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Encounters The semi-annual newsletter of Venice

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Spring 2016

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The Power of Diverse Voices Venice Family Clinic’s Board of Directors is guided by the insights of our consumer members, who help us to improve our outcomes, understand our patients’ experience and refine our vision for the future. As a Federally-Qualified Health Center (FQHC), consumers make up at least 51% of our Board membership. Board member Aime Espinosa has been involved in guiding VFC’s Children First/ Early Head Start Policy Council and Board of Directors since 2006.


Jeff Sinaiko, Chair William Flumenbaum, Immediate Past Chair Stewart Seradsky, Treasurer LoEtte Loshak, Secretary Mayer B. Davidson, MD Paula Davis Aime Espinosa

Rich Markey Neil H. Parker, MD Paul Saben Lourdes Servin Nadia Shaheen Carmen Thomas-Paris Leisa Wu


William Flumenbaum, Immediate Past Chair Frank Matricardi, DrPH, Treasurer Fern Seizer, Secretary Susan Adelman Carol L. Archie, MD Neal Baer, MD Rick Bradley Judy Briskin Lowell C. Brown, Esq. David M. Carlisle, MD, PhD Mayer B. Davidson, MD Susan Fleischman, MD John R. Geresi Chester F. Griffiths, MD, FACS Jimmy H. Hara, MD Julie Briskin Harelson Joan E. Herman Deborah Laub

Lou Lazatin Harley Liker, MD, MBA Tracey Loeb Marcel Loh Gail Margolis, Esq. Viren Mehta Wendy Smith Meyer, PhD, LCSW Etan Chaim Milgrom, MD, MS Jeff Nathanson William D. Parente Hutch Parker Neil H. Parker, MD Tom Paulsen, MD Bill Resnick, MD, MBA Mike Sarian Judy Shore Alan Sieroty Susan Tick Russel Tyner, AIA Michael S. Wilkes, MD, PhD Leisa Wu


Ruth Bloom Joanne Jubelier, PhD Karl A. Keener, Esq.

Ruth Moss Marsha Temple, Esq.

Q: What led you to become involved with VFC as a leader? Initially my family enrolled in the CF/EHS program because we needed services for my young child. I wanted to learn about early childhood development so I became a Policy Council member. After Policy Council, I became aware that Venice Family Clinic was more than just a place to get health services and Early Childhood Development services. VFC offers a wide range of services for the low-income community.

Q: How has participating on the CF/EHS Policy Council and VFC Board of Directors impacted you? It has helped me develop as an advocate for my family. My family has grown and I’ve learned to listen to my family’s needs. I think I’ve learned to tackle different issues, in part because of my participation as a member of different committees.

Q: What do you think it means to your kids, family and friends to see your leadership in the community? I think they see awareness and confidence. I am aware of the different services available to my family and to the community. Participating in different committees


provides a sense of familiarity with those services and resources available to

Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos Kathleen Aikenhead Marjorie Fasman Ruth Flinkman-Marandy Hilary & Robert Nelson Jacobs Glorya Kaufman Susanne & Paul Kester Shawn & Larry King Deborah Laub

us through VFC and other agencies. I participate in activities at the Mar Vista

Chuck Lorre Laurie MacDonald Anita May Rosenstein Victoria & Ronald Simms Richard Squire Billie Milam Weisman Ruth Ziegler Marilyn Ziering Diane & Michael Ziering Janet & Jerry Zucker

learned here at VFC with that community. I encourage other members to come and get services from VFC.

