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Veni Vidi VIRKA

23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

EDITORIAL Dear all, it’s time to roll Kiss the bunny, pass the ball Smile to the camera, Give a Journo a hug, Nothing rhymes with hug no wait it does: „bug“ You may be scared, You may be confused Maybe the blindfolds were previuosly used? Worry not, your chairs are here And if it doesn’t work You can always have another beer Share it with a new friend You’ll make plenty of those here. Don’t be shy, there’s no reason to There’s a whole team making newspapers just for you Editors, Tea and Andrea

A fine example of making new friends Shyness is frowned upon


A Challenge from the President Dear Delegates of the 23rd National Selection Conference of EYP Croatia, It is my great pleasure and humble honour to welcome you all to experience Europe in Virovitica! The EYP organizers have been working extremely hard for the past half year to create a place for you to present your thoughts and visions for the future of Croatia and Europe. I ask you, I challenge you to take this opportunity! Europe has been undergoing fundamental changes in the past 20 years, and Croatia has been caught up in this movement just as the other European states have been. The question that currently hangs in the balance is: what place does Croatia wish to have in the European Union, what role does it wish to play? These questions, along with fundamental issues concerning the future of Europe, are questions you will have to answer

for yourselves during your stay in Virovitica. Take this opportunity to let your voice be heard, take this opportunity to open yourselves to new ideas! In the course of the session, you have the unique opportunity to get in touch with likeminded younpeople from around Croatia, to make new friends and to experience something completely new. EYP: It’s hard to describe, but fantastic to live! Croatia lies at the heart of Europe, and Europe is at the heart of EYP, Be ready to be open, be ready to go the extra step, and you can prepare yourselves for a breath taking experience! Looking forward to meeting you all soon! Yours, Neven


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

A basket full of Chairies 1. What does your last text message say? 2.Wset coast/East coast rap? 3.Mitch Buchannon/Chuck Norris? 4.I’ve never ever___, but would really like to. 5.Longest non-bathing period?

D A N I J E L 1. I hope the dish is still warm, enjoy! 2. West coast 3. Omg, if Chuck only knew you were comparing him with others.. CHUCK of course! 4. I've never went to the moon, but would really like to! 5. 2-3-4 days

L I L I A N 1. Received: “tequila, tequila, tequila...” 2. Is there even a difference? 3. After having googled both names, I have to say Chuck Norris. He was pretty hot in the 70’s according to Wikipedia. 4. I’ve never flown an aircraft, but would really like to. 5. 2-3 days? I used to be quite a frequent festival visitor...



1. Dear, impossible is nothing. 2. not sure but lets go for west coast :) 3. Both! :) 4. I’ve never drove a trolleybus , but would really like to! 5. 30 hours (sorry, cannot really live without water :D)

S T E F A N 1. Sorry bro, need to prepare for that trip. 2. Westcoast all the way, if only for this. 3. Pfff, I’d usually pick The Hoff, but since it’s his baywatch character I’m obliged to choose Chuck. Bruce Lee would kick both their asses though. 4. I’ve never made a film, but would really like to! 5. Since puberty and actual working sweat glands two days, maybe? I’m afraid I’m not that hardcore.


1. 777 051 277 Hanka 2. east coast 3. Mitch Norris 4. I’ve never been to Ukraine, but would relly like to. 5. I dont have those ;)..max 24 hours

L U C Y 1. Good luck:) Yeah I did...Keep up the good work! I’m going home, heading to bed early enough I’d say tbh. Better make this my last text to keep some credit! I love you so much xxx 2.West coast motherfuckerrrrr :D 3.Chuck Norris 4.I’ve never chaired at a croatian session, but would really like to! 5.4 days at oxygen- music festival


1.All the memos have been by fax Thursday afternoon. I will send them again on Monday and send scanned memo and call them from office to check, and get back to you. 2. I like Justin Bieber, too. 3. Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice 4. I have never played quitar, but would really like to! 5. 10 days at least. In mountains it is quite beneficial as it keeps bears away.

M A N U E L 1. “I think I’m gonna go there today...but it’s alright.” 2. North Coast. 3. Mitch who? In any case, Bruce Schneier. Much better than Chuck Norris. 4. managed to stop thinking 5. Nine months. You see, there are no baths in Austria, sadly. We have to roll around in the snow. Not counting glaciers (which it costs a lot to travel to), the period of non-bathing is usually around March to November.

T H E R E S A 1. I lost my (insert varying item/person/homework) - can I have yours? 2. Justin Bieber 3. Yes, Mitch looks nice when he gets wet. But when Chuck goes swimming, the water gets Chuck Norris!!! 4. I’ve never spoken more than three words of Croatian, but would really like to! 5. 4 days - have you met my friend EYP?



Welcome Issue of Veni Vidi Virka, official newspapers of 23rd National Session of EYP Croatia