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: Lotus 190-722


: IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 Managing Servers and Users

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which of the following policies offer client lock-down? A. Mail policy and security policy settings B. Desktop policy and mail policy settings C. Mail policy and archive policy settings D. Desktop policy and archive policy settings Answer: B 2. Cherelle, the Domino administrator, is launching Server Health Monitoring for the first time. What tasks are monitored by default for each server? A. HTTP, SMTP, Adminp and the Amgr B. The core server task, HTTP, SMTP and Adminp C. No tasks until the administrator configures the monitoring for each server D. All tasks currently running when the Server Health Monitor is first launched Answer: D 3. John wants to know which policy settings are effective for certain users and groups within his organization. In which one of the following would he find this information? A. The policy synopsis B. The Policy Report database C. The Policy Settings document D. The Policy Overview database Answer: A 4. The Domino administrator wishes to use Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) for Internet certificate authentication. What is required to make this function correctly? A. The server must be running IIS B. The server must be running the CRL task C. The server must be using a Domino ICL database for certificates D. The server must be using a Domino server-based certification authority for issuing Internet certificates Answer: D 5. Troy, a Notes user, wishes to close all the open tabs on his workspace before exiting the client. Which of the following is the step he will take to perform this? A. File - Close - Open Windows B. Action - Windows - Close All C. File - Close All Open Window Tabs D. View - All - Close Current Open Windows Answer: C    

6. Which one of the following best describes the client version reporting feature? A. When a client connects to a server, the Lotus Notes version only is added to the Person document in the Domino Directory. B. When a client connects to a server, the Lotus Notes version only is added to the version control document in the log file. C. When a client connects to a server, the Lotus Notes version and operating system platform machine name are added to the Person document in the log file. D. When a client connects to a server, the Lotus Notes version and operating system platform machine name are added to the Person document in the Domino Directory. Answer: D 7. DaJuan, the Domino administrator, has made changes to the TCPIP port setting on the server to enable encryption. What server console command must he run to have the changes take effect immediately? A. Port TCPIP -reset B. Restart port TCPIP C. Encrypt port TCPIP D. Port TCPIP -encrypt Answer: B 8. Administrators may now control access to which of the following components for Domino Web Access (DWA) in the server configuration document? A. Password quality, message indicators, and chat B. Offline meetings, offline synchronization, and archiving C. Calendar delegation, rich text, and the ability to save mail D. Rooms and Resources, online meetings, and attachments Answer: D 9. What Domino feature must be enabled to monitor the number of active Domino Web Access users? A. Activity logging B. Server health reports C. Domino Domain Monitoring D. Server monitoring in the Domino Administration client Answer: A 10. Alyssa, the Domino administrator, wishes to read reports generated from Smart Upgrades. What database holds these reports? A. lndsutr.nsf B. sutrack.nsf C. sureports.nsf    

D. smupgrade.nsf Answer: A 11. DaJuan wishes to review the status of all the successful Smart Upgrades performed but finds that some of the reports are missing. What is the cause of these missing reports? A. Successful Smart Upgrades do not generate reports B. Smart Upgrades have no reporting associated with them C. He is not currently looking at the reports in the archive view D. He waited to view reports outside of the number of days to keep reports Answer: D 12. DJ, the Domino administrator, needs to get the status of the Domino server's Smart Upgrade cache. What server console command would he enter? A. sucache show B. load sucache C. show smupgrade D. tell smupgrade show Answer: A 13. By entering the server console command "show schedule -DDM", what result is displayed? A. Programs scheduled to run B. Agents scheduled to run next C. Probes scheduled to run next D. The next scheduled replication time and the replication type Answer: C 14. Custom password policies will support which of the following with Notes id files? A. Random password generation B. Ids protected with Smartcards C. Forcing unique characters D. Ids protected with multiple passwords Answer: C 15. Dominique has a number of open Notes documents in her Notes client, and she would like to quickly close all the tabs at once. How can she do this? A. Actions ?Close All Tabs B. File ?Close Current Open C. Actions ?Close Current Open D. File ?Close All Open Window Tabs Answer: D    

16. Brittany, an end user, has set certain open documents to open when she relaunches the Notes client by using the menu item File-Save Window State. Where is this information stored? A. The AutoOpen folder within Bookmarks on the local machine B. The LastState folder within More Bookmarks on the local machine C. In the database autosave_xx.nsf on the local machine where xx is the user initials D. In the notes.ini on the local machine as the variable LastWindowsState=xxx where xxx is the unique id for each window Answer: B 17. Vince, an end user, has noticed that his room reservation still has an hourglass icon next to it in the resources.nsf database. What is a likely cause of seeing this icon? A. The request for the reservation has been accepted B. The request for the reservation has been declined C. The request for the reservation is pending system approval D. The request for the reservation needs the resources owner approval Answer: C 18. Tim, an end user, has launched his Notes client after it crashed and AutoSave has notified him that documents are available for recovery. If a document Tim is attempting to recover has already been modified on the server, which action will the Notes client perform? A. Tim is given the option to overwrite or create a new document B. Tim will manually have to compare the documents and enter the information C. Notes will automatically merge the AutoSave changes with the recent server changes D. Notes will automatically update the document with no user prompt since AutoSave is enabled Answer: A 19. Joan lost a document she had been creating in a Domino application when the power in the building failed. The Autosave feature was active. What must Joan do to recover her work? A. Restart Notes with the recover option. B. Launch the Autosave database (as_autosave.nsf) and retrieve the saved document. C. Relaunch Notes, select Yes for recovering unsaved documents, and select the specific unsaved document to recover. D. Open the application and select Recover Changes from the Edit menu. The changes are recovered from the hidden $Autosave view. Answer: C 20. Which policy allows the administrator to configure lock-down settings per field? A. Mail policy settings document B. Desktop policy settings document    

