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Wi-Fi detector shirt pg 22

Giant Microbes Petri Plush pg 2

lil guppie pg 12

B l a c k S t e a lt h 3-Channel R/C Helicopter pg 4 new caprica cylon action figure pg 5

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we infectz you

Giant Microbes Pe t r i Pl u s h All new series of Giant Microbes in infectiously cute petri dishes. 3 microbes per petri and available in various styles! t h a55e


micr o s p y r e m o t e

s ta p l e - f r e e s ta p l e r s

Tiny universal remote ready for secret missions.

Staple your paper without injury-inducing metal shards!

t h i n m /9a06

t h 8b70 t h 98a6

$8.99 3 for $17.97

$5.99 - $7.99

Or iginal Ri ng Thi n g

sw e d i s h fi res t eel

A hidden bottle opener in the palm of your hand. Great for parties!

3,000ยบC spark makes fire building easy in any weather, any altitude.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 756e

thi 754d


2 |


Happiness for about the same price as a pizza and

L aser- Guided Scis s o r s

l e d fa u c e t l i g h t

Futuristic scissors allow precise, straight cuts without the need for a pencil and ruler.

Own the keenest faucet on the block! LEDs change from blue to red as temperature increases.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 823

thi 8122


$19.99 origi nal bl ue led


Co o l s h o o t e r s ice s h o t g l a s s e s Make your own shot glasses that ice down your favorite tasty adult beverage at the same time. t h i n m /986a


S tylophone Retro Po ck et Syn th Recreation of 1970’s pocket-size musical instrument. Play retro-style sounds by touching the metal keyboard with the included stylus. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a a 64

caffeine sampler


Our caffeinated candy goodness in one convenient Mega-pack! thi 9aab


astronaut ice cream Freeze-dried ice cream. Delicious and educational.


the thinkgeek 8-bit tie Add some 8-bit gaming nostalgia to your wardrobe with this stylish pixel-based clip-on tie designed by our robotic monkeys. Available in Classic Blue or Power Red.


a pitcher of beer. Best enjoyed with pizza and beer.

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toys=fun B lack S tealth 3- C hannel R /C He li copter The easiest and most precise helicopter we have ever seen! Full control with perfect hovering and movement in any direction.


khe t l a s e r g a m e

Pi x e lB l o c k s

Use lasers and mirrors in this game of skill with an ancient Egyptian flavor.

Translucent building blocks allows you to create complex 2-D or 3-D images.

t h i n kgeek .co m /7eaa

t h 6950

$11.99 - 37.99

$29.99 - 49.99

Ta nd em Z C h i n o o k R/ C C o p t e r Amazing tiny copter features two blades in a military style design. thi a493

$59.99 screaming monk e y s l i n g s h o t Pull back and let fly. It’s screaming monkey time! t h i n m /8f00


4 |

All the goodies for that 32-year-old ninja

S tar Trek Tribbles

New Caprica C yl o n A ct i o n Figure

The perfect furry pet from the final frontier. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a c 6e

This bad boy robo is a ThinkGeek Exclusive.


t h aa83


R obotic Chick

sta r wa rs f or c e f x lightsabers

Robotic farm animals make the best fuzzy friends. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 80f

Extremely high-quality, official Lightsaber replicas with real lighting and sound effects!


thi 69de


So l i d M e ta l A irso f t H a n d g u n

S ta r Wa rs DIY F o rce FX L i g h t s a ber K i t

Combine metal with airsoft guns and you have something even more special.

DIY Lightsaber Kit with over 20 pieces now available!

t h i n m /a213


t h a035


pentago A beautiful game for geniuses. Easy to learn, hard to master. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 83a b


R /C Z o m b i e It walks and groans when you press its braaaaiiins. thi a19a


pirate halfling child that lives inside you.

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favorites cy b er surfer r /c spaceboard Surfing spaceman features built-in solid state gyro for amazing mid-air balanced flight. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 4f 0


led b i n a ry c l o c k A small desktop clock that takes some elite skills to read! t h i n kgeek .co m /59e0

$19.99 - 27.99

grow your ow n 1 u p m u sh ro o m Straight out of Mario’s garden comes this adorable vinyl collectable. Simply add soil to the pipe, pop the 1Up mushroom on top and voila! thi 98ab


A c r o bo t s Poseable, futuristic, magnetic! thi 6748

$6.99 k a o s si lator Handheld cyberpunk lute of the future amazes with drum beats and synth sounds. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 02a


6 |

Enjoy these things the most we do.

