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Veni Vidi VIRKA

23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

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The goodies we prepared for you: Your predictions about the session pg. 2 EYP Caffe report pg. 2 Teambuilding reports..... pgs. 3-5 Crovillage report pg. 6 Meet the Orgas p. 7 Officials Teambuilding pg. 8


Random cute content pgs. 9 &10.

EDITORIAL It’s only day two And everybody is already a big happy crew Continue making love and not war And don’t lock your door The orgas are very persistent about the wake up calls They could go crazy and break the walls If you see Hrvoje around Kiss that spot on the ground Yesterday we had a blast But the juicy details should stay in the past See you all again tonight Stay lovely, friendly and bright


Breaking news As soon as our dearest delegates arrived a short survey which reveals delegates expectations of the session was made. • “EYP? Never heard about it!”(Ivana,LIBE ll) • “We’ll have looooooots of fun!”(Antonija,EMPL) • “I hope we’ll manage to work as a team!”(Michael,EMPL) • “The most exciting thing is finding the proper solutions to our problems.”(Ivan,DEVE) • “Our language skills will be improved by the end of the session”(Ante,DEVE) • “I want to learn a bit more about political, economical and social situation in Europe.”(Renata, ECON) • “Our resolutions will eventually change at least something in the world.”(Vedran, LIBE l) • “Can we ride those gorgeous horses?”(Mislav, AFCO) Vodka

EYP CAFFE - Say hello to my little friend! After a day of teambuilding and an early night of CRO – village, time has come for some EYP caffe. Actually three of them for a while. In my free interpretation of the situation, we had the red room, the blue room and the lavender room or the ¨bad smell¨ room. The venue is actually capable of hosting a mid-size Mate Mišo Kovač concert, but more about It later. It took some time, but the three parties couldn’t kill the strong EYP spirit, which makes you dance crazier, jump higher, scream louder and search for new ways of communication. There where no national or regional borders in our delegates hearts. The ¨united in diversity¨ motto was successfully implemented. The number of sparkling gazes and ¨mrching¨ people grew as the time passed evolving to the peek of the night in the typical Balcan cyrcle. With well known lyrics for everyone, ¨Ako me ostaviš¨ ruled the dancefloor all over again. We made our way to Višnjica resident in early morning hours not leaving anyone behind. We’ve learned our lesson.


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.


where you do the things you never thought you would with the people you never thought you’d meet

No rest for the wicked Getting poeple to go ino the woods with strangers is hard. To separate them, even more difficult. Making them kiss the bunny: exhausting. The result: priceless. A group of lovely twelve set out to explore the paths bestoven(?) upon them by their lovely duo of chairs. CONST is cool , that’s all I’m going to say. Enthusiastic about the idea of spending time together, proud of the atmosphere they’ve managed to create. If you see them, make them tell you a ¨that’s what she said joke¨. Never face them on the battlefield of ¨Giants, dwarfs and wizards¨ and get them to untangle your ¨human knots¨ because they kick ass when it comes to that stuff. I believe CONST is the place to be on the session and as a wise man once said: ¨The one who plays with the batat, by batat, batat, batat!¨ Baby Monkey

Social building


The teambuilding of committee on Social Affairs started like a silent mass. Our gorgeous chair forbid (!!) delegates to talk and put them in a line. They were probably expecting from us to start shooting but no. She only wanted to know the colour of their undies. The usual stuff. After that she wanted to get to know their names. I could call this committee pretty good at games which involve a lot of touching, the most at double penetration. When all the cookies were gone it was obvious that we all crossed to the evil side. We support diversity so we have found a loud 6 year old girl, horny pregnant women like mr Ivo Sanader, Paris Hilton, the Pope, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus. Nevertheless everyone connected just beautifully. We poured a lot of passion in them so they rocked as giants and dwarves. After all the talking they got on some more touching on the party. But no one except a few cameras saw anything. In the end I’m thinking of starting a sport team, maybe something like lacrosse, or jedis. I believe they can take everything what lies before them. Flake

Money ,Money, Money Spy Unit ( MMMSU)

Location: Somewhere in sunny Croatia. Estimated time: Constantly late. Agents: Nine astonishing energetic enthusiasts. Two wise and experienced sensejs. Mission: Team building. Description: Agent were obliged to pass several EXTRAcomplicated, SUPEReffcient and HYPERexhausting tasks settled by wise sensejs. Frames were broken, several types of obstacles were overcomed. Fear of extremely strange (fishy) officials’ behavior disappeared and the whole unit almost managed to get used to EYP weirdness. Skills: • Emulation during “Find your animal” game. • Gaining top secret information during the speed dating. • Internal GPS navigator during “Labyrinth”. Important information: Martina wants to marry any Croatian guy by the end of the session. Be aware! Conclusion: Mission successfully completed.! Unit code:Bright,Imaginative.Confident,Dreamers, Naughty, Amuzing, Rrrrrrrrr!, Deviaut, Magnificant By Vodka


