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Spring 2009

Encounters Four hundred artists. Ten architectural gems. One great cause. The Venice Art Walk & Auctions celebrates its 30th anniversary on May 16 & 17, 2009. See pages 6 and 7 for details.

Address service requested PHONE 310.664.7910 • FAX 310.396.8279

604 Rose Avenue • Venice, CA 90291 Image: Chocolate Donut in Space, 2007, by Kenny Scharf, oil on linen, 96 inches x 96 inches, courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser Gallery; 2009 T-Shirt image

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Bring a Friend A Message from the CEO Dear Friends, Every six months, we make a gentle request through this newsletter. Last time, we asked for your help in recruiting volunteer specialists. This time, we ask you to bring a friend. In the story to the right, you’ll learn about a remarkable in-kind donation secured by one of Venice Family Clinic’s volunteers through a partner in his private practice. Later on, you'll see a story about the awareness and support this year’s Silver Circle honorees have helped generate through their contacts. And after that, you’ll find details of the Venice Art Walk & Auctions, which brings in hundreds of new supporters every year…thanks in large part to the hundreds of volunteers and other attendees who make a point of bringing their friends. This is how Venice Family Clinic became what it is—through friendships and introductions. Please consider who you know, how you know them, and how they might help further the Clinic’s mission of providing free, quality health care to people in need. Then please pick up the phone or send us an e-mail, or send them an e-mail or a Facebook link.

“Life Is Beautiful When You Can Hear” Last November, Venice Family Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Karen Lamp, sent an e-mail to her clinical staff with some very good news. Clinic volunteer ear-nose-throat specialist and Board member Dr. Chester Griffiths had secured an unprecedented donation of free hearing aids for patients with serious hearing loss through one of the partners in his private practice, Dr. Gregory Frazer. “It’s a fabulous thing,” Dr. Lamp proclaimed. It didn’t take long for the news to reach Victoria Mendez, 45. “She was the first person I thought of,” says Catherine Charouhas, one of Venice Family Clinic’s five staff nurse practitioners. Charouhas had been treating Victoria for almost ten years and knew how profound her hearing loss had been, as well as how rare an offer like Dr. Frazer’s was. “Hearing aids are very expensive, thousands of dollars,” Charouhas explains. “Only a few patients are lucky enough to get one through a County hospital, and even then the wait time can be more than a year, plus the three to six months just to be seen by an ENT specialist.” Victoria’s hearing loss began at the age of five after multiple infections in both ears. By the age of ten, she was living in another world.

That's all it takes. Thank you,

Elizabeth Benson Forer, MSW/MPH Chief Executive Officer Liz Forer joined Venice Family Clinic in 1994. Under her leadership, the Clinic‘s annual operating budget has increased from $5 million to $20 million and six locations have been added. The newest location is a two-exam-room clinic at the OPCC Annenberg Access Center in Santa Monica, providing primary health care services to homeless people. In the 2008 fiscal year, Venice Family Clinic—the largest free clinic in the country—provided nearly 90,000 medical, 4,500 specialty care, 9,300 mental health, and 1,400 dental visits to more than 23,500 low-income and uninsured patients.


Patient Victoria Mendez proudly displays the hearing aid she received for free through volunteer audiologist Dr. Greg Frazer. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Victoria at a follow-up visit with Catherine Charouhas, a staff nurse practitioner at Venice Family Clinic. “From the minute I got the hearing aid, my life completely changed,” she says. Photo: Margaret Molloy

It also helped her complete her nursing assistant certification and get a new job at a nursing home. The initiative is funded by Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists Group and the Starkey Hearing Foundation. There is no limit on the number of patients Venice Family Clinic can refer. “It is particularly important in this economy for us to be able to offer services and products to every person who walks through our doors,” Dr. Frazer says, “and this program has allowed us to do that.”

“I saw people moving their mouths but I didn’t know what they were saying,” she explains. “I was desperate. I was anxious.”

Still, on the surface she led an ordinary life, eventually marrying and giving birth to two boys. For a while she even worked at a convalescent home, but her hearing impairment forced her to quit. “I became so isolated and frustrated,” she says. “I didn't even want people to speak to me because I knew I wouldn't be able to understand them.” Then came her January visit with Dr. Frazer. “From the minute I got the hearing aid, my life completely changed,” she says. “It was like a new beginning. It helped me come out of my isolation. I can hear my kids now, and there’s so much more communication between us.”