USB R o b o t O w l Plug this cute little guy into any handy USB port, and he can perch on top of your computer. LED J e l ly f i sh Mo o d L a m p

thi a620


Hypnotic deep-sea jellyfish move realistically with morphing LEDs. t h i n k m /9a8c


smart mass The putty that thinks. Introducing Smart Mass, an actual mass of, well, smart stuff. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 5a c 8


usb p l a s m a b a l l Finally, the infamous plasma ball of lore is now available in a desktopfriendly USB version. We love our EMF. t h i n kgeek .co m /964e


B e at i n g He a rt S tr e s s R el i ef P i l l o w Clutch these Stress Relief Pillows to your chest, and they vibrate with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves. thi a941

$34.99 - 49.99

USB Hidden F lash Drive Watch

a nno y- a - t ro n

This watch features an ample 4GB capacity USB flash drive that slips neatly into the watch case.

A device that can drive your victims crazy trying to figure out what it is and where it’s located.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 8b c

thi 8c52



Like them you must. Overlords, we are.

1-888-geek stuff | 7

at home 15" gigantor d i g i ta l ph o t o f ra me This 15" oversized digital photo frame really delivers with a sharp display and a reasonable-size price. 15" frame 1024 x 768


10.4” frame 640 x 480

$139.99 K e y c h a i n D i g i ta l P h o t o F ra me Store up to 60 of your photos and show them off to your friends.


ca ffei n e mug

Sq u i s h y Bo w l S e t

There is something very special about a clear mug with hot coffee in it.

Silicone bowl and cup set squishes into your pocket for easy travel.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 2a 01

thi a8ab



ti ta n i u m s po rk Perhaps the greatest gastronomic invention since lickable wallpaper. Hunger, beware - your end is near! thi 8ace

T h e T w i nki e s C ookb ook


It’s like Iron Chef with Twinkies. Time for Twinkie Sushi! t h i n k m /a762


8 |

“Oh, they have the Internet on

Mu lt i - Color LED L ightbulb w/ R emote Bright LED bulb can display a rainbow of different colors. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 831e



This little alarm clock on wheels makes you chase it down before you can turn it off. t h 91f2

$49.99 - 59.99

Ni n t e n d o Wa l l G r a p h i c s

LED Sh o w e r Light You’ll know when your shower is warm ‘cause the light changes!

Super high-quality vinyl re-stickable wall stickers cover your room in the Nintendo world of your choice. Choose from Donkey-Kong, Super Mario Brothers, or New Super Mario. thi a6d0


t h i n m /a446


All Edges Br o w n i e Pa n Two edges per piece will create more nomability and may even bring about intergalactic peace. t h i n k m /a1aa


Go o d Chemi stry S alt & Pepper Shak e r s

tix led clock

Without sodium, salt would just be chloride… and much less fun.

Stylish desk or wall clock uses LED patterns to tell time.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 3f 6

t h 7437


computers now!” - Homer Simpson


1-888-geek stuff | 9

ion usb turntable , ca s s ette deck, and VCR Whether it’s vinyl or cassette (video or audio), archiving your old media for the new digital reality has never been easier. ION u s b t u r n ta b l e t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 90a 0

$99.99 ION u s b c a s s e t t e d e ck t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9778

$139.99 ION u s b v c r t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 956


led umbrella Just like Blade Runner, ultra cool light-up umbrellas! t h i n m /9260


outdoor lcd window thermometer Easily mounts outside and features a large LCD display for easy temperature reading. thi 86ff


s u n a n d mo o n j a rs Jam jars store jam, the Sun and Moon Jars store sunshine for nighttime! t h 994a

$34.99 there’s n o p l a c e l i k e 127. 0. 0. 1 door / f l oor m at Another way to say: 10 print Home: 20 print Sweet: 30 goto 10 t h i n m /6806


10 |

Whether it’s a houseboat or a geodesic dome,

bi-color led blow on - of f c a nd l e s These LED candles have a great waxy feel (but don’t melt) and a real candle flicker with selectable color, natural yellow or cool blue.

