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The semi-annual newsletter of

Spring 2014


Celebrating 35 years of Venice Art Walk & Auctions!

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35 Reasons We’ve seen the data. Newsletter readers rarely read the welcome letter from the CEO. In honor of the 35th Anniversary of Venice Art Walk & Auctions, we are taking a different approach. We asked our staff, artists and committee members to come up with a list of 35 reasons to support Venice Family Clinic and Venice Art Walk & Auctions. Here they are: 1. Because, as always, proceeds benefit Venice Family Clinic, an organization that has been providing health care for the community for 44 years. 2. Because the Venice clown is kicking it off. 3. Because you’ll get to meet your neighbors. 4. Because you can collect the work of emerging contemporary artists. 5. Because you are a #hipster. 6. Because even seasoned collectors have a bare wall. 7. Because you may meet your future or next spouse. 8. Because you can enjoy free bicycle rentals from Tern. 9. Because you get to see where Googlers rock climb during their lunch break. 10. Because you can see first-hand where Venice artists create masterpieces. 11. Because health care should be a human right. 12. Because art makes you feel good. 13. Because you can @theVeniceArtWalk. 14. Because you can have a day of fun and tell your family and friends you’re doing something for charity. 15. Because you can meet real-life Venice Family Clinic nurses and doctors at our first-aid stations. 16. Because sunshine, art and food trucks make for a great day in Venice. 17. Because how many events have been in Los Angeles for 35 years? 18. Because we bring the art gallery right to the beach. 19. Because an art event once a year is good for your health. 20. Because you can share your love of yoga with your little ones. 21. Because Venice Art Walk makes for a great first date. 22. Because we have fun activities for kids too. The whole family can enjoy the day! 23. Because you can see old friends and meet new ones. 24. Because it is a family tradition. 25. Because you can see the many faces our signature artist Don Bachardy has drawn over the years on a poster and in person. 26. Because you’ll have a great time doing good. 27. Because your relationship with Venice Art Walk is the longest one you have ever had. 28. Because there will be really great bands playing. Music is art, too. 29. Because it is the most fun you’ll have talking about healthcare this year. 30. Because it is a cool place for a selfie, or a groupie. 31. Because you’ll learn to make a tintype photo. 32. Because you can impress your girlfriend or boyfriend by seeming artsy while enjoying a beer and a taco. 33. Because who doesn’t love a block party? 34. Because 24,000 people are counting on you. 35. Because we said so. Share your own reasons on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Whatever your reason, we are grateful for your support of Venice Family Clinic.

Providing quality primary health care to people in need VENICE FAMILY CLINIC BOARD OF DIRECTORS


William Flumenbaum, Chair Brian D. Kan, MD, Immediate Past Chair Ashley Johnson, Secretary Jeffrey E. Sinaiko, Treasurer Mayer B. Davidson, MD Paula Davis Aime Espinosa David T. Feinberg, MD, MBA Luis Galvez LoEtte Loshak Rich Markey Wendy Smith Meyer, PhD, LCSW Neil H. Parker, MD Bill Resnick, MD, MBA Paul Saben Flora M. Santacruz Stewart Seradsky Lourdes Servin Nadia Shaheen Carmen Thomas-Paris Karina Wagle Leisa Wu

Kathleen Aikenhead Lou Colen Marjorie Fasman Ruth Flinkman-Marandy Hilary & Robert Nelson Jacobs Glorya Kaufman Susanne & Paul Kester Shawn & Larry King Deborah Laub Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos Chuck Lorre Laurie MacDonald Anita May Rosenstein Victoria & Ronald Simms Richard Squire Eva Vollmer Billie Milam Weisman Ruth Ziegler Marilyn Ziering Diane & Michael Ziering Janet & Jerry Zucker