Dr. Chester Griffiths and Dr. Greg Frazer of Pacific Eye & Ear Specialists Group, whose partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, seeks to provide hearing aids to each Venice Family Clinic patient with serious hearing loss. Photo: Tim Smith

It may have come just in time for Victoria. At a follow-up visit with Charouhas in April, she mentioned that her mother had passed away the week before. Perhaps because she was finally able to hear her mother after 40 years of near silence, Victoria seemed upbeat. “Life is beautiful when you can hear,” she says.

Encounters San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Visits Venice Family Clinic San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom visited Venice Family Clinic on Wednesday, March 18, to meet with staff members and volunteers about the challenges of caring for Los Angeles County’s low-income and uninsured. Mayor Newsom is known nationally for an innovative program called Healthy San Francisco, which makes health care services accessible and affordable for uninsured residents. Participation in Healthy San Francisco is open to all the city’s residents regardless of immigration status, employment status, or pre-existing medical conditions. When it began, in 2007, it made San Francisco the first city in the country to implement a plan to provide affordable health care services to all its low-income, uninsured residents. Left to right: Neal Baer, MD, Treasurer of Venice Family Clinic’s Board of Directors; Jennifer Seibel, wife of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom; Mayor Newsom; Liz Forer, CEO of Venice Family Clinic; Jimmy H. Hara, MD, Chair of Venice Family Clinic’s Board of Directors. Photo: Tim Smith

Mayor Newsom has since announced his candidacy for Governor of California.

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OUR MISSION To provide free, quality health care to people in need.


Martin Anderson, MD, MPH Gregory G. Baker Bernard Briskin Saul Brown, MD David Buell Henry G. Cisneros Lou Colen Members Hon. Kathleen Connell Susan Adelman Dave Daniels Carol L. Archie, MD Lucia Diaz Neal Axelrod Laddie John Dill Rick Bradley Raymond Eden Lowell C. Brown, Esq. Leah Ellenberg, PhD Mayer B. Davidson, MD Sylvia Firestone, MSW Aime Espinosa Suzanne Futterman Mose J. Firestone, PhD, LCSW Luis Galvez Susan Fleischman, MD Lila Garrett William Flumenbaum Naomi Goldman Chester F. Griffiths, MD, FACS Allan Gordon Ashley Johnson Karen Gunn, PhD Joanne Jubelier, PhD Daniel Helberg Brian D. Kan, MD Roseann Herman, Esq. Deborah Laub Marilyn Hersh Constance Lawton Elaine Hoffman Lou Lazatin Douglas I. Jeffe Barbara A. Levey, MD, FACP Dan Keatinge, MD Harley Liker, MD, MBA Diedre Kelly-Gordon Tracey Loeb Remy Levy Gail Margolis, Esq. Julie Liker Viren Mehta Connie Linn Wendy Smith Meyer, PhD, LCSW Al Markovitz, MD, FACP William D. Parente Michael McClain Hutch Parker Kelly Chapman Meyer Neil H. Parker, MD Robert Moverley David Rubenson Charlotte Neumann, MD, MPH Paul Saben Harvey Newman, PharmD Fern Seizer Regina Pally, MD Alan Sieroty Kenneth Ramberg Victoria Simms, PhD Helen Reid, LCSW Baldeep Singh, MD Joyce Rey Marsha Temple, Esq. Andrea Rich, PhD Bruce Tower Brian K. Rosenstein Cynthia Garvey Truhan Monica Salinas, PhD Russel Tyner, AIA Miguel Sandoval Michael S. Wilkes, MD, PhD Jeffrey A. Seymour Leisa Wu Arthur Stickgold C. Victor Wylie, MD Kate Summers Rebecca Tafoya, CSAC Board Emeritus Jill E. Thomas Ruth Bloom Matthew A. Toledo Daniel Hillman, MD Carl Weissburg, Esq. Karl A. Keener, Esq. Joseph K. Wright, Esq. Ruth Moss


Photos: Margaret Molloy

If you’ve never toured Venice Family Clinic, you’re missing out on a remarkable story. Come see how exactly the Clinic organizes 1,500 volunteers, 250 staff members and dozens of institutional partners to provide free, quality health care—from chronic disease management to mental health services to dental care—to more than 23,500 low-income and uninsured patients annually. Contact Tim Smith, Director of Communications, at 310.664.7910 or