Crystal USB Desktop Speakers These speakers are clearly awesome and ready to rock. thi aa5f


t h i n kgeek .co m /94c e 4-inc h c and l e

$11.99 6-inc h c and l e


Deluxe Mini Fridge-Warmer w/ Digital Thermostat A 20 liter capacity mini fridge that is extremly quiet and has an LCD display/thermostat. t h i n k m /6ad 2


Exposed Flip Clock

Ea rt hLED L ight B ulbs Choose from five different varieities of these LED light bulbs. They’ll brighten your world, both with light and environmental friendliness!

This steel clock is naked. NAKED! Whoo!! See all the inner workings, and watch as time flips hypnotically by. t h a84a


t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9c e b

$49.99 - 99.99

iaxe usb e l e c t r i c g u i ta r

Neverlate Ala r m Clocks

Full size electric guitar with USB port lets you rock with just a PC and some headphones. t h 8c43


Choose between the 7-Day or the Executive version of these feature-loaded alarm clocks. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 788e t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9b a c

$34.99 - 59.99

your home can always use more cool stuff.

1-888-geek stuff | 11


+ gizmos L i l G u ppi e M u lt i - t o o l This little tool comes with a steel blade, adjustable wrench, carabiner, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pocket/money clip, and bottle opener. t h a905


P i c o USB F l a s h D ri v e Teeny tiny flash memory. The Pico USB is no bigger than a fingertip, yet holds 8 gigs of storage. thi a6d9

A u to LED


This LED flashlight lives and recharges in your car’s cigarette lighter, ready for when you need light. t h i n k m /983b


U lt r a - t h i n Di g i ta l Vo i c e R e c or d e r This credit card size digital voice recorder features 1GB of built-in storage for over 69 hours of recording time. t h i n kgeek .co m /9E59


12 |

E - In k D i s p l ay Wat c h Super cool E-ink technology with 16 different display options.

$249.99 - $274.99

“Life without gadgets is akin to a slow, painful death by

doctor who sonic and laser screwd r i v e r s Whether you’re the Doctor or the Master, we got the tools for you. s o n ic s c r e w d r i v e r t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8c f f


USB M e m o ry Wat c h This watch helps you carry your valuable data with you at all times. The USB connector is cleverly stored in the watch.

laser screwdriver t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 520

2 gb watch



4 gb watch


Sho c ki n g Pen Plant it on a co-worker’s desk. Instant hilarity ensues! t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 4f 4


g r e e n L a s e r Po i n t e r s Significantly brighter than a red laser pointer, the beam itself can be seen in mid-air in the dark. Also available are three specialized laser pointers, each with a different option: green stars, green pointers, or a red/green laser combo.

magnogrip Magnetic wristband is guaranteed to securely hold nails, screws, bolts, and tools. t h i n m /917f

t h 5a47 t h a570


$69.99 - $79.99

P ortable Mesh Ha m m o c k

m u lt i - co l o r l ed fl a s h l i g h t

Relaxation, now available in a highly portable design.

This bright flashlight illuminates in ten different colors.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a b 44

thi 8db4



tentacled planet hoppers.” - ThinkGeek Maxim #433

1-888-geek stuff | 13


techies Lu xeed Dyn ami c Pixel LED Keyboa r d Amazing keyboard features a colorchanging LED under each key. Assign each key its own glowing color. You can even make the keys react when you type. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 85 c


led b i n a ry wat c h Show your geek skills when you read the time in binary. t h i n m /6a17


irregular iq cube Solved Rubik’s but looking for something new? Try this surprisingly difficult cubic conundrum.

usb squid Turn one USB port into four with this clever little USB hub. thi 93ad


no, i will not f i x yo u r c ompu t er Wear this disclaimer to head it off at the pass.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9766

thi 388b


$14.99 - 16.99

14 |

Behind every successful computer is a half a potato


USB L a s e r G u i de d M i ssi l e L a u nc he r This piece of desktop artillery ups the ante with laser aiming and the ability to connect to a number of missile launchers.

