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Veni Vidi VIRKA

23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

Hustla advice of the day

Editorial You’ve finally left the hotel yesterday And made the high school your new place to stay It will be a long day dears So good for all the lucky bastards who were slow on the beers Europe’s problems are waiting for you Some have been there for years and we still don’t They hopin that have a clue they gonna catch me Kukić we are sorry for the mistake with your ridin’ dirty surname Tiredness and hunger are to blame Ignoring each other is a vital issue If you have a problem use a tissue Stojko just woke up our printer , and he is still half asleep What we prepared for you to Yesterday some delegates looked like sheep enjoy: But we don’t mind since we’re also a wreck Update on last night’s party, pg.3 Editing the newspaper is a pain in the neck Committee work report, pgs. But we still don’t mind 4.-6. Something to rest your eyes on, because you are the best public one could ever find pg. 7 We scored a Hat trick with Simone Passeri, pgs. 8 i 9 Ivan Stojanović is taking us on a cruise through Europe, pgs. 10 and 11



Heaven is a place on Earth

My mind is on vacation and my mouth is working overtime. All I have to and can say is that you guys were brilliant. Party started to heat up around 10, or at least that’s when a group of delegates went crazy. Seriously I haven’t seent this kind of dancing for a long time now (except when I watched Coyote ugly). Guy in the green T-shirt (sorry I don’t know your name) from DEVE committee owned the dancefloor, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. He looked like he just crashed the party straight from his shooting of a new Matrix movie. Motto of Stefan’s committee should be: „Get down on it if you really want it“. They did want it, they got it. Delegates from Sisak were resting in the lounge because they exausted themselves the night before, maybe dancing on pool table did that? Maybe :)!? Stefan the half blood prince tried to score every guy in the room. The party ended traditionally with Mate Mišo Kovač’s song. It was really emotional, people were bursting in tears ( just being ironic) everybody was laughing. Party didn’t end in the club and we were having awesome time in the bus. Delegates were laughing, singing (yelling) and playing games for the during the entire bus ride. I presume that the party is not going to finish soon but I’m already over the deadline, so the saga continues in the next issue... Have fun ‘till the next time! Love, Iron girl


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

Have a say FIRST: DeLIBErately straight to the goal...

LIBE 1: another day has passed and your work has been progressing; you are getting closer to your goal. Teambuilding is over and your team was definitely formed. Now, your task is to put into practice what you’ve experienced so far, without forgetting that fun is what will always make you feel involved and a great combination of fun and hard work will be the perfect strategy in order to achieve the goal of rocking GA. It’s with that in mind that your chair Danijel taught you the “Tse Tse Kore” dance and inserted some musical interludes during Committee Work. These very short breaks just spiced up the atmosphere and I’m sure they made your neurons move much faster than you could even imagine. The evidence for that is the big amount of both original and somewhat predictable ideas you proposed to your mates and the little time it took you to agree on common “Golden Rules” regulating your behaviour during the work. The blackboard you used was full of post-its, but maybe some of the time you spent making proposals to the group could have been spent on something more productive. But trust me, that’s not bad at all: it will make you deLIBErately reach your goal... By Mimic


Money, money, money must be funny in the ECON’s world

Welcome to ECON chronicles part ll ! Even after those passionate dances we observed last night committee members were still slightly reserved during the teambuilding, but its final positive impact resulted in efficient and productive committee work. One may be surprised by the speed of their decision-making process. ECON brainstormed, discussed and signed the “Golden Rules contract” in no time, remaining optimistic, polite and nice during the entire discussion. “No physical violence!”- the contract says. We hope they’ll stick to it! After the coffee break ECON defined various expressions in order to clarify couple of contradictory issues in the topic. Economic glossary was invented and it contributed a lot to understanding of the topic. While discussing introductory clauses, committee reviewed the past, present and future situation of the crisis. However by the end of CW productive mood disappeared and expectation of a huge party was in the air. P.S.: My dearest committee, please, remember that only in a harsh dispute the truth is born. Vodka