Officers Jimmy H. Hara, MD, Chair Frank Matricardi, Dr PH, Immediate Past Chair Neal Baer, MD, Secretary Jeffrey E. Sinaiko, Treasurer

Kathleen Aikenhead Lou Colen Marjorie Fasman Ruth Flinkman Hilary & Robert Nelson Jacobs Glorya Kaufman Susanne & Paul Kester Shawn & Larry King Deborah Laub Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos Chuck Lorre Laurie MacDonald Denise Richards Anita May Rosenstein Charlie Sheen Victoria & Ronald Simms Harriet & Richard Squire Eva Vollmer Billie Milam Weisman Sylvia Weisz Ruth Ziegler Diane & Michael Ziering Marilyn Ziering Janet & Jerry Zucker

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Elizabeth Benson Forer, MSW/MPH 310.664.7901

MEDICAL DIRECTOR Karen Lamp, MD 310.664.7648



Foundation Giving Remains Strong Despite Declining Economy

Looking for an Easy Way to Support Venice Family Clinic? Include It in Your Will

Variations in grantmaking are not unusual, especially given that foundations’ investment portfolios fluctuate like everyone else’s. So with returns generally down this year over last, one might expect the number and size of foundation gifts to Venice Family Clinic to have declined, as well. But, for the most part, they haven't.

It’s easy to arrange. It can be changed at any time. And it can help ensure the sustainability of Venice Family Clinic’s essential services for tens of thousands of low-income and uninsured individuals.

In fact, at least twenty foundations have made first-time grants to Venice Family Clinic in the last year, totaling almost $400,000. Meanwhile, more than a dozen existing funders have increased their operating support to the tune of an additional $600,000.

Dozens of donors have taken the simple step of including Venice Family Clinic in their wills, and you can, too. A provision or amendment prepared by your attorney at the time you make or update your will or trust is all that is necessary.

“Not all foundations have fared poorly in this economy, and a lot of them, being so mission driven, are not afraid to give,” says Eleni Manousogiannakis, Venice Family Clinic’s Director of Program Development and Quality Improvement. “Some are increasing their giving specifically because they see such incredible need.”

Venice Family Clinic’s Legacy Society recognizes those—both living and deceased—who have remembered the Clinic in their wills or other estate plans. For more information about how to include the Clinic in your will or establish a lifeincome gift, please contact Bill Jones, Interim Chief Development Officer, at 310.664.7932 or

In fiscal year 2008, foundations contributed more than $2.5 million in operating support, which accounted for over 10% of the Clinic's annual operating budget. They are on pace to contribute at least $2.4 million in fiscal year 2009. Besides being stable donors in unstable times, foundations support services for which there is great demand but little public funding, and they help get groundbreaking pilot projects off the ground. “Foundations are much more than funders, they’re partners,” Manousogiannakis explains. “They come to us with their ideas and we go to them with ours.” A few recent examples are the Clinic’s dental services, funded by the UniHealth Foundation; its Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Programs, funded by The Simms/Mann Family Foundation; and the Enhanced Pediatrics Project, funded by the Atlas Family Foundation, The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation, the Weingart Foundation, and L.A. Care Health Plan. “We couldn't do what we do without them,” Manousogiannakis says. “They are agents of change.”

Foundations were vulnerable to the same financial forces as other investors over the last couple years, but their giving has remained robust. They are vital sources of funding for both core services and pilot projects, such as the Enhanced Pediatrics Project, which seeks to improve the quality and accessibility of care for children and their families. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Did You Know? A gift of $50 can provide peak flow meters for three children with asthma. A gift of $500 can provide glucose monitoring supplies for three people with diabetes for a year. A gift of $2,000 can provide health care for three uninsured people for a full year. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Our Condolences to the Families and Friends of Our Departed Supporters Herbert R. Bloch, Jr., Robert Graham, Emory Green, Dr. Robert Gumbiner, Laura Huxley, Walter (Wally) N. Marks, Jr., Beverly (B.J.) Naclerio, Marvin Rand, Leonard Stone, the Honorable Jack Tenner, George Tsuda 4