Susan Adelman Carol L. Archie, MD Neal Baer, MD Rick Bradley Lowell C. Brown, Esq. David M. Carlisle, MD, PhD Mayer B. Davidson, MD Susan Fleischman, MD William Flumenbaum John R. Geresi Chester F. Griffiths, MD, FACS Jimmy H. Hara, MD Joan E. Herman Ashley Johnson Brian D. Kan, MD Deborah Laub Constance Lawton Lou Lazatin Harley Liker, MD, MBA Tracey Loeb Gail Margolis, Esq. Melissa R. Martinez Frank Matricardi, Dr PH Viren Mehta Wendy Smith Meyer, PhD, LCSW Jeff Nathanson William D. Parente Hutch Parker Neil H. Parker, MD Bill Resnick, MD, MBA Paul Saben Mike Sarian Fern Seizer Alan Sieroty Jeffrey E. Sinaiko Russel Tyner, AIA Michael S. Wilkes, MD, PhD Leisa Wu VENICE FAMILY CLINIC BOARD EMERITUS


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Ruth Bloom Daniel Hillman, MD Joanne Jubelier, PhD Karl A. Keener, Esq. Ruth Moss Marsha Temple, Esq.


Martin Anderson, MD, MPH Bernard Briskin Stan Chiu Henry G. Cisneros Lou Colen Noah Craft, MD, PhD Allison L. Diamant, MD, MSHS Lucia Diaz Laddie John Dill Raymond Eden Leah Ellenberg, PhD Lila Garrett Allan Gordon Daniel Helberg Roseann Herman, Esq. Lee H. Hilborne, MD, MPH Douglas I. Jeffe Diedre Kelly-Gordon Mary D. Lane Barbara A. Levey, MD, FACP Julie Liker Connie Linn Al Markovitz, MD, FACP Dr. Lisa M. Masson Michael McClain Kelly Chapman Meyer Robert Moverley Charlotte Neumann, MD, MPH Kenneth Ramberg Joyce Rey Brian K. Rosenstein Todd Stella Millie Sterz, RN, MPH Arthur Stickgold Carissa Tedesco Jill E. Thomas David Tillipman, PhD Matthew A. Toledo Carl Weissburg, Esq. Cover image courtesy of Cameron Gray. Photos: Michael Buckner, Ray Chavez, Margaret Molloy, John Salangsang, Mike Windle. All other photos courtesy of Venice Family Clinic.

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What happens when physicians decide to volunteer for a good cause? Turns out, quite a lot. Dr. Ami Oren Day Job: Dr. Ami Oren works as a physician at University of Southern California Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine and has research interests in microbicidal peptides and innate immunity. What brought you to volunteer? The need to use every bit of knowledge and ingenuity, every improvisation…to provide high quality care with minimum means. What does providing service to those in need mean to you? Finding the ways and means to provide this care to the patients is still the most exciting and rewarding engagement for me, as a physician.

Dr. Eric Millstein Day Job: Dr. Eric Millstein is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and a leading expert in advanced arthroscopic techniques for knee and shoulder surgery. While Dr. Millstein specializes in surgical reconstruction and repair of orthopedic injuries, he emphasizes a thorough evaluation of all treatment options when developing individualized treatment plans for his patients.

Founded in 1970 by Phillip Rossman, MD, and co-founder Mayer B. Davidson, MD, Venice Family Clinic has grown from a small volunteer-led storefront operation in borrowed space into a community health system serving 24,000 patients annually. The spirit of volunteerism lives on at Venice Family Clinic with a team of 500 volunteer physicians and 2,000 additional volunteer supporters. Here’s a chance to meet a few of our volunteer physicians, learn about their day jobs and why they choose to spend their spare time treating patients at Venice Family Clinic.

What brought you to Venice Family Clinic? My internist, Dr. Myles Spar, shared his vast experience at Venice Family Clinic and I expressed to him my interest in doing volunteer work. He introduced me to Dr. Karen Lamp and I was immediately interested after talking with these two amazing people. What does providing service to those in need mean to you? I only wish I could do more for the patients I see. Most patients wait a long time to see an orthopedic surgeon and still leave the office with a smile and gratitude. This experience has made me all the more grateful to both the physicians that treat me and my family as well as my full-time colleagues at Venice Family Clinic.