A thumb drive with so much encryption built in, it surpasses US Military standards. If it detects a hack attempt, it literally self-destructs! thi 99f1


t h i n m /8bc 4


R 2 -D 2 USB H u b Who knew astromechs were so versatile? This one has 4 USB ports!

mandylion pa s s word manager

thi ab85


A secure, convenient, and cost-effective device built specifically for generating and protecting your passwords. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 91a 2


ether ne t a da p te r s Pocket adapters to test your cables or turn any standard cable into a crossover cable. t h i n m /7470 t h i n m /6c 20

$6.99 EACH

E xte r na l USB SATA Dr i v e Do c k If you’ve got a spare Serial-ATA drive lying around, connect it quickly to your USBenabled PC with this simple dock.

Sta i n l e s s S te e l Wa l l et thi 9964


t h i n kgeek .co m /a7ea


D u c t Ta p e Wa l l e t b y Du c t i t h 5f21


chip, two pens, a paperclip, and dust bunnies.

1-888-geek stuff | 15

S n e a k y c at i s s n e a k y



sneaky uses for e v e ry d ay t h i n g s Learn how to use ordinary things to do extraordinarily sneaky tasks. t h s neak y


kill-a-watt Monitor your electricity usage. Determine how much power your appliances really use. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 7657


Dig ital Measuri ng Ta p e Records your measurements for easy reference. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9d 77


16 |

c o l d h e at s o l d eri n g t o o l Cordless soldering tool - reaches 500°F in less than one second. t h 69d3


d i y d ri n k i n g s t raw z All drinks taste better if you build the straw yourself! t h 9470

$7.99 - 19.99

Your Motto: If it ain’t broke,

gorillapod The Gorillapod tripod family secures your compact camera to just about anything. t h i n k m /82d b

$21.99 - $49.99

i void wa r r a n t i e s If it ain’t broke, take it apart and fix it. thi 8f52

$14.99 - $16.99

DIY Neon Si gn Ki t Spell it out in glowing blue neon with these click-together letters. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 97f d


F igure 9 Carabine r Innovative way to tie stuff down so it doesn’t fly all over. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 88a


P r i nt o r 3 5 m m S l i d e & Negative Digital Converter Easily scan prints or 35mm slides and negatives to turn them into jpeg files. thi 9a24 thi a25f

$99.99 EACH

P ortable Digita l Ma g n i f i e r Magnifies from 5x to 20x (in increments of 1) and displays it on a crystal clear 2” LCD screen. t h i n k m /a9c e


M v i x Po c k e t-S i ze HD M e d i a C e n t e r This pocket-size multimedia enclosure takes a 2.5” hard drive and features component output with resolutions up to 1080i. thi a73e


take it apart and fix it.

1-888-geek stuff | 17


mad science

u s b di gi tal mi cr osc op e This 1.3 Megapixel Digital Microscope allows you to capture higher resolution images and video and display them on your PC using a simple USB connection.

QX5 u s b m i c r o s c o p e

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 995 5

thi 77aa



p e r i odi c ta b l e sh ow e r c u rta i n Lather, rinse, repeat... ooh, argon!


Crystal G r ow i ng K i t Grow your own crystals just like the astronauts do.

Take snapshots, video, and timelapse movies using this microscope that connects to your computer via USB.

th e in fa mo u s drinking bird The Second Law of Thermodynamics embodied in a glass bird. thi 981b


albert einstein action figure

A desktop-friendly Albert Einstein action figure.


t h 71a4

$7.99 what the heck is a yahoo serious?

18 |

Entertaining plans for World Domination?

mysky gps sta r t ra ck er

Build all your favorite molecules with this awesome kit.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. I finally figured out what you are. It’s a hi-tech virtual tour guide to your starry skies.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 300

thi 956a



Mo l e cular Model K i t

popular m at h t- s h i rt s In this confusing world, it’s good to know some things are constant.