Legacy Society Members Katherine Bard Irma & Louis Colen Mayer B. Davidson, MD, & Roseann Herman, Esq. Sylvia & Mose Firestone, PhD Patricia & William Flumenbaum Elizabeth & Daniel Forer Elaine Hoffman Joanne Jubelier, PhD Marilyn H. Karsten Amita & Viren Mehta Charlotte Neumann, MD, & Alfred Neumann, MD Janet Papkin Maida Richards Stanley Richards Fern & Robert Seizer Jeffrey Sinaiko Leonard Stone Ina Tillman Beatrice Zeiger Anonymous If you have already named Venice Family Clinic as a beneficiary in your estate plan, please contact us at 310.664.7932 so that we may appropriately recognize your generosity.

Major Gifts November 15, 2008, to April 21, 2009 $100,000 + The Atlas Family Foundation Lezlie & Richard Atlas

David Hockney

Louis Colen

Tatiana & Todd James

The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation

Deborah Laub

The Fineshriber Family Foundation

Louise & Herb Horvitz Foundation Dr. Louise Horvitz

Constance Lawton & James Yoder

Gumpert Foundation

The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation

UniHealth Foundation

McKesson Foundation


Amita & Viren Mehta

$50,000 to $99,999 Centinela-Freeman Community Foundation Daniels, Fine, Israel, Schonbuch & Lebovits – Western Union Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation The Mark Hughes Foundation The Resnick Family Foundation Lynda & Stewart Resnick Estate of Stanley Richards The Skirball Foundation Weingart Foundation Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic & Art Foundation Billie Milam Weisman Western Union California Cy Pres Fund

The Barry & Wendy Meyer Foundation L. & S. Milken Family Foundation Lowell Milken NBC Universal Rebecca Pollack Parker & Hutch Parker Melinda Lerner & John Powell Fern & Robert Seizer David & Judy Shore Foundation Judith & David Shore Lon V. Smith Foundation Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. R. K. Squire Company Harriet & Richard Squire Harold R. Swanton & Winifred R. Swanton Foundation Union Bank of California Twentieth Century Fox

$25,000 to $49,999 The Dharma Grace Foundation Chuck Lorre

United Breast Cancer Foundation

Kaiser Permanente of Southern California

John & Marilyn Wells Family Foundation

Susanne & Paul Kester Susan G. Komen for the Cure

George Woolverton and Katrina Abrahemian

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Ziering Family Foundation Marilyn Ziering

The Vollmer Family Foundation

Zolla Family Foundation

Anonymous (2)


$10,000 to $24,999 The Apatow Family Foundation, Inc Judd Apatow

Permanent Endowments Irma and Lou Colen Physician Endowment

Kathy K. & Matthew Scott Barrett

Mose and Sylvia Firestone Social Work Endowment

The David Bohnett Foundation David Bohnett Judy & Bernard Briskin California HealthCare Foundation Monica Lozano The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Dr. Mayer B. Davidson & Roseann Herman, Esq. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Robert L. Feldman Patricia & William Flumenbaum Henry L. Guenther Foundation The William H. Hannon Foundation Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, President

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Gail & Irving Weintraub

“HOUSE” Star Hugh Laurie and Creator David Shore, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA Health System Honored at Silver Circle 2009 The ballroom at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was filled to capacity on February 23, 2009, as Venice Family Clinic hosted its 27th annual gala to thank members of Silver Circle, the Clinic’s premier giving group, which raises more than one million dollars annually to provide free, quality health care to people in need.

$950,000 this year. Seconds later, longtime Clinic supporter and Philanthropy Board and Advisory Board member Lou Colen walked to the stage and whispered to Edelstein that he would give an additional $50,000, bringing the gross to $1 million. Net proceeds totaled more than $900,000. Silver Circle was founded in 1983 by Irma Colen, Lou’s late wife, who helped raise more than $30 million for Venice Family Clinic until her passing in 2006.