Approach towards minorities: positive or negative actions are to be taken in order to ensure their equal treatment? This is the dilemma the Committee on Civil Liberties 1 will be asked to deal with. But the first step in order to reach such an important is to get to know each other and ease the future work. Surely there isn’t a better way of getting to know each other than by having fun in the meanwhile. At the very beginning everybody was guffawing at each other when asked to add the name of their favourite movie to the phrase “Between my legs, I have a…”. “I have Pearl Harbour between my legs” was the most hilarious one, but “The Hangover” or “Harry Potter” also did the trick. After all the laughter it was really easy for them to solve the “Human Knot” or to put the “Magic Stick” on the floor. Also, I'm pretty sure the proactive chair Danijel will not blame you for the bad performance in “Giants, Dwarves and Wizards”; he will rather blame fate, after all, defeat makes you stronger and this is what you'll be asked to prove the next few days. I'm pretty confident you'll succeed in it and Danijel and I will be proud of having led you to victory. Actually we already are... So, Ivan, Petar, Vedran, Tea, Josipa, Gabrijela, Lucija, Mirela, I wish you all the best and not to fall short of expectations. By The Mimic


LIBE II Teambuilding Report The Committee on Civil Liberties II is a group of 12 random people: girls Gabriela, Valentina, Mia, Ivana, Stela, Korina, Petra and Lucija and guys Antonio two times, Petar and Filip, young enthusiatic people who came to their first EYP session to create friendship, learn something new, have fun and learn how to work in a group of strangers who will become their best friends until the end of session. Wonderfull chairs Anna and Manuel are taking care of young EYPers who have just involved in something that, like Nokia, connects people. From the first minute of Teambuilding Manuel conquered the hearts of the delegates with his famous ‘’Gorilla’’ shoes. Playing Street Fighter game with Committee offered us lot of fun, really. Loud and hilarious fun. But, guys, don’t be afraid of screaming next time. Let the whole world hear you. From almost complete strangers they started to let love loose trough whole committee. This was their first day and on the end of Teambuilding they are already full of impressions - they all agreed with the fact – they’ve started to work as a TEAM. Keep up the good work! Lamb 

DEVE’s Teambuilding


Somewhere in the beautiful countryside of a town called Virovitica, between a straw-made horse statue and a hot, hot fireplace, the Committee on Development (DEVE) took its first baby steps. The ice was broken by widening the borders of our beloved English language: 12 delegates had to think of the word that is recognizable AND that starts with the first letter of their name. Piece of cake, huh? Maybe, but try doing it with 5 people who have the same starting vowel: an I. We’ve made some interesting results: we have discovered major footbal fans in Marko and Filip, sleepyheads, booklovers and music addicts as Ivona, Iris and Marija and even the open supporters of the gay communities (go for it, Ante!). There were some discusions over art: Tvrtko likes writing poetry and Michael and Patrik argued a bit over the difference between heavy and death metal (You don’t want to mess with the pros. Seriously.) Some showed their love for the homecountry in the hugging game (Štepan <3 Czech Republic). We’ve also expressed our opinions on serious questions like school, chemistry and Lord of the Rings (Ivan the giraffe shown as the greatest fan. The fellowship of DEVE united with ECON in a Street fight game, resulting with a new, more interesting way of communicating Until the next Sonic Boom, Lots of kisses and hugs from your Journo  Tinkerbell

Crovillage “ The best one I’ve been to so far”

2d of December, 2010 2:15 pm Dear diary I was just listening to Neven talking to the delegates in the lobby about how we are a bit off the schedule and thought yikes! God I’m so hungry and really looking forward to Crovillage. 4:00 pm Still hungry 6:00 pm ...Still hungry 7:30 pm CROVILLAGE!