Q: What do you think the most important priorities are for VFC over the next few years? I am aware that VFC regularly conducts a Community Needs Assessment. In my


Martin Anderson, MD, MPH Bernard Briskin Stan Chiu Dana Coleman Lynn Compton, RN Noah Craft, MD, PhD Allison L. Diamant, MD, MSHS Lucia Diaz Laddie John Dill Lila Garrett Allan Gordon Daniel Helberg Roseann Herman, Esq. Lee H. Hilborne, MD, MPH Douglas I. Jeffe Ashley Johnson Diedre Kelly-Gordon

Community Center, and very often I share the tips and useful information I’ve

Barbara A. Levey, MD, FACP Julie Liker Connie Linn Al Markovitz, MD, FACP Michael McClain Kelly Chapman Meyer Robert Moverley Charlotte Neumann, MD, MPH Kenneth Ramberg Joyce Rey Brian K. Rosenstein Todd Stella Millie Sterz, RN, MPH Arthur Stickgold Jill E. Thomas David Tillipman, PhD Matthew A. Toledo

opinion, a Preventive Medicine program is very important; as well as services to the homeless population and increased Early Childhood Development services. I also think there is a big need for Dental Services for adults. In addition, continuity of services; I would like to visit the same dentist every time. Finally, I think the clinic offers a wide range of medical services for adults and young children; however I feel like they should include more services for teens and young adults, especially mental health for teens and young adults. I believe the young adult population is very vulnerable.

On behalf of the staff, Board, and all of the patients of Venice Family Clinic, we wish Aime a happy 10 year anniversary with VFC! We send our deepest gratitude for her commitment and leadership!


Marshaling Resources to Bridge the Gaps Navigating the health care system can feel like braving a road filled with potholes, especially for people in need: insurance covers some people, but not others; specialty care may be available, but is located dozens of miles away. It can be a bumpy ride and far too often, health care essentials get lost in the gaps. To address these challenges, Venice Family Clinic is building new

The group’s first task was to identify key areas of need and

bridges that bring accessible and comprehensive care to the

three priorities quickly emerged: addressing emergency room

patients we serve. Our goal is to improve access and outcomes

utilization, improving access to specialty care and expanding

for low-income and homeless patients by engaging community

behavioral health care services. The work then turned to design

partners and marshaling new resources to address missing links in

and implementation of pilot programs, with each hospital piloting a different opportunity for

our health care system.

coordination. We’re pleased We’re proud to highlight one such collaboration, Westside Health

to report that our emergency

Access, which Venice Family Clinic convened thanks to a generous

room utilization and specialty

grant from The California Endowment. The investment gave VFC

care pilots are already

the opportunity to assemble a broad swath of partners, all of whom


work together to coordinate care on the Westside of Los Angeles, to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our

“Each group has been


a thought partner in brainstorming meaningful

“Access has become an urgent issue now that more people have

solutions for patients in

insurance with the Affordable Care Act,” said Bobbie Wunsch,

need,” said Anita Zamora,

Founder and Partner of Pacific Health Consulting Group, who is

Chief Operations Officer at

working with VFC to drive the project forward. “People with health

Venice Family Clinic. “Through

insurance make more visits than people who are uninsured; and

Westside Health Access, we

many traditional safety net providers are stretched to provide

have aligned pilots to achieve common outcomes, connected

convenient, easy and fast access for their patients, both insured and uninsured. It is so unique for a group of health centers,

to important community resources, and established funding that

hospitals, health plans, the county and other advocates to join

will propel us forward. It’s amazing to see the willingness this

together to explore and commit to improving access for a region or

group has to work outside of the box and take on some very

a targeted geographic area like West Los Angeles.”

significant goals.”

Westside Health Access collaboration partners include UCLA

Since its founding, Venice Family Clinic has relied on our

Health System, Providence Saint John’s Health Center, Cedars-

partnerships in the community to fill critical gaps in health care

Sinai Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente West LA, Westside Family

coverage for low-income people. Through the Westside Health

Health Center, Achievable Foundation Clinic, Health Care LA IPA,

Access collaborative, we continue to build new bridges that put our

Health Net, LA Care Health Plan, LA County Department of Mental

patients on a path to better health. Keep an eye out for outcomes

Health, Didi Hirsch and OPCC, along with several other nonprofits

and lessons from our pilot projects in the months ahead!

and funders.

Did You Know?


Pregnant mothers-to-be on the Westside receive quality prenatal care at Venice Family Clinic, but due to insurance restrictions many are mandated to deliver their baby at a downtown Los Angeles hospital.


Many patients spend hours traveling long distances for specialty care, or wait threeto-six months for an appointment. Sometimes, they have to go through both.