“HOUSE” star Hugh Laurie and creator David Shore were honored with Venice Family Clinic’s 2009 Humanitarian Award. Photo: Margaret Molloy

“HOUSE” star Hugh Laurie and creator David Shore were honored with the 2009 Humanitarian Award for their support of Venice Family Clinic and other health care-related charities, as well as for the show’s help in raising public awareness of health care issues, including the plight of the uninsured. Venice Family Clinic also honored the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA Health System with the 2009 Community Service Award for support that dates to the Clinic’s founding in 1970 and has included donated lab, diagnostic, primary care, and specialty care services. In the last year alone, nearly 350 UCLA physicians, including more than 200 residents, volunteered at Venice Family Clinic. All told, these physicians, along with other volunteers from UCLA, donated over 26,000 hours, valued at more than $1 million. Laurie’s co-star on “HOUSE,” Lisa Edelstein, emceed the evening. Just minutes into the show, she announced that Silver Circle members and guests had contributed a total of

Karsten Family Domestic Violence Endowment Sadie and Norman Lee Teen Clinic Physician Endowment

In their acceptance speeches, Laurie and Shore praised Venice Family Clinic for its life-saving work. “What have we saved, a hundred lives?” Shore asked rhetorically, referring to the show’s recent 100th episode. “That doesn’t compare to the thousands of lives Venice Family Clinic has saved.” They also spoke of growing up in countries that provide universal health care. Laurie is British; Shore is Canadian.

Laurie's co-star on “HOUSE,” Lisa Edelstein, hosted the evening. Laurie and Edelstein led a hilarious ad-libbed live auction of “HOUSE” memorabilia. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Later, Laurie and Edelstein hosted a hilarious ad-libbed live auction of “HOUSE” memorabilia, including one of Dr. House’s flame-tipped canes, signed by Laurie, and one of Dr. House’s scrubs, signed by the cast. The lucky winner took them home as a set for $2,000—the cost of providing health care to one of Venice Family Clinic's patient families for an entire year.

Special Thanks

Milken Family Physician Endowment

to the Silver Circle 2009 Committee

Jack H. Skirball Medical Director Endowment Gail and Irv Weintraub Endowment Frederick R. Weisman Psychological Services Endowment Every donor is important to us. If your name is not listed within the appropriate category or is listed improperly, please accept our apologies and notify us at 310.664.7932 so the correction can be made.

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and UCLA Health System received the 2009 Community Service Award for support dating to the Clinic’s founding in 1970. The award was presented by Rabbi David Wolpe (far left) and accepted by (left to right) Gerald S. Levey, MD, Vice Chancellor of UCLA Medical Sciences and Dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA; David Feinberg, MD, Chief Executive Officer of the UCLA Hospital System and Interim Associate Vice Chancellor; and Thomas Sibert, MD, Associate Vice Chancellor and President of the Faculty Practice Group. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Silver Circle 2009 Co-Chairs Dr. Harley and Julie Liker. Photo: Margaret Molloy

Harley Liker, MD, Co-Chair Julie Liker, Co-Chair Andrea Bacon Vicki Baker Kathy Barrett Dorothy Breininger Chris Griffiths Ashley Johnson Deb Love Frank Matricardi Cynthia Garvey Truhan 5

Tickets Tickets for all events available online at or by phone at 310.392.9255. Except for the Rustic Canyon Art & Architecture Tour, tickets may also be purchased on the day of the event at registration. All advance ticket buyers receive a $15 discount to the Dwell on Design Exhibition, June 27–28, 2009.

Four hundred artists. Ten architectural gems. One great cause.

Join us for the quintessential Southern California art event, celebrating its 30th anniversary. All proceeds benefit Venice Family Clinic, providing free, quality health care to people in need. Visit for more information, including event hours, photos and descriptions of the homes on the Art & Architecture Tours, lists of participating artists, previews of works in the Silent Art Auction, details of free parking and public transportation, and more.

Art & Architecture Tours Third tour added! Now on Sunday!


New Wave of Venice Architecture, Saturday, May 16 Explore new and contemporary architecture in this self-guided walking tour of Venice, highlighting the work of award-winning and cutting-edge architects. $100 per person, includes VIP cocktail reception at Dogtown Station following the tour.


A Stroll Down Architects’ Alley: A Historic Walking Tour of Rustic Canyon, Saturday, May 16 Curated and led by Marmol Radziner and Associates, this tour will begin with a lunch and presentation by Leo Marmol, FAIA, and Tony Merchell, architectural historian, at the historic Rustic Canyon Community Center. Groups will be led on an informative walking tour of this architecturally bountiful neighborhood, past projects by renowned architects, stopping to tour selected houses representing the old and new. $175 per person, includes lunch, as well as VIP cocktail reception at Dogtown Station following the tour. Tickets extremely limited and must be purchased in advance.