Little committee work that could

I was walking down the corridor, innocently sipping my coffee when the nice cleaning lady came up to me and asked if she could have a minute of my time. „Of course!“- I replied a bit too eagerly. „This youth that came to our school today“, she continued, „what is that, what are they doing?“ „Well ma’am, it’s EYP...“She looked at me even more puzzled. „OK, I said, let’s put it this way: They’re here to practice democracy, learn something in the process and have some fun doing so „. „Hm“, she said, „When I was young, there was no such thing. But what are they doing at the moment, they better not be making any trash or something?“ „Our delegates?!?“ I interjected, „No way! They are the nicest group of future academics you can come across of. They are just thinking of a few hundred things they could be doing with my camera, writing some smart words on colorfull pieces of paper and doing so pointing out problems, working on solutions for them.“ She sighed. „Sounds like we’re talking about future world leaders here.“ „We can only imagine, we can only imagine...“ I replied noncondasendingly. We parted with a friendly „Take care“ and went separate ways with our toughts wrapped arround the the promising prospects. Don’t let us down. Baby Monkey and Mrs. Cleaning Lady

LIEBE II don’t want to kiss, don’t want to touch, just smoke their cigarette and hush

Second day of the session started too early for my party delegates. They looked so tired so I couldn’t resist playing an energizer to get them exhausting and mad at me. Of course, we couldn’t wait for lunch and later on we were all ready for committee work. It all started with writing the team rules; I definitely liked the most the one that forbids flirting with Manuel and Anna. All you delegates impressed with our chairs; be strong, don’t let this break your heart, you’re still young! ;) Chairs explained what to expect during the next three days and delegate’s faces looked really confused, as if they were asking themselves: ‘’What the hell I’m doing here?’’. But as always the topic raised the temperature and I truly enjoyed listening to those smart (99,99% English ) discussions. First of all, I was impressed with the fact that they’ve been organized from the first minute and they respected each other during the ‘’debate’’. Brainstorming was very successful (thanking colourful markers) and, dear delegates, I see a lot fo potential in you! Committee work is really progressing! For all those little, little bit sleepy delegates: WAKE UP CAAAAAAL! I have a wish for Christmas; see you all included in committee work and the whole National Session giving *the bestness* of yourself! I would like to be the journo of the loudest committee! P.S. My little honeys, start to love me, pleeeeeease!  Lamb


Physics for dummies :) The desert socializing committee


OK guys, you might think that the fun part of this session is behind us. The games, chatting, messing around: it’s hard not to like it. The part that follows after the muddy teambuilding is the big, important Committee work. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? It is, but it also offers some space for developing divergent ways of thinking how to use a chair in various situations, making up your own rules for work (no yelling, no neo-Nazism) and doing some energizers. Soon, a dialogue about international relations and problems concerning the production and usage of nuclear energy found its path to DEVE delegates minds. EU is concerned because of lack of adequate space for nuclear waste on the ecologic plan and its financial structure is experiencing a problem with extra nuclear energy being blown into wind (meaning waste of invested money). Doing your task seems quite easy with fey physics PhDs in your committee, but I want you to bear this in mind: many experts at one place contribute to high-level temperature but in the end it is up to all you bright youngsters to have your opinions formed. By such means they’re naturally being drawn into a constructive conversation (or an argument). Few closing words: “Boom snap clap boom boom snap clap snap” We could have done it a million more times. Replace it with “cooperation, brainstorming and organization”. We’ve done it and we’re still doing it. Go DEVE! Tinkerbell

The first time we met today it was a gloomy morning, pretty early and almost everyone had the marks of the EYP café on their lovely faces. When I looked at them, the members of the committee fitted together perfectly and that just lifted my mood in an instant. After some laughing and games we went inside the cottage and started some more serious games, like figuring out how to get from Croatia to Germany across a mysterious desert and survive on a tennis ball and 0,7 l bottle of water. After some similar challenging games and a big meal they were eager to start discussing their topic. It went so well I almost cried bursting from happiness and proud. They tried really hard and did everything before anyone else, they talked and debated like they have been in EYP for years. GREAT JOB GUYS! I am also compelled to mention their never-ending and giant love for the banana song. I learned that is the only thing that can cheer them up when they are down. Soft kitty didn’t do the trick =( Flake

Weather report Overview: Judging by the current conditions (around midnight) tommorow it is going to be dark and cold. Snow, rain, mist and attacks of rabid squirrels aren't excluded. Temperature: Depending on how you dress. If you dress warm with insolated footware you'll probably feel warm. On the other hand, wearing shorts and short sleeve T's might lead to occasional chills. Humidity: Like an armpit of an unseccure teen faced with the challenge of not looking as a complete fool after being caught playing with a barbie doll by a girl he has a crush on. Sea temperature: Land bypedal mamals who have internet might have a problem with prolonged exposure (Example: the „Leonardo DiCaprio slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean¨ scene from The Titanic movie.