Some uninsured patients visit the Emergency Department three-to-four times a week and do not have a connection to consistent primary care.


ENCOUNTERS Spring 2016

WIN: A Meaningful Partnership with Venice Family Clinic Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through the Westside Infant Family Network Baby Maria* began Venice Family Clinic’s Early Head Start (EHS)

Thanks to Venice Family Clinic’s EHS team, Maria’s mother slowly

program when she was a few months old. At weekly visits, the

began to admit that maybe she needed WIN’s support. She agreed

EHS home visitor noticed that the house was dark and quiet.

to a WIN referral and together, mother and the WIN therapist worked

Maria slept a lot—more than typical, for her age. When she was

on the following treatment goals:

awake, she was not very alert. The home visitor encouraged her mother to take baby Maria out for walks, but later learned that they mainly stayed inside. By 8 months old, Maria began showing gross motor delays and her mother was worried that she was not very expressive. Our Early Head Start team was worried too. Soon, the home visitor asked Maria’s mother if she would be open to a referral to the Westside Infant-Family Network, or “WIN”.

• Foster a healthy nurturing relationship between Maria and her

mother. • Increase Maria’s capacity to experience, regulate, and express

emotions. • Help her mother to develop insight regarding how her affect

might impact Maria’s mood and behavior. • Enhance Maria’s social-emotional development.

Born out of an identified

A young Early Head Start participant explores her reflection

need for infant mental health

Slowly, the mother began to better understand her own depression

services on the Westside, WIN

and how it was affecting Maria. Her child had always been more

has grown into a collaboration

animated with her father, but Maria’s mother didn’t realize why until

among four agencies—two

the therapist engaged her in an exercise using a mirror. Seeing how

primary care partners and two

she appeared to her daughter was a breakthrough. They began

community partners—designed

exploring a range of interventions including sensory activities,

to provide mental health care and

modeling and prompting, strength-based reflection, and exploration

comprehensive support services

and normalization, and over time, mother and daughter began

to families in need with young

developing a stronger, more mutually enjoyable relationship. By

children. Venice Family Clinic

the end of her WIN treatment, Maria developed age-appropriate

(VFC) is proud to have been one

curiosity and social behaviors, while mother became more socially

of WIN’s original partners, and a

and emotionally responsive.

Clinic representative continues to serve on WIN’s program committee. As partner agencies, Westside

Meanwhile, the family continued with our Early Head Start program.

Infant Family Network and VFC EHS staff members attend case

We worked with Maria’s VFC pediatrician to refer her for physical

reviews together, and our physicians and Early Head Start home

therapy, and the home visitor helped the family plan to transition to

visitors actively refer a steady stream of families. On their end, WIN

preschool. By the time she

responds to our referrals by assigning each family a case manager

turned three-years-old,

and a therapist to complete assessments and provide treatment.

Maria and her mother were both ready for this next

Maria’s story is not uncommon, and many of us can empathize


with the multiple pressures families with young children often face. However, prior to WIN, it was difficult to find mental health services

Maria and her mother

for very young children and parents. Existing services were offered

are a great example of

in traditional office settings, but the stress of parenting an infant or toddler, combined with limited financial resources, made the

Early Head Start teammates share resources with local parents.

prospect of getting out the house—let alone to a mental health appointment—seem insurmountable.

how Venice Family Clinic and our EHS team works closely together with

partner agencies like WIN to support young families beyond primary care services. By combining our organizations’ strengths, we can

To overcome this barrier, the organizations behind WIN decided

model successful partnerships and strengthen the health of our

to bring their services directly to a family’s home to focus on the

community, one family at a time.

parent-child relationship. Literally meeting people where they are has made mental health treatment more accessible and less stigmatizing.

* To protect patient confidentiality, “Maria” is a composite of cases WIN and Children First EHS have shared together.