Eclectic Homes on the Venice Canals, Sunday, May 17 There’s something for everyone on this self-guided walking tour of the Canals, visiting new modern residences, art collections and artists’ homes. $100 per person, includes admission to the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions (a $50 value).

Venice Art Walk & Auctions Sunday, May 17 $50 per person (children under 12 free), includes an all-day pass to the following activities, as well as a Venice Art Walk & Auctions Catalog and Event Guide. Registration opens at 10:30 am at Westminster School, 1010 Abbot Kinney, Venice.


Artists’ Studio Tours and Special Exhibits More than you could dream of covering in one day – more than 60 private artists’ studios and special exhibits! Begin at Westminster School. Free shuttle buses run continuously throughout the day and will be there to help you cover more ground and see more art.


Silent Art Auction Art collectors-don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to browse and bid on more than 400 original works of art including paintings, sculpture, graphics, photography, ceramics, cartoons and furniture donated by Los Angeles-area and Venice Art Walk artists.


Plus... A Food Faire of great Westside restaurants, Cocktail Lounges on the Venice Art Walk trail, an Artful Living silent auction of fun and functional lifestyle items, live music, and your chance to win an original Tony Berlant sculpture! (See page 7 for details.)

Volunteer Opportunities To volunteer at the Venice Art Walk & Auctions, please contact Myshel Prasad at 310.664.7914 or 6

Free Silent Art Auction Preview Saturday, May 16, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Westminster School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice

Art & Architecture Tours sponsored by

All guests receive a complimentary copy of Dwell at registration and may enter to win one of ten annual subscriptions!

Major Sponsors

Media Sponsors

A Glimpse of What's New More than a Dozen New Studio Artists, including... M.B. Boissonnault There is something familiar yet almost otherworldly about M.B. Boissonnault’s work. Much more than a landscape painter, Boissonnault intersperses her vivid natural scenes with historical events, political figures, and militaryindustrial invasions to challenge viewers to reexamine their feelings about time, place, and power. Micah Linton The brilliant mind behind the Weebeasts mythology, Micah Linton is the first book illustrator to be featured on the Venice Art Walk artists’ studio tours. Linton was first recognized for his work as a video game artist and designer for Dreamworks, Activision, and Electronic Arts, and as an instructor at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. Jheri Redding Most people don’t look to ceramics for social commentary, but Jheri Redding’s creations might cause viewers to reconsider. He explores commodities and their perverse effects…on a global scale.

Three 30th Anniversary Silent Art Auction Exhibits 30 Danger Dogs – Curated by Michelle Page “Danger Dogs – Folk Art From the Himalayas” is the creation of Michelle Page of Santa Monica, who became intrigued by the hand-painted metal “Beware of Dog” signs she saw everywhere on her visits to Nepal. Made in Nepal, these original works of art have made their way into the collections of Ed Moses, Peter Sellars, and Stephen Bochco. Project 30 – Curated by Lisa Melandri Thirty works curated by Lisa Melandri, Deputy Director for Exhibitions and Programs at Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Pull of the Sea – 30 Drawings and Paintings by Lynn Hanson Lynn Hanson is a longtime Venice Art Walk studio artist. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the event, she has created 30 drawings and paintings themed, “Pull of the Sea.” Attendees should also visit her studio for a glimpse of the inspiration behind her work.

Three Spectacular Art & Architecture Tours See page six for details.

Tony Berlant Sculpture Raffle Take a chance on art! You could be the lucky winner of Flurry, 2009, a stunning collaged sculpture of printed tin by longtime Venice Art Walk supporter Tony Berlant. Winner to be drawn at the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions on the main stage at 5:45 pm. Winner need not be present to win. Tickets: $20 each. Courtesy of Tony Berlant and L.A. Louver Gallery Donations are not required to enter the drawing.

Venice Art Walk & Auctions Collectibles T-Shirts, featuring Chocolate Donut in Space, 2007, by Kenny Scharf, $20 each, available online at, by phone at 310.392.9255 or at the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions.