Dr. Nancy Sicotte Day Job: Dr. Nancy L. Sicotte is the Vice Chair for Education, Director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neurology Residency Programs in the Department of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is a Professor in Residence, Department of Neurology, at the David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles. What brought you to Venice Family Clinic? I was intrigued to hear about the clinic from Dr. Barbara Vickrey who was a volunteer. I have been coming to a monthly Thursday evening Neurology clinic since 1997. I felt I was carrying on the UCLA tradition. Over the years I was fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues and to keep the tradition going, introducing other UCLA and Cedars-Sinai neurologists to the clinic during their residency training. What does providing service to those in need mean to you? Providing care to those in need is the ultimate expression of being a physician…The limited resources at the clinic also make me a better neurologist - I have to really use the old fashioned tools of medicine, taking a good history, listening closely and doing a careful exam.

Get Involved Today Our volunteer services department offers a variety of opportunities to get involved in nearly every aspect of the Clinic’s operations. We match the interest and experience of our volunteers with the Clinic’s needs and priorities in administration, fundraising, medical and social services. Regardless of how you choose to get involved, your effort helps provide quality care and services to those who need it most. To learn about ways you can help, please visit our website at or call 310.664.7532.


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Why did you get involved in Venice Art Walk & Auctions? "Without art my health suffers, without health I see no art" Kristy Campbell, artist and 2014 Steering Committee “Venice Family Clinic provides a service that is greatly needed in Los Angeles. As a Venice resident for the past 8 years, I have closely admired Venice Family Clinic and the Art Walk’s untiring support of healthcare for people in need. This is especially needed in a country where there is such disparity in the healthcare system. The Art Walk continues to get stronger each year and I am honored to be a part of it.” Claressinka Anderson, gallerist and 2014 Curatorial Committee “In the beginning, we were looking for ways to become more involved in supporting our community. We heard about the Clinic which is located about a mile away from where we live. At the time, the Clinic’s largest fundraising activity every year was the Venice Art Walk, including a large silent auction of artwork. We were already passionate supporters of local contemporary artists so we thought it would be a great way to combine our desire to help the community with our love of art.” Mike Muttera, collector and 2014 Steering Committee “I think of Venice Family Clinic as being a kind of ‘Red Cross’ for people who cannot get adequate and much needed medical care. These are families that in many cases work in our businesses and live in our community but due to ever rising costs cannot keep up. Healthy communities must have healthy citizens from all walks of life. The Clinic gives ‘the haves’ the opportunity to make sure no one has to go without care.”


Robert Schwan, artist, restaurateur and 2014 Curatorial Committee

Celebrating 35 years of

Venice Art Walk The Venice of the 1970s looked very different from the Venice of today. Many residents were low-income and it was sometimes referred to as the “Slum by the Sea.” It was gritty and the locals liked it that way – wanting to preserve a place where those without means could survive. Polyurethane skate wheels had just been invented and Venice’s youth took to the streets. The rag-tag kids helped put Venice on the map and the “Slum by the Sea” became known as “Dogtown”. Always a haven for artists, the streets of Venice brightened with colorful murals painted on buildings throughout the city. Made famous by Jim Morrison and The Doors posing for an album cover in front of a Venice mural, music fans were also attracted to the neighborhood. During the 1970s, Venice Family Clinic provided health care to many of these streetwise kids, struggling artists and their neighbors and friends. Started by volunteers, the Clinic was the one place people knew they could go for quality and compassionate care. The doctors didn’t have to provide service; they wanted to provide service. In 1979, young painter Arturo Mallmann moved to California from Argentina. He didn’t have a doctor or insurance and found himself seeking care at Venice Family Clinic. That was the year Venice Art Walk began. The idea for what would become an annual event was the brainchild of Irma Colen who wanted to help the fledgling Venice Family Clinic. What better way to help our community than to bring together our community, they thought. The group included Ruth Bloom, Mona Coleman, Marj Fasman, Sheila Goldberg, Freya Ivener, Meg Ross Price, Elaine Stone and Adele Yellin. They reached out to local artists to donate their work and open their studios, and Art Walk was born.

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A conversation with

Billie Milam Weisman What drew you to Venice Family Clinic? My husband, Frederick R. Weisman, his philanthropic foundation, and I were introduced to the Clinic in the late 1980’s. We were so touched by the wonderful services the Clinic, its staff and volunteers provided to the community. It was impossible not to want to be involved.