The general metheorogical data suggests that todays weather might give a perfect opportunity to film a remake of the Wham!'s mega hit ¨Last Christmas¨. Clear skies suggest a cold night and a great posibilty of excessive snow. Open fire, cottage, snow and Tom Palinić's (orga) pretencious cardigans might be used to realisticly recreate the late 80's perm atmosphere. Hair spray is appreciated but not mandatory. Baby Monkey


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

The Hat trick EYP Croatia has had an extraordinary opportunity to have such and international team on its National Session. The mixture of cultures we are presented with during these four days is truely a one-of-a-kind experience, both for Ivan as a member of the Croatian National Committee, as well as for Simone, our dear guest and a wholehearted EYPer. Enjoy the outcome of their research on various stands of our international Officials team. Eds.

The Hat Trick: comparing opinions... According to the Bible, once upon a time God created the first human beings on Earth and we are all supposed to be their descendants. Apart from the fact that everybody is free to believe it or not, millenniums have gone by and even if we originated from them, our development's leitmotiv was diversification and plurality. But what we care most is whether plurality of opinions and plurality of reasoning are connected with and due to the social context where we grew up and the experience we made. In order to understand the entity of such a connection we've asked the same questions to 3 young people coming from 3 different countries. Here you have the questions we asked them and their answers. 1. How would you describe the other 2 countries taking part in the interview? 2. How do you think intercultural dialogue could be improved? 3. What is your perception of EYP? What do you think the aims and/or policy of EYP should be?


Lucy Bradfield, Chairperson, IE 1. Croatia: I didn't know much about Croatia before coming here. It kinda reminded me of something related to Germany but not always. Actually, the people are cool... Czech Republic: Actually, I really don't know anything about Czech Republic except that there are no vowels in the language they use. 2. The best way to improve intercultural dialogue would be travelling very much but since you cannot force people to travel, exchange programs between youngsters or workshops in schools could work as well. EYP as well could lead towards this ambitious goal. 3. I think EYP is like a very productive kind of education, not just learning something and reproducing it; you get in contact with different cultures, you meet new people, you acquire teambuilding skills, you learn how to work together. Personally, I prefer its social side, I really like getting to know new people and I love having friends everywhere in Europe. I really love the idea that everywhere you travel to, there you have someone you do know who could even host you for free, especially in this economic times.

Martina Tresnakova, Delegate, CZ 1. Well, I know Irish Coffee, which is a little bit strong but unique, like Irish people are. Actually, both Irish and Croatian people are nice and kind even if sometimes a little messy and not organized. 2. We have here a perfect example of how intercultural dialogue could be improved: its name is EYP and it is a perfect way to make people who come from different cultural backgrounds meet each other and exchange thoughts or whatever. 3. EYP is a very nice opportunity to speak loudly, to express what you think, to have your say while being surrounded by youngsters from different cultures, that ended up being nice people, too. It's perfect since it lets you know first hand how people from Ireland, Italy or Croatia for instance really live. I have to admit I was a little bit shocked before leaving since I didn't know where we had to go, what we were supposed to do. Petar Zubic, Delegate, HR 1. Actually, I don't know any Czech or Irish people that well: from what I hear from other people I know Czechs have an excellent beer and Irish are very friendly. Concerning Ireland I know it's a very big plain and that's the reason why there's not that much to see there except its capital city. 2. In states there should be such events as what we had in Croatia a few weeks ago: there was the Russian culture's Week, where Russians presented their tradition, their music in several stands. That should really be done more than often in order to get to know other people's culture. I would really be interested in attending a Greek culture's Week with ancient Greeks' shows or archeological findings for example. And EYP could definitely be a well done example of intercultural dialogue, especially if we take a look at International Sessions. 3. It's my first time here, second day but I'm already loving EYP very much. People are great, you learn new stuff, your English skills improve. Since our brains are still uncorrupted and honest somehow, its aim should be that of leading us to change the world's policy, which is pretty much old-fashioned in these years. We need revolutionary ideas; politicians live in their own world from where they cannot see people suffering and we need to change. Here you've just noticed the different approach people could have towards the same issues and the different results we got with them. Still, what I'm sure you've also noticed is that EYP is a constant in the answers to our second question. Nothing bad related to EYP was said, high expectations were

expressed. And this could not but mean that EYP merges people in a single one and that, someone more and someone less, we are all EYP-addicted. So, guys, good luck with PED!!! By The Mimic