C. Archive policy settings document D. Registration policy settings document Answer: A 21. Smart Upgrade failover utilizes what search order? A. By document link in the Notes client B. By server name and hard-coded path to the Smart Upgrade database C. By database replica ID and database name in the home server cluster D. By notes.ini variable on the client listing all servers in the domain the Smart Upgrade database may be found on Answer: C 22. A user wishes to utilize the new Calendar Cleanup functionality in the Notes client. What are the possible options when configuring the tool? A. "Delete entries that occurred after" and "Remove entries older than" B. "Mark entries that occurred over" and "Move to trash entries that occurred after" C. "Remove entries entered after" and "Mark entries for deletion that occurred over" D. "Delete entries that occurred over" and "Delete entries that occurred before" Answer: D 23. The Smart Upgrade function can be configured to adjust an installation between just the Notes client or all clients automatically. Where is the parameter read to make this automatic adjustment? A. The Notes client notes.ini file B. The Domino server notes.ini file that holds the Smart Upgrade database C. The server document for the server that holds the Smart Upgrade database D. The server configuration document for the server that holds the Smart Upgrade database Answer: A 24. Users that wish to utilize the Smart Upgrade feature to upgrade a full client installation must have what variable present on the client? A. InstallType=1 B. InstallType=2 C. InstallType=4 D. InstallType=6 Answer: B 25. What step is required before creating a resources document? A. A mail document B. A site document C. A mail-in database for the resources    

D. A hub server running the RnRMgr task Answer: B 26. Kathy, the Domino administrator, has created a new message disclaimer in a policy and wishes to push that to the clients. What command can Kathy utilize to force the process? A. tell server process disclaimer B. tell server process nmdisclaim C. tell adminp process mailpolicy D. tell adminp process disclaimer Answer: C 27. Chuck, the Domino administrator, is having issues with character sets and messages that get disclaimers added by the server. Which of the following configuration changes should he make to correct this issue? A. He should remove the character sets from the server B. He should have the Notes client add the disclaimers C. He should add the missing character sets to the server D. He should change the message disclaimer to add a question mark wherever character sets are utilized Answer: B 28. The Domino administrator, William, has issued a name change request for a user. When prompted, the user rejected the name change request. What step, if any, must William take next to complete the name change request? A. William must manually choose to reject or reissue the name change B. Nothing, as Adminp will process the rejection and reject the name change C. Nothing, as the user no longer has a choice to reject name change requests D. William must configure Adminp to automatically process name change rejections Answer: A 29. The default period for a user rename request to remain active is how many days? A. 14 days B. 21 days C. 30 days D. 60 days Answer: B 30. How often does the Administration Process check to update the Mail Policy for each user? A. Every hour B. Every 4 hours C. Every 12 hours    

D. Every 24 hours Answer: C 31. Which of the following does the Mail Policy define for a user? A. Define the ability to set the color scheme for the mail file B. Define the ability for a user to reserve a room in calendaring C. Define the ability for a user to modify their Internet password D. Define the ability for a user to issue delegation to their mail file Answer: D 32. The Domino administrator has enabled auto-save for all users. Where are auto-save documents stored? A. To a user's local database B. To a user's mail database located on the server C. To an administrator defined server database per user D. To an administrator defined central repository database Answer: A 33. The AutoSave feature of Domino uses the database with which of the following names? A. autosave.nsf B. safecopy.nsf C. autosave_xx.nsf where xx is the user's initials D. as_xxxxxxxxxx.nsf where xx is the user's abbreviated name Answer: D 34. Alan, the Domino administrator, has been directed to restrict users from using repeating characters in their user password. What step(s) must he perform? A. Create new id files for those users that need to be restricted B. Recertify the id files of those users that need to be restricted C. Create a custom password policy and assign it to the proper users D. Create a special certifier that contains the necessary restrictions in it's password Answer: C 35. New users are attempting to change their Lotus Notes file password. However, anyone that attempts to end the new password with an exclamation point is denied from using that new password. What is the cause of this denial? A. Custom client policy B. Custom desktop policy C. Custom control policy D. Custom password policy Answer: D    

36. Cindy, the Domino administrator, is having issues with numerous mail rules acting sequentially on a message. What should she do to interrupt the mail rules from being processed? A. Create a 'stop processing' action in the rules B. Issue a 'stop processing' command on the server console C. Issue a 'stop processing' command on the server through a program document D. Create an agent in to stop all rule processing after a certain time Answer: A 37. In which of the following databases does the Server Health Monitor store its health reports? A. shmon.nsf B. dommon.nsf C. statrep.nsf D. serverhm.nsf Answer: B 38. Which task performs the operation of obtaining diagnostic data after server and client crashes? A. Fault Analyzer B. Fault Recovery C. Event Handler Notification D. Automatic Diagnostic Collection Answer: D 39. When setting up automatic diagnostic collection for clients, you can designate which of the following? A. Whether this feature should log the fault recovery into the local log.nsf database on the client B. Whether this feature should export the document into an Excel spreadsheet to categorize the fault C. Whether this feature is invisible to users or users should be prompted to designate if they want to send a diagnostic report to the mail-in database D. Whether this feature should create a file that gets automatically uploaded to the Domino HTTP server to allow client reporting from any location over any connection speed Answer: C 40. Which policy contains the parameters for client Automatic Diagnostic Collection? A. Mail B. Desktop C. Security D. Archiving Answer: B 41. You are creating a policy document in the Domino Name and Address Book. Which one of the following best describes the policy setting documents you can define within the policy document?    

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