What is it about Venice that makes it a hub for creators? Many artists and entertainers reside in Venice Beach. As with SoHo and Chelsea in New York, creative individuals tend to like a less conventional lifestyle which Venice offers. The proximity to the ocean for surfing and relaxation, as well as the great weather makes Venice a desirable enclave for creativity.

What are the top must-see studios or exhibitors during the Venice Art Walk? The studio visits can be like a treasure hunt regardless of what route you follow. You have the chance to meet many artists and visit their studios and homes; some are even located on the canals of Venice. This is an opportunity to discover residential LA by foot as well as artists you may or may not have ever heard of.

What advice do you have for first-time buyers looking to begin an art collection? Follow your instincts. Buy what you like, however it is always helpful to have looked at contemporary art at galleries or museums before you hit the studios.

Don Bachardy, 2014 Venice Art Walk & Auctions Signature Poster Artist

“I remember a very persuasive Sheila Goldberg banging on my studio door telling me I should participate in Art Walk,” said iconic Venice artist Laddie John Dill. “They were on to something. Venice Family Clinic is one of the important elements that make this community whole. Without the clinic, I believe we would lose an important element vital to our communities’ uniqueness.” Over the years the Art Walk gained momentum drawing in more visitors and even more noteworthy artists, including former patient Arturo Mallman. “Becoming involved with Art Walk has been a win/win situation for me. I was able to give back to Venice Family Clinic while also getting exposure for my artwork. It is an event I look forward to every year.” As we celebrate the 35th year of Venice Art Walk & Auctions on May 18th, we bring together artists who have been involved since the very beginning, but also a group of emerging artists who are equally committed to Venice Family Clinic. One artist, Analia Saban, who was mentored by artist John Baldessari and has taken up residence in his former Santa Monica studio added, “Supporting Venice Art Walk & Auctions to benefit Venice Family Clinic, which gives access to health care, a fundamental need for everyone, is a way of helping ourselves by building a community we are proud to live in.”

Have you come across any new and innovative trends in art from LA creators? The entire world is currently opening their eyes to the creativity in California and specifically Los Angeles. The LA artists, much like the Impressionist artists who painted in the South of France, are highly influenced by the special vibrant light and colors. The LA artists are also influenced by the slick surfaces of surfboards and cars, hence we have many artists introducing new techniques and materials into their creative process.

Are there any young, up-and-coming talents that have caught your eye recently? There are many young and up-and-coming talents in LA but what is right for me may not be right for you. We all have to look and see what works for us individually and not just buy because it is the fashionable thing or financially wise thing to do.

What could the world learn from how the city of Venice approaches and shares art? There is so much we can all learn from the creativity and generosity of the artists who so willingly give back to their community by sharing their art and studios, and getting involved with the wonderful work of Venice Family Clinic and its many volunteers. The artists experiment with elements from their environment and have shown us creativity in a different way than others have traditionally shown us. Billie Milam Weisman is Director of the Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic & Art Foundation and a member of Venice Family Clinic’s Philanthropy Board.