SUMMIT Program Lifts Substance Abuse Patients to New Levels of Treatment More than 22 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from untreated substance abuse disorder but only 2.5 million annually can access treatment at a specialty facility. So it’s no surprise that substance use treatment is a key need for homeless and low-income patients at Venice Family Clinic. Primary care is an ideal setting to treat substance use. Primary care

and alcohol use disorders. VFC medical providers saw successful

providers are often the first contact people have with the health

outcomes utilizing these interventions for interested and eligible

care system, and most people visit them at least once every two

patients. Staff also recognized the critical importance of a warm

years. Substance use treatment offers VFC the opportunity to

hand-off from a care coordinator or case manager in connecting

further integrate services offered at our patient-centered medical

patients to behavioral health services. And, since the study

home, and better meet the needs of our patients.

concluded, several VFC staff members have elected to pursue additional education in addiction medicine.

Venice Family Clinic partnered with the RAND Corporation for a 5-year study on how to integrate substance use treatment into

“What has really impressed me is how eager the providers have

primary health care settings. Funded by the National Institute

been to have something tangible to provide their patients with

on Drug Abuse, “Substance Use, Motivation, and Medication

substance use disorders,” notes Katherine Watkins, MD MSHS,

Integrated Treatment” (SUMMIT) looked at ways to help VFC

Senior Natural Scientist at RAND Corporation who served as

providers use existing, evidence-based practices to identify and

principal investigator on the study. “Often the provider knew there

treat patients with substance use disorders.

was a problem, but didn’t have anything to offer the patient (other than a referral to specialty care which the patients didn’t want), which led to a sense of helplessness and frustration. Having a treatment that works and that is appropriate for delivery in primary care has really empowered providers and helped them feel optimistic about their ability to help this group of patients.” In March 2016, Venice Family Clinic received a Human Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) grant for $379,167 to expand our Medication-Assisted Treatment program. We’re also advocating for payment reform to expand treatment options in partnership with our state and county clinic associations. Though our RAND study is coming to a close, VFC’s commitment to treat substance use disorders continues to grow to meet this critical need for individuals across our community.

At Venice Family Clinic, the project was led by Associate Medical Director Dr. Karen Lamp who shared that “SUMMIT gave staff the opportunity to work with a phenomenal team from RAND. The funding provided a full year to plan our work, train our medical providers and behavioral health staff in addiction treatments and

We’re Published!

implement the project in a careful and thoughtful way.” For our patients, the impact was evident immediately. “SUMMIT changed our approach to people suffering from substance use disorders,” says Dr. Lamp. “We no longer ‘turf’ them out, rather we can embrace them within the scope of our primary care practice here at VFC.” VFC now screens patients for alcohol use disorders at every visit. Staff members learned evidence-based treatments, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) which uses medication, along with counseling and behavioral therapies, to treat opiate

The study protocol, “An Organizational Readiness Intervention and Randomized Controlled Trial to Test Strategies for Implementing Substance Use Disorder Treatment into Primary Care”, was published in May 2015. Read more at: http:// A three-part guide, “Primary-Care Procedures for Medication-Assisted Treatment of Alcohol or Opioid Dependence”, was released by RAND in March 2016. http://www.


ENCOUNTERS Spring 2016

G I V E Y O U R S E L F T H E G I F T O F A R T. . .

out Checkof the a map vent full e e! onlin



C L I N I C ’ S

A RT WA L K & AU C T I O N S M AY 2 2 , 2 0 1 6 SILENT ART AUCTION Google becomes an art gallery with works from L.A.’s hottest established and emerging artists. Noon-6pm Free & Open to the Public

C O M M U N I T Y C E L E B R AT I O N Join us for food, music, live art and curated artisan booths. Enjoy fun for the whole family at the Imagination Station for kids. Noon-6pm Free & Open to the Public

ARTIST STUDIO TOURS Enjoy a rare meet-and-greet with local artists. Walk, bike or board our complimentary shuttles to explore Venice’s legendary art scene. Noon-4pm $50 Donation Ticket Required

BID ONLINE Can’t make it to Venice? Bid early on select pieces from our silent art auction. May 5th Online Bidding Begins

FIND OUT MORE Sign up for eblasts, find parking information, view maps, schedules and event updates. Contact us at 310.664.7916 or SPONSORS



C E L E B R AT I N G O U R S I G N AT U R E A R T I S T S See fu of artill list s online ts !