$14.99 - $16.99

c u r i o u s ly strong m a g ne ts A set of eighty-seven or fifty herculean-strength mini rare-earth magnets. t h i n m /770f

$19.99 - $29.99

a ntw o rk s A NASA-designed space age habitat for ants. They can breathe and eat the gel! Now includes glowing LED base! thi 6fd6


U b e rS t i x C ons t ru ct i o n S et s Revolutionary pieces click together to build a myriad of constructions including moving objects. Plus, they work with Legos, K’nex, etc. dino saur plant

thi a4a6 thi a4aa

$17.99 - $159.99

A prehistoric plant that keeps coming back to life! t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8039


ThinkGeek can get you there in half the time.

1-888-geek stuff | 19

geeks on


the go 1 . 3 Megapi xel S p y Camera Sungl a sse s Hidden camera with a remote control. t h i n k g e e k . c o m / a0f3


helmet a c ti on c a m

no, i will n o t fi x yo u r co mpu t er t rav el mu g

Never miss a moment. Never. Not ever. Seriously.

Take this with you to housecalls to reinforce the message.

t h i n kgeek .co m /980e

t h 58c0



driving led emoti c o n Battery-powered, wirelessly-controlled message sign that can be attached to the rear window of your car. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8e 9a


20 |

Vibe Body Sound H ea d ph o n es Feel the music through your bones. t h 9b1e


May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at

s c a n g a u g e II

The Bag of Holding

automoti ve c om p u te r

So roomy, you’d think it was bigger on the inside!

Easy to install, multi-function automotive computer. Mounts in, on or below the dash.

t h aaa5


t h i n m /8426


Micro Pliers Tiny precision pliers fit on your keychain and sport a knife, bottle opener, and screwdriver. t h i n m /a836


m e ta l l i c v i d eo wat c h with oled screen The future is here! A 1.5" color screen on your wrist. thi 954e


S ta i n l e s s S t e e l 8GB V i d e o Wat c h

Digital L uggage Scale Check your baggage weight at home to avoid extra fees at the airport.

The latest in video watch fashion, sporting a massive 8GB of storage space and stainless steel case and watch band.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a a 38

t h a442



chewbac c a a n d y o d a plus h b a c k pa c k s Let Yoda and Chewie help carry your Jedi booty. c h ewbac c a t h i n k m /9aa0


Sta n d A l o n e o r C a r C a ss et t e MP 3 P l ayer Create a “mix tape” with this updated cassette tape retro-style MP3 player. thi a512


yod a t h i n kgeek .co m /817c


your back, and may the wi-fi be plentiful and free.

1-888-geek stuff | 21

cell phone


+ wi-fi wi-fi detector s h i rt Totally functional Wi-Fi detector built into an EL Illuminated t-shirt. As the signal increases, so does the illumination! t h i n k g e e k . c o m / 9 91e


blu e t o o t h l a s e r virtu a l k e y b o a r d Laser projection keyboard allows you to type on any flat surface. t h i n m /8193


B l u A l ert B r a cel et Fashionable and functional, this Bluetooth bracelet buzzes when your cellphone rings. thi 9e31


hello, doctor bell?

bluetooth retro handset

iphone camera telescope

A new way to use your cell phone’s Bluetooth.

Supercharge your iPhone camera with 6x optical zoom (not for the 3G).

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8928

thi a81c



22 |

Electromagnetic Radiation

cellphone signal extender Improve your cellphone signal dramatically with this easy-to-install signal booster. thi 9823

$249.99 - $359.99

T he S anctuary Cha r gi n g Haven A perfect place to charge all your portable gadgets - with minimal cord clutter. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 690


iP hone Japanese T ouch Pen Stylus

j a pa n es e l u ck y golden poo t h 9069

Special stylus emulates your finger and works with the touch-screen of the iPhone.