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People, Places, and Things Prime Healthcare Invests In Insurance Enrollment Venice Family Clinic’s Health Insurance team is hard at work thanks to a generous $50,000 investment from Prime Healthcare Services. They help patients sign up for health insurance, re-enroll, request insurance cards and understand their healthcare benefits. Bright Smiles Courtesy of Venice Family Clinic At an annual event held in February, Venice Family Clinic dentists and staff provided free dental services to children from Los Angeles’ Westside. Exams, cleanings and counseling about how to ensure healthy teeth were provided to dozens of local families. Reaching Out to Homeless Teens Thanks to the vision of Venice Family Clinic’s Associate Medical Director, Dr. Karen Lamp, we have partnered with Safe Place for Youth (SPY) to provide medical care once per week to local homeless teens. The drop-in center at SPY provides a safe environment, computers, clothing, toiletries and warm meals to 900 young adults annually – many of whom are homeless. Thanks to a generous donor, Venice Family Clinic will offer medical services, mental health support, HIV testing and prevention outreach. The clinic is called “Bill’s Clinic” to honor the critical support of Bill Rosendahl while serving as a member of the Los Angeles City Council. Gift Triples Capacity for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis First-hand experience with the impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis inspired a local family to transform Venice Family Clinic’s Rheumatology program through a very generous donation of $50,000. In addition to tripling the number of patients treated, the grant will enhance our capacity to educate patients to prevent many of the debilitating, long-term consequences of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Venice Family Clinic Receives Belkin Award Culver City Unified School District Superintendent David LaRose and Culver City Education Foundation Executive Director Leslie Adler presented Venice Family Clinic with the Superintendent’s Belkin Award for work with the newly renamed “Sandy Segal Youth Health Center” serving Culver City Middle and High School. Venice Family Clinic partnered with the district to provide health services in 2003 and, thanks to a generous donation from Bill Resnick, Ilene Resnick and Jefferey Resnick in honor of their mother Sandy Segal, will continue to serve Culver City students for years to come! Long-time Volunteer Receives Recognition The Deutsch Foundation selected Venice Family Clinic’s Dr. Sarah Carpenter to receive the HALO Award in honor of her 23 years of volunteer service. Nominated by the Clinic, Dr. Carpenter received $5,000 (which she very generously donated to the Clinic) and Venice Family Clinic received $20,000 to enhance our volunteer program. Dr. Carpenter volunteers two afternoons a week at the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center that provides health care to students who attend Culver City High School and Middle School. 6

Major Gifts October 31, 2013 – March 31, 2014 $100,000 +

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous First 5 LA University of the Pacific Dental School The Hearst Foundation Leonard M. Lipman Charitable Trust Norman & Sadie Lee Foundation Bill Resnick, Ilene Resnick, Jefferey Resnick in honor of Sandy Segal The Ring Foundation Cynthia Miscikowski The Rose Hills Foundation Ruth Jacobson Living Trust The Simms/Mann Family Foundation Dr. Victoria & Ronald Simms The Skirball Foundation Wilbur May Foundation Anita May Rosenstein & Arnold Rosenstein Brian Rosenstein Amanda May Stefan William Gumpert Foundation

American Realty Advisors Charitable Foundation Nancy Stark & Stanley Iezman Anonymous The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation, Inc. The Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999

Anonymous Sue & Barry Brucker California Community Foundation Dharma Grace Foundation Chuck Lorre Phyllis Tick Family Foundation Susan Tick & Scott Goldstein and Cory Goldstein Prime Healthcare Services Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System Mission Fund St. John’s Health Center UCLA Health System David Geffen School of Medicine William M. Keck Jr. Foundation Witherbee Foundation $25,000 to $49,000

Anonymous Judy & Bernard Briskin The Capital Group Companies Charities Aid Foundation Lisbet Rausing & Peter Baldwin Lou Colen Ella Fitzgerald Foundation Elton John AIDS Foundation Molle Living Trust Susan Howard, Trustee Paul L. & Susanne Kester Fund Phantasos Foundation Specialty Family Foundation Rebecca & Michael Vest Eva Vollmer

Permanent Endowments

Judy & Bernard Briskin Women’s Health Endowment Irma and Lou Colen Physician Endowment Mose and Sylvia Firestone Social Work Endowment Karsten Family Domestic Violence Endowment Sadie and Norman Lee Teen Clinic Physician Endowment Milken Family Physician Endowment Resnick Family Mental Health Program Endowment Jack H. Skirball Medical Director Endowment Gail and Irv Weintraub Endowment Frederick R. Weisman Psychosocial Services Endowment Ziegler Family Trust Legacy Society

Anonymous (3) Robert C. Aronoff Katherine Bard Irma & Louis Colen Mayer B. Davidson, MD & Roseann Herman, Esq. Sylivia & Mose Firestone, PhD Patricia & William Flumenbaum Elizabeth Benson Forer & Daniel Forer Charlotte Robertson Hamilton Elaine Hoffman James H. & Ruth Jacobson Joanne Jubelier, PhD Dr. Satish Kadaba Marilyn H. Karsten Amita & Viren Mehta Leah & William Molle – Molle Living Trust Carol Mortier Jacquie Nemor William Payden Charlotte Neumann, MD & Alfred Neumann, MD Jennifer O'Brian & Ryan Koh Janet Papkin Maida Richards Stanley Richards Erich and Marha Schweiger Fern & Robert Seizer Jeffrey E. Sinaiko Shirley & Leonard Stone Ina Tillman Beatrice Zeiger Please call 310.664.7932 for corrections.