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

Map of Europe

dom!¨, ¨Coca Cola¨. 5 Black pudding – made of pig blood. Theresa: 1.Always punctual, always wear lederhosenn, and drink beer. 2. Tokio hotel. 3. Represents the beauty of German women: The redhaired, blonds, darkhaired, we love them all. 1. The most famous stereotype about your country? 4. ¨Kroatien ist toll!¨, ¨Komm kuscheln!¨, ¨Coca 2. Latest musical sensation in your country? Cola¨. 3. What do colors of your national flag stand for? 4. How do you say : ¨Croatia is great!¨, ¨Hug me!¨ and 5.Wheat beer with banana juice. Stefan: ¨Coca Cola¨ on your native language? 1. Windmills, water and weed. 5. The worst dish / drink your country has to offer? 2. Franz Bauer 3. Red is for the tulips, blue is for the water and Lilian: white is for the white supremacy Geert Wilders is 1. That there are polar bears walking on the streets. preaching. 2. ABBA 4. ¨Kroatië is gewewdig!¨, ¨Knaffel me!¨, ¨Coca 3. It means that all the swedish people are blond and Cola¨. blue-eyed. 4. ¨Kroatien är grymt!¨, ¨Krama mig!¨, ¨Coca Cola¨. 5. Drop – liquorice. Manuel: 5. Swedish caviar, harring, really salty liquorish. 1.The steroetype would be that we lock people into Lucy: cellars for 18 years, have kids with them, etc. 1. Famous stereotype? That we’re constantly drunk... But the one that infers that we have many good writers 2. Kruder and Dorfmeister. 3. A brave knight once fought a battle so severe that is the one I prefer. his white uniform was soaked in blood. When he 2. Liam from X-Factor 3. Orange represents the protestants, green represents removed his belt, he revealed the only bloodless part of the uniform, the patch covered with the belt. the catholics and white is the peace between them. 4. ¨Kroatien is leiwand!¨, ¨Kun Schnakseln!¨, ¨Coca 4. ¨Is tīr iontach ī Croatia!¨, ¨Tabhair `hugˊ mōr Map of Europe - the Virovitica way I heard a rumour that there where some foreigners present on the session, and decided to investigate. Following the rumor I discovered 9 exotic speciments, the best Europe has to offer and decided to introduce them to you.


Cola¨. 5. Slözn – pigs leg covered in fat. Simone: 1. That we are pasta, pizza and compagnia... 2. All of the X-Factor singers. 3. Hope (green), blood (red) and purity (white). 4. ¨La Croazia è grandiosa! ¨, ¨Abbracciami!¨, ¨Coca Cola¨. 5. Picula ad caval – raw horse meat with olive oil. Daria: 1. Alcohol, prostitutes and Chernobyl. 2. Verka Sendjucka – crossdressing male singer. 3. Blue sky and golden wheat. 4. ¨Khorvatija chudoval!¨, ¨Obijmy mehe, ja ukrajinka!¨, ¨Coca Cola¨. 5. Kholadec – meat jelly Token Croat: 1. That we are arrogant and cocky. (Exhibit A’s: Matija, Tom, Ivan, Ozren, Dražen, Luka...) 2. Simona (Gotovac) Šajn 3. Blood, cocaine and the sea. 4. ¨Hrvatska je ekstra!¨, ¨Omađijaj me¨ (repeated several times), ¨Coca Cola¨. 5. Fileki/Tripice – boiled cow stomach in stew. Beata: 1. That we go out for one beer and come home drunk at 5 a.m. 2. Justin Bieber 3. It looks like a beer pint but actually has a lot to do with physics, tradition and history. 4. ¨Chorvatsko je žužovy!¨, ¨Muck muck!¨, ¨Kolakolakova limonàda¨. 5. Kofola – cheap imitation of Coca Cola, too sweet. Anna: 1. Are you hungry? (pun allert!) 2. A’Kos. 3. Green, red with a bit of white – we are a flowery country. 4. ¨Horvàtovzàg kinàly!¨, ¨Ölelj meg!¨, ¨Coca Cola¨. 5. Cow stomach with paprika. Article by Baby Monkey

Tinkerbell presents a short list of useful collocattions English Czech Swedish Ukrainian German Italian French


resolution rezoluce resolution rezolucija Resolution risoluzione resoulution

General Assembly in favour General Assembly pro Generalförsamling för General’na Asambleja za General Assembly dafür Assemblea Generale a favor Assemblé Générale pour

against protiv emot protiv dagegen contro contre

tolerance tolerance tolerans tolerantnost’ Toleranz tolleranza tolerance

partying paření festa viechjeriuka feiern festegiare faire la fête


2nd Issue of Veni Vidi Virka  

2nd Issue of Veni Vidi Virka, official newspapers of 23rd National Session of EYP Croatia