$3.99 - 4.99

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 8c d

$14.99 Dalek Cell Phone A l e rt Ch a r m thi a150


gadget sh ou l de r holster Hide all your stuff under your jacket.

m at h m o s astro light charms thi 9913


t h i n m /918a


W i -Sp y S p e c t r u m A n a ly ze r Helps you identify wi-fi interference draws pretty graphs. wi-spy thi 80ce

$199.99 Po rtable El e ctroni cs Charging Station

wi-spy 2.4 thi 9558


Give your gadgets a nice comfortable spot to rest and recuperate. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 65b



1-888-geek stuff | 23

made in


japan Nano- Tech Japanese A qua Drop Game Amazing interior nano surface turns standard water drops into a challenging puzzle game. t h i n k g e e k . c o m / a8fc


Aurora P r oj e c t o r Experience the Aurora Borealis in your living room. t h i n m /9a97


Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain Press button, hear bubble pop. Repeat. Enjoy. thi 982f


Japanese Popping E damame Keychai n

Ni g h t m a r e Be f o r e X- m a s Pe n l i g h t s

Classic Japanese snack turned into addictive, endless, pod popping delight.

The denizens of Halloweentown are here to help light your way.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a c 69

thi 857e



24 |

Ninja. Sumo. Manga. Haiku. Godzilla. Good stuff

Spa cewarp 5000 Perpetual motion steel ball roller coaster recreates the classic 80’s toy.

i ’ d h i t t h at Retro gaming + double entendre = WIN

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 4b 4

thi a282


$18.99 - 19.99

Fiend i sh Japan ese Po ck et Puzz les These mini solid metal puzzles are so tantalizingly frustrating. You won’t be able to put them down. Various puzzles available. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9c 83


R/ C Sta r Wa r s R2- D2 A c ti on F i g u r e Amazing R/C R2-D2 is the size of a Star Wars action figure. He drives across your desk with authentic sounds and lights. t h i n m /8c d 5


Humping or C r u n c h i n g USB Do g s USB-powered dogs are happy to endlessly hump or crunch when plugged into your computer. h umping thi 9c89 c runching thi a626

$9.99 EACH

Spee d R a c e r Sl o t Car R a c i ng S e t High-quality slot car racing set features Speed Racer VS Racer X. t h i n m /a373


S u p e r M a ri o G a l a x y K eych a i n s Detailed mini keychains feature Mario Galaxy characters. Each comes with a Star Sprite attached. thi a0aa


comes from Japan in both large and small packages.

1-888-geek stuff | 25


game on Gears of War a nd World of Warcraft Serie s 2 Acti on Fi gures Two of the coolest sets of video game action figures ever. g e a r s o f wa r t h i n k g e e k . c o m / a3d 3 W o r l d o f Wa r c r aft t h i n k g e e k . c o m / 9f1a


Mana Energy Potion - Six Pack Each potion bottle has more punch than 2 energy drinks (or 4 cups of coffee). t h i n m /a273

$19.99 crest of hyrule It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. thi a12d

$16.99 - $18.99


H a l o 3 f u l l - s ize p l a s ma w ea po n s

Bring LOLCat fun to your fridge poetry.

Full-size weapons let you hunt the aliens in your office.

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a b e a

thi a1f7


$79.99 - $129.99

26 |

“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

s ho w er shock ca ffei n ated soap & g e l

sonic bomb alarm clock This alarm clock will get you up. The alarm is louder than a jackhammer!

Soap with caffeine infused in it! Believe it. A truly clean buzz.... Available in regular and travel size.

t h 8f1a


t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 7c 30 t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 5a 65 t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8f b 2

$2.99 - $37.99

Zelda Ocarina Real playable Ocarina lets you recreate your favorite Zelda tunes. t h i n kgeek .co m /a8f6


F ragpedal Deluxe

a n i m at e d t- q u a l ize r s h i rt

Fragging with your feet, just so freaking’ sweet.

Glowing, animated T-Qualizer shirt moves to music!

t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 8e 46

thi /8a5b



c a s e o ’ b aw l s ThinkGeek’s favorite caffeinated beverage. Need we say more? Available in regular, sugar-free, cherry, and new g33k b33r. thi 2818

Ha lo 3 M essenger Bag Master Chief can carry 8 grenades, 1 powerup, and three weapons plus ammunition.

cas e of bo ttles

$32.99 cas e of 1 6 o z ca ns


t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9f 64


And I’m all out of gum” - Duke Nukem, 1996

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cube goodies

MX- 1 World’ s Smallest R/C C op te r Take to the air with confidence knowing that you’re piloting the smallest manmade flying device commercially available. t h i n k g e e k . c o m / a497


m a r s hmallow shoote r State of the art – food, fun, and ballistics in perfect harmony. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 753d