When we came to the breathtaking museum everything was already arranged. Delegates, you did an excellent job with table decorations. couldn’t move my eyes away from all the food. Thank YOU for your short and outstanding presentations. They were very nice and SHORT! I really liked that you didin’t talk about the past (expect the famous dead people from your school) but you focused on what’s important and that’s the present. After the presentations, Neven said that he has a few words to say and I felt like Leonardo in the Titanic. And than he made my day: „Let’s eat.“ I was happy like a three-year-old child in a candy shop (I wasn’t the only one right, right?). I tried almost everything and all I can say is: Damn! You guys are the best! That food was sent from heaven, made by little angels. A special touch was done by an anonimus delegate (call the pressroom if you recognize yourself) who played the piano and made us form a circle once more and sing all together. 11 pm: I just hope you will be little devils tonight on the party so I’ll have something to write about tomorrow. Iron girl


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

Who are they? They are the main reason we are in this beautiful hotel , having fun and meeting new people. They are the most hardworking orga team I have ever seen, i find most of them attractive (: ). They are probaly going to be cranky, late, nervous, funny, spontaneous and sexy as hell ( because this is the way EYP Croatia sometimes works), loud, hipster and sinful, those are the main reasons I do and you will love them. Because you won't be able to see some of them during the session, I'm going to introduce them to you.

Ladies and gentlemen I present You :

Chocolate chip KukiÄ?


Officials Teambuilding Once upon a time... Confucius once stated: “Success depends upon previous preparation”. Without such preparation there is sure to be failure. This is the motto of every EYP session and this one’s as well. It’s really unbelievable how much time organisers spent in order to make sure that everything would run as smoothly as possible. Not only did the organisers give their contribution but delegates’ work was easier because of the alliance with other officials, chairs and journos. Do you want to know what this alliance consists of? Firstly, in order to make cohesion rise, we did some icebreaking games; imagine those people you are now seeing coordinating your work, fixing schedules or taking pictures everywhere involved in those funny and embarrassing activities you all experienced yesterday and you’ll keep on experiencing. This is the context where you could have seen THE ball being thrown many times in order to know each other’s names, their creativity at work while describing ourselves in a single word, a tangle of our arms, legs and even more (TWSS?) being shaped for the “Sticky Toffee”, testing the flexibility of our bodies and our resistance to sexual harassment during the “COIN game”.

Furthermore, once the team was formed, timidity was just a distant problem and nothing could avoid them from having party altogether. Having party meant not only playing pool, chatting freely and listening to loud music, but also making fun of each other (of Italians especially:)) Also, why not sharing the drinks someone brought very generously to the session?!  We all hope you are appreciating and are going to appreciate even more what we did and will keep doing; after all, remember that everything we did that night, we did it for you. Mimic


23rd National Session of EYP Croatia in Virovitica. 2.-5. December 2010.

What people have in common except from being animals (or is that just me) After a really long and demanding reaserch we found out that 5 people on this session have blue toothbrushes and apperently green increasing as a trend. When it comes to shampoo loreal has a pretty large lobby, but garnier is right behind the corner and the stronged dandruff fighter is holding the third place.. People are faithfull to 3 things, their insurance company, girlfriends cars, and parfumes. A lot of them love to smell of armani, then naomi and then the boss, hugo boss. Flake


Weather report for today EYP weather report Overview: Sunny all day long with possibility of rain and snow. Temeperature: HOT,HOT,HOT!!! Humidity, visibility and pressure:high, rising and on minimum(after 2 am.) Sea tempertature: squids are enjoying it why couldn’t you :D Many officials could be seen with nothing but their t-shirts and boxers on, however this is due to the alumni socializing with pineapple trees. Its been sunny outside all day baby but the issue of the visibility has occurred since some of the delegates were seen consuming illegal substances during the coffee breaks. Vegeterian pizza was made illegal in these parts of Croatia since 1192. and uncarnivoare delegates’ vision was blurred. I can’t wait for it to storm. There will be occasional journalists coming down hard from the clouds, eating squid after the Virovitica annual pig circumsion day. Any delegate found soaking wet after the Crovillage should feel free to join party held at midnight in the stables. Party all night long baby, all night long. Let’s just hope we will manage to survive it. Baby Monkey and Iron(wo)man (let’s just hope I don’t rust)

QUOTES rudely and provocatively taken out of context I’m a volunteer at Noah’s Arc. That means I clean s*it” (Antonio, LIBE I) “I have a problem with my camera. It doesn’t work. All my photos are black.” (Ivana, Journo, with cap on camera) “All is well when there’s no hole” (Stefan, Chair) DEVE during the Blind Animals game: Ivan; “I cannot do a giraffe.” Stefan: “You can’t? It’s easy!” (Stefan mumbling) random person: “Why does an animal chew a bubble gum?”


1st Issue of Veni Vidi Virka  
1st Issue of Veni Vidi Virka  

1st Issue of Veni Vidi Virka, official newspapers of 23rd National session of EYP Croatia