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Silver Circle Raises Nearly $1,300,000

Still in a celebratory mood after the Academy Awards the night before, 600 clinic supporters came together for Venice Family Clinic’s 32nd Annual Silver Circle Gala. Sponsored by UCLA Health System and the David Geffen School of Medicine on Monday, March 3rd, the event honored ICM Partners’ Chris Silbermann, philanthropist Ruth Ziegler and LA County Department of Public Health’s Dr. Jonathan Fielding. Special thanks to our extraordinary honorees, host Hal Sparks, presenters Dr. Robert Wexler, Dr. Benjamin Chu, Vince Gilligan and David Shore, and of course, our incredible entertainment, The Pointer Sisters, whose fabulous performance capped off the night. We couldn’t do it without our event chairs Julie and Dr. Harley

Liker, and Hutch Parker, and committee members Neal Baer, Chris and Dr. Chester Griffiths, Audra and Jeff Nathanson, Rebecca Pollack Parker, and Judy and David Shore. Other attendees included Chuck Lorre, Barry and Wendy Meyer, Dr. Bill Resnick and Michael Stubbs, Julia Franz, Ted Chervin, Mike Gordon and Chris Von Goetz of ICM Partners, Dr. David Feinberg, President of UCLA Health Systems, former State Senator Sheila Kuehl and Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Torie Osborn. Thanks to our generous supporters, we raised nearly $1.3 million. These funds will allow the doctors, nurses and staff to do what they do best – provide quality, compassionate care for the 24,000 men, women and children who rely on Venice Family Clinic.

Venice Art Walk & Auctions Sunday, May 18, 2014 Google Headquarters 340 Main St. Venice, CA 90291 Free and open to the public. Join us in celebrating the 35th Anniversary Venice Art Walk & Auctions benefiting Venice Family Clinic, with a 300+ piece Silent Art Auction, gourmet food trucks, bands, entertainers, arts & crafts for the entire family, and much more! Community Celebration & Family Fun Day Silent Auction at Google Headquarters After Party Silent Auction Art Pick-Up

Noon-6pm Noon-6pm 6pm-7pm 7pm-8pm

Art Walk Studio Tours $50 Meet artists at over 50 local studios, exhibits, and galleries on the day of Venice Art Walk & Auctions. Complimentary shuttles will be provided. Can’t make it to the Art Walk? Bid on selected art pieces via Paddle 8 beginning May 1 at 3:00pm EST.

ART-Venture Pass, $150 Anniversary t-shirt & poster. Upgrade your tickets to get exclusive benefits at restaurants & retailers, along with a Studio Tour Ticket ($50 value), signature poster and t-shirt, and $50 off $500+ art purchases at our Silent Auction (not valid online).


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Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID

Mercury Mailing Systems Inc.

604 Rose Avenue • Venice, CA 90291 PHONE 310.664.7910 • FAX 310.396.8279 Address service requested

In Memory of Venice Family Clinic’s Recently Departed Supporters Dr. Harvey Birsner, Naomi Childs, William Detrixhe, Thelma First, Dorothy Fishman, Gita Flaum, Victoria Foote, Bonnie Franklin, Mitchell Gamson, Rose Gilbert, Stanley Grinstein, Nat Handel, Marilyn Hersch, Betty Hoffenberg, Dr. Frank Jobe, Katherine McTaggart, Verna Motto, Robert Olsen, Theresa Phraner, Dorothy Schick, Sylvia Sher, Morgan Sinclaire, Phyllis Tick, Ernest Warsaw, Sylvia Weisz

Venice Family Clinic is grateful to the generous sponsors of the 2014 Venice Art Walk & Auctions. Media Partners

Encounters Spring 2014  

Celebrating 35 years of Venice Art Walk & Auctions

Encounters Spring 2014  

Celebrating 35 years of Venice Art Walk & Auctions