Bid on our signature artists’ pieces and other great works on Paddle8 before the event. Visit to start bidding now!




VENICE ART WALK ANGELS Join our Venice Art Walk Angels for exclusive VIP art events throughout the year! Questions? Contact Yael Sherne at Platinum Angels Anonymous The John Baldessari Family Foundation John Baldessari Ronald Segall

Explore Venice through the eyes of Marmol Radziner. Visit for tickets.


Gold Angels Anonymous Dr. Mayer Davidson & Roseanne Herman, Esq. Patricia & William Flumenbaum Maria Greenshields & Ralph Ziman Tracy McCalla Milken Family Foundation Lowell Milken Valerie Salkin Barbara Taub z”l Ruth B. Ziegler Silver Angels Anonymous Attias Family Foundation Diana & Daniel Attias


Anissa & Paul Balson Jeffrey E. Davis Richard Hirschfield Hitter Family Foundation Ethie & Steve Hitter Constance Lawton & James Yoder The Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation Dr. Etan Chaim Milgrom Barry Sween Dr. J. Leslie Waxman Kristin Zethren & Chic Wolk Bronze Angels Daniel Abrams Leslie & Michael Adler Penny Akashi Vicki F. Baker The Davidow Charitable Fund Diana & Robert Davidow Gail & Elias Davis Andrea & Curt Eckhert Laura A. Franke Ariela Gross

Pamela & David Hibbert Susan H. Hilderley Vivienne & Nathan Hochman Karen Lebar Liberty Hill Foundation Richard Beale Christy & Michael Lowe Laura Ornest & Rick Leslie Laura & Jamie Rosenwald Ed Ruscha Nancy & William Sacks Anne Taylor Irene Weibel Cindy & Jacob Winebaum Leslie Woolley & Michael Rogers Young Collectors Amber Castellanos Patricia Rubenzadeh As of 4/22/16


ENCOUNTERS Spring 2016

Venice Family Clinic Proudly Names Pediatric Program To Recognize Fineshriber Family Foundation The Fineshriber Family Foundation was established in 2006 with gifts from Ruth Moskin Fineshriber and William Fineshriber. Ruth’s grandfather had taught her to live modestly and give the rest to charity, a value deeply held and continued by their family. So Ruth and Bill decided to give most of their life savings and appreciated property to establish the Foundation. Ruth’s life experiences informed her decision that the Foundation should serve the critical needs of children and families with children. She lost her parents at a young age, later managed as a widow with a young son, and after marrying Bill became a volunteer teacher in children’s services. Bill’s commitment to social justice was formed early. In Bill’s youth, his father who was a rabbi, took the risky position of promoting civil rights from pulpits in Ohio and Tennessee in the 1920’s. Their commitments to children’s needs and social justice form the basis of the Foundation’s mission. Ruth and Bill gave responsibility for organizing and running the Foundation to Ruth’s son Jeff Moskin and his wife Marcia Antopol. Marcia has been a grantmaker for many decades, overseeing grants and fund distribution for several foundations and federated organizations. Other family members serve on the Foundation’s board and grants committees in their areas of interest, along with some of Marcia’s colleagues from the philanthropic sector. Marcia learned about Venice Family Clinic (VFC) in 1982, when she helped VFC’s first Executive Director, Fern Seizer, and Co-Founder Dr. Mayer Davidson, gain critical ongoing support from United Way, where Marcia was Director of Planning and Allocations. Then in 1997, when Marcia was organizing a foundation that granted funds to help people surmount financial difficulties, she invited VFC to participate; hundreds of VFC patients have benefitted from those grants. During the following decade, Marcia and VFC’s CEO Liz Forer maintained an ongoing discussion about the people VFC serves and the Clinic’s program development plans. When the Fineshriber Family Foundation was formed in 2006, their meetings grew to include Jeff Moskin, the Foundation president and Marcia’s husband, along with Toni Stone, who consults with the Foundation. VFC was one of the Foundation’s first grantees and has received support ever since, in a series of projects that have deepened the relationship. The first grant to VFC from the Fineshriber Family Foundation provided medicine and supplies for children with asthma. Over three years, this support developed into a special program for children with chronic illnesses. “We appreciated VFC’s transparency and the organic way the program developed,” Marcia said. “We also saw how effectively VFC collaborates with other nonprofits serving their patients. So we were poised to give more support.” In 2009, the Foundation supported the construction, and then the initial operations, of the Irma Colen Health Center in Mar Vista, with grant funds specified for pediatrics. “We were so impressed that right after the recession hit, and so many families suffered severe hardships, VFC decided to build a new Clinic,” Marcia said. “Many other nonprofits reduced services at that time because their funders lost so much in the market crash. But you focused on helping people in desperate circumstances. The need skyrocketed, and you stepped up. It was truly satisfying for us to support that effort.” During those difficult years, the Foundation partnered with another funder to help families get back on their feet, which benefitted families from VFC along with other organizations. The third major Foundation grant to VFC supported construction of the pediatric dental program at VFC’s Ruth Ziegler and Jack Skirball Dental Clinic, which opened in 2011. “We knew the dangers of untreated dental problems in children, and Liz and her staff taught us all a great deal more,“ Marcia remembers. “The plan for building out the space Continued on page 9