B l a c k B l a ck Gum and Candy By popular demand, intensely-caffeinated mintiness direct from Japan! Your choice of either 1 or 4 packs of Black Black gum, or 1 or 4 packs of Black Black candy. thi 68ad

$1.99 - 7.99

T humb- Si ze R/C Min i C o o p e r Tiny R/C Mini Cooper features full control with forward and reverse and right or left turns. t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 427


28 |

Mi n i B u s i n e s s C a rd F i l e C a bi n et It’s a shrunken down file cabinet that stores your business cards. t h 9d84


Office life sucks a little bit less when you

the cubes速 cubicl e p l ay s e t s Cubicle playsets for adults. Now you get to be the boss! t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 722a

$2.99 - $12.99

the red swingline s ta p l e r I believe we have your stapler... an actual red Swingline stapler! thi 61b7


N e r f E l i m i n at i o n O ffi ce Wa rfa re S et Set of four blasters for instant (and safe) office warfare. t h a565

$29.99 a ir zooka Blasts a harmless ball of air up to twenty feet! t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 60b 6


f i ng e r d r u m s A small motion-sensitive drum set for your desk. Rock on! t h i n m /922f


Doomsday Device USB Hub or Keycha i n Press button and end world. In desktop and new pocket size! t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9116 t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9806


N ot A Pa per C u p Environmentally friendly ceramic coffee mug looks just like a paper cup from that trendy coffee-shop. thi a3a4


shop at ThinkGeek. Assuming you floss.

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don't be naked When entertaining plans for World Domination, you have to be properly dressed for the occasion. ThinkGeek can help. See even more at: t h i nk ge e k .c o m/ tshi rts

$14.99 - $18.99

batman l o go thi nkgeek .c om /a1 8 2

the di c e a r e t ry i ng i failed the turing test c ant i na b and t o ki l l m e t hi n k g e e m/ Aa00 th inkge e m/ a5a2 t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9d0b

try ano t h e r h o l e t h i nkgeek .c om /a6 5 1

et ha n o l m o l e c u l e t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 87c

s ta r g at e c ommand t hi n k g e e m/ aa99

enough social i nt er ac ti on th inkge e m/ a69c

god k il l s a l o l c at thi nkgeek .c om /a3 5 9

m a r i o / l u i g i c a m pa i g n t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 9e 12

meh . t hi n k g e m/ 8753

i r ec y c le th inkge e m/ 9e44

think gl o bal ly thi nkgeek .c om /a8 8 2

mind trick v e nn di a g r a m thi n k g e e k . c o m / a 6b 2

i do n ’ t wor k h er e t hi n k g e e m/ 38e2

k ni gh t s wh o f or mer ly s ai d ni th inkge e m/ a9f 6

30 |

“All true wisdom is found

Ro u n d o u t y o u r c loset with a f e w mo r e o f o ur favs.

toto ro p l us h h at th i nkgeek .c om /a7 8 6

omg pwnies t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 078



in it e c h thi nkgeek .c o m / a6 e 3

m o s t ly i p c r e e p e r t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 5e 09

$16.99 - 17.99



chain m ail t-s h irt thi nkgeek .c o m / 9 0 8 0

d20 s p i r a l n e c kl a c e t hi n k g e e k . c o m / 7a e 3

Ut i li k i lt th inkge e m/ 9b e6




steampunk skeleton th i nkgeek .c o m / aab5

i n di a na j o n e s o f f i c i a l ly l i c e n s e d f e do r a t hi n k g e e k . c o m / a 67f

omgwt f b b q apr on t h inkge e m/ aa6a

$14.99 - 16.99



on T-shirts.� - Anonymous

c af f ei ne molec ule nec k lac e t h inkge e m/ 9d 8f


slide to unlock b ab y d oll th inkge e m/ a581

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stuff for smart masses

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mana energy potion pg 26

15" gigantor d i g i ta l p h o t o f r a m e pg 8

pico usb flash drive pg 12

Cyber Surfer R/C S pa c e b o a r d pg 6

mario/luigi c a m pa i g n pg 30

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