ramon Gonzalez


A resident recently told me “I restored her faith in humanity.” I will never forget those words. I know I made an impact for good in her life, and that makes me so happy!


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