Fineshriber Continued

within the existing Clinic structure was economical and sensible. We were glad to support the creation of dental services there, and we wished more pediatric dental services could be added where we are concentrating our funding. Fortunately, that has been planned for the new pediatric clinic in Mar Vista.” When VFC decided to move ahead with construction of a children’s health and wellness center in Mar Vista, the Fineshriber Family Foundation was the first to step forward to help. The Foundation made an extraordinary gift commitment and supported VFC’s applications to other funders. “Giving the lead gift for the Children’s Health and Wellness Center was a stretch for our Foundation, but we immediately knew it was the right thing to do,” Marcia explained. “We had seen how quickly the first Clinic in Mar Vista filled to capacity, so we knew the need for a second center was enormous. We were greatly impressed by the pediatric “medical home” model and innovative design features that VFC proposed for the new Clinic. The location next door and connected to the existing Clinic allowed for immediate public FQHC funding, which was very smart. And it is just a quick

Oh, What a Night!

You did it again! With an overwhelming show of support for honorees Bill Flumenbaum and Brett Ratner, Venice Family Clinic’s Silver Circle Gala raised more than $1,550,000 for the second year in a row! Presented by UCLA Health and the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, this year’s event brought more than 800 guests together to celebrate the Clinic’s impact–and the supporters that make our work possible. Special guests including host Larry King, Mariah Carey, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dermot Mulroney, Camryn Manheim, Claire Forlani, Paul Sorvino and Anthony Michael Hall, joined our VFC family in singing along with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons as they rocked the Beverly Hilton ballroom!

From Left: Mariah Carey, Brett Ratner; Bill Flumenbaum, Larry King; Kristal Oates, Jeff Sinaiko, Liz Benson Forer; Wendy Smith Meyer, Sue Kroll; Frankie Valli; Jeffrey Katzenberg, Brett Ratner and Brian Grazer.

bus ride from several Culver City schools, where almost half of children are in low-income families that have a compelling need for medical services. Our Foundation has specifically targeted that underserved community with grants for many essential children’s programs, so this was a perfect match.”

“We were greatly impressed by the pediatric ‘medical home’ model and innovative design features that VFC proposed for the new Clinic.” “Because of our deep knowledge of VFC, and the trust earned by its leadership, we had great confidence in the success of the Lou Colen Children’s Health and Wellness Center. And we can see how quickly the community is coming to rely on it. With the respected position of VFC among other clinic organizations, we also have confidence that this new pediatric medical home will be seen and utilized as a model,” Marcia said. In recognition of the unique partnership between Venice Family Clinic and the Fineshriber Family Foundation, Liz Forer is thrilled to announce that the Clinic will name its pediatric program the Fineshriber Pediatric Program. Liz explains, “The Fineshriber Family Foundation’s commitment to helping lowincome children lead healthy lives and their ongoing, thoughtful participation with the Clinic is an example of the important role that a family foundation can play in building vigorous communities.”


ENCOUNTERS Spring 2016

People, Places & Things Assistance Available Here! Three cheers for VFC Health Insurance Enrollment team member Pattie Lopez, who was recognized as 2016 Southern California Assistor of the Year by California Coverage and Health Initiatives (CCHI) for making a major difference in the lives of California’s children and families!

Homelessness in LA: The Intersection of Housing and Health Care

Etz Chaim Award Recognizes Compassionate Care

For more than 30 years, Medical Assistant Todd Lechtick has been a part of the VFC family. His kindhearted spirit and positive energy have empowered thousands of children and we were thrilled to present Todd with VFC’s annual Etz-Chaim Award for Compassionate Care this year to honor his impact!

Northgate Markets Promotes Healthy Nutrition Northgate Markets, located around the corner from the family wellness complex in Mar Vista, is partnering with VFC to help our patients reach their health goals. From providing healthy snacks at the Colen Health Centers to conducting cooking classes at our Teaching Kitchen, Northgate Markets is promoting healthy nutrition at VFC and beyond!

Health care for the homeless has been a cornerstone of Venice Family Clinic’s practice from the start. Today, VFC is the principle provider of primary health care to homeless men and women on the Westside of LA. We understand the health risks of living on the streets and know that housing is key to helping our homeless patients not just get well, but stay well. Thank you to participants Marc Trotz (Director of Housing for Health at Los Angeles County Department of Health Services), Dr. Theresa Brehove (Homeless Services at Venice Family Clinic), Dr. Coley King (Homeless Health Care & Street Outreach at Venice Family Clinic), moderator Marcia Temple, Esq, and the supporters that joined us for a vibrant, thought-provoking conversation.

LATLC Joins VFC in Creating a Healthy Community This year, the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities (LATLC) has supported each of Venice Family Clinic’s three signature fundraising events, creating a tremendous impact. Thank you, LATLC, for joining us at Children’s Holiday Movie, Silver Circle Gala and Venice Art Walk to ensure all individuals and families in our community have access to the quality, comprehensive health care they deserve!

Major Donors


Thank you to our generous supporters who gave gifts of $10,000 and above between July 1, 2015-March 31, 2015 EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($500,000+) Anonymous (2)* The Judy and Bernard Briskin Family Foundation* Judy & Bernard Briskin Julie Briskin Harelson U.S. Department of Health and Human Services* Health Resources and Services Administration Administration for Children and Families Chuck Lorre Family Foundation * Chuck Lorre Los Angeles County Department of Public Health* Division of HIV and STD Programs Children’s Health Outreach Initiatives The Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation Providence Saint John’s Health Center* City of Santa Monica* The Simms/Mann Family Foundation* Dr. Victoria & Ronald Simms UCLA Health/David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Wilbur May Foundation Anita May Rosenstein & Arnold Rosenstein Brian Rosenstein Amanda May Stefan Ruth B. Ziegler PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($200,000+) California Family Health Council* State of California Attorney General State of California Department of Education Department of Health Care Services Cedars-Sinai Medical Center The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation* First 5 LA University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Gilead Sciences, Inc.* Gumpert Foundation W.M. Keck Foundation L.A. Care Health Plan* William & Leah Molle Trust* Susan Howard National Institutes of Health* RAND Corporation UniHealth Foundation* Weingart Foundation* LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($100,000+) Anonymous The Atlas Family Foundation Baxter International Foundation Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation* Patricia & William Flumenbaum* Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health* Michele Rakoff & Alan Sieroty Ring Foundation Cynthia Miscikowski Rose Hills Foundation Ziering Family Foundation Marilyn Ziering Diane & Michael Ziering

DIAMOND CIRCLE ($50,000+) Anonymous The John Baldessari Family Foundation John Baldessari Blavatnik Family Foundation Len Blavatnik Blue Shield of California Foundation The Durfee Foundation Richard F. Dwyer - Eleanor W. Dwyer Fund Joan E. Herman & Richard M. Rasiej The Norman and Sadie Lee Foundation Laurie & Paul A. James City of Los Angeles AIDS Coordinator’s Office The Moe-Life Foundation Dove Mayo Elan Shukartsi Phantasos Foundation Phyllis Tick Family Foundation Susan Tick & Scott Goldstein Cory Goldstein Tikun Olam Foundation* The Vollmer Family Foundation Eva Vollmer Z”L Jacqui Murray Witherbee Foundation PLATINUM CIRCLE ($25,000+) Anonymous Anthem Blue Cross Amy & James Childress* The Carol and James Collins Foundation* CVS Health Delta Air Lines The Harold Edelstein Charitable Foundation Ruth Flinkman-Marandy & Ben Marandy Elizabeth & Glen Friedman* The Green Foundation Hasbro Children’s Fund Health Net of California Jill & James Higgins Kaiser Permanente of Southern California* Susanne & Paul Kester Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities Dr. Bill Resnick & Michael J. Stubbs Lynda & Stewart Resnick Ronald Segall The Specialty Family Foundation Warner Bros. Entertainment Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic & Art Foundation Billie Milam Weisman GOLD CIRCLE ($10,000+) Anonymous (5) Adams-Mastrovich Family Foundation John & Patricia Adams Family Foundation Patricia & John Adams Scott Adams The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation, Inc Leslie Mann & Judd Apatow Susan Baik & Prem Manjooran The Cecile & Fred Bartman Foundation Cecile Bartman Z”L David Bartman David Bohnett Foundation California Community Foundation Varian S. & Gwendolyn L. Green Fund Capital Group

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation CBS Corporation Charities Aid Foundation Lisbet Rausing & Peter Baldwin Creative Artists Agency Roy E. Crummer Foundation Erma D. Darling Dr. Mayer B. Davidson & Roseann Herman, Esq. Deluxe Entertainment Services, Inc. Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Dune Capital Management LP Entertainment AIDS Alliance Marianna & David Fisher FTI Consulting The David Geffen Foundation David Geffen Roslyn & Abner Goldstine Donald Goodman William H. Hannon Foundation Gail Herman ICM Partners IMAX Entertainment Tatiana & Todd James Dr. Satish Kadaba Christine & Jordan Kaplan Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg King Nutronics Corporation Dr. David Grossman The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation Francyne & Carl Lambert Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation Julie & Dr. Harley Liker* Lincoln Motor Company Lionsgate Entertainment Company Tracey Loeb & Kent Beyer* Macy’s Kymberly Marciano-Strauss & Evan Strauss* Audra & Jeff Nathanson New Regency Productions Pacific Western Bank Dr. Patricia & Dr. Thomas Paulsen Ralphs The Edward Raphael Foundation Lilian Raphael RatPac Entertainment Gary Saltz Foundation, Inc. Ariane & Lionel Sauvage Judy & David Shore Jeff Sinaiko Lon V. Smith Foundation R. K. Squire Company Richard Squire Rachel Kaganoff Stern & Eric Stern Sunair Children’s Foundation Harold R. & Winifred R. Swanton Foundation Barbara Ann Taub Z”L Travel Store, Inc. Wido Schaefer United World of the Universe Foundation Fred Segal Michael Segal United Talent Agency Rebecca & Michael E. Vest WHH Foundation * = Multi-Year Commitment

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In Memory of Venice Family Clinic’s recently departed supporters Bernice Earle, Paul Goldenberg, Nan Lewis, Alan Liker, Lauren Ozen, Barbara Taub, Henry Wirtschafter, Annette Bird, Samuel Wu, Melinda Lerner, Joel Rudof, Allan Gartenberg, David “DJ” Warren Olney, Roland Herman, David Richards, Doris Labelson, Richard Labelson



FAMILY CLINIC! Including VFC as a beneficiary in your estate plan ensures we can continue providing quality health care to people in need for generations to come. If you have already included VFC in your estate or if you would like to learn more about the benefits, including reduced taxable income and capital gains, please contact Director of Individual & Corporate Philanthropy, Jessie Stone, at 310.664.7912 or


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Encounters Spring 2016  
Encounters Spring 2016