Featured Artist Kenny Scharf Kenny Scharf, the Los Angelesborn artist whose work is featured on this year’s Venice Art Walk & Auctions poster and t-shirt, delights in using images from animated cartoons popular during his 1960s childhood, such as The Flintstones and The Jetsons, and other symbols of pop culture. Always ready to test the line between high and low art, he employs everything from glazed donuts to alien creatures in his complex, eye-catching works. His “Chocolate Donut in Space” was selected for this year’s Venice Art Walk & Auctions t-shirt, while the poster image, “Donut Jamboree,” takes the viewer and his donuts one step further into a complex universe populated by corporate logos, pop music icons, and historic headlines. “I believe the artist has a social responsibility to engage others in a thought process that ultimately brings the creative process into everyday life,” he says. Besides lending use of his images for the t-shirt and poster, he created two custom works—painted lab coats, in honor of Venice Family Clinic's doctors. One was auctioned at the “Donut Jamboree” Art Happening on April 30; the other will be up for bid at the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions. All proceeds benefit Venice Family Clinic. Scharf is represented in Los Angeles by Honor Fraser Gallery, where he will have an exhibit in September 2009.

Courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser Gallery Posters, featuring Donut Jamboree, 2005, by Kenny Scharf, $25 each, available online at, by phone at 310.392.9255 or at the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions. Sponsored by the David Bohnett Foundation Courtesy of the artist and Honor Fraser Gallery

Just Added! A Very Special Exhibit Featuring Peter Alexander, Chuck Arnoldi, Larry Bell, Guy Dill, Charles Christopher Hill, Ed Moses, John Okulick, and Ed Ruscha! Greenfield Sacks Gallery Presents An Exhibition of Venice Beach Artists at Dogtown Station Works by Peter Alexander, Chuck Arnoldi, Larry Bell, Guy Dill, Charles Christopher Hill, Ed Moses, John Okulick, and Ed Ruscha…all in the architecturally stunning Dogtown Station loftspace. Included in the $50 ticket to the Sunday, May 17, Venice Art Walk & Auctions. 7

Dear Doctor Excerpted from a patient letter received November 2008…

, t at this writing, n and Dr. Padilla my emotions, bu e ag Dear Dr. Davidso an m to n ca tI rts, so I do wha at my throat hu th y cr I n he w It is only u, avidson, and yo t be sad and cr y. with you, Dr. D p I cannot help bu hi ns tio career la ’” re in al lloot medic ent in a “high-fa discontinue my an to rm pe ve e, ha to tim lled ag dden years o! hired fu Though I am sa ly completed 16 that I have been ar ce ne I un no ee gr an de to pleased for the Master’s Dr. Padilla, I am on. ill even pay 100% w at th ny without conditi pa m co ould accept me w r se position with a ai K re su I needed to be now a member. after being hired, t, en tm in po it is official—I am ap — 08 7. .1 11 e iv Since my last so effect work as a my Kaiser card, ve been forced to ha t I’ve just received bu k, or w hard umstances e, but under circ nothing less than liv ow to kn ay d w an no an al wom to survive. It was absolutely I am a profession st several years. uate could attain pa ad e gr th ge er lle ov co or ct ed ra ag temporary cont that this middleyou have been it was the best ,” ee gr de ng ro Padilla, though r. D nd A of the “w . ul ef to at h it took a while this I am truly gr obedient (thoug my life, and for d en ve be sa ve ve ha ha d u an in Dr. Davidson, yo have taken it all r good reason. I fo as w it e, m hard on out that? d bouts diabetic! How ab lt, I have not ha a su re am a I as ). d in an ak , so er ition uch improved ov ive thyroid cond y health is so m for my hyperact M . ed ns ib io cr n at es ga ns pr be se as eds o first lycemic I’ve taken my m Clinic and you tw t rate or hyperg ar ily he m d Fa pi ce ra , ni re Ve d pressu veral years since of increased bloo d it has been se an o— ag s ar ye w what it was a fe e. treating m d I am not blind! life is as it is, an l… el w ssion at a time ” g, in th ring and compa ca ur As for that “eye Yo y. cr t lp bu e of that level now—cannot he of you—becaus ht e rig us ca ce fa be y d m an n life, ing dow ally did save my I have tears pour y saved me. It re pa to rd fo af t I must do. when I could no afford to I must do what n— io ss pa m I can no longer co n d he w e tim of care an ch su will match my to continue until rd, my company yroll deduction fo pa af ic w at no m n to ca au I nt I am arranging an whatever amou never again). At is ay pr I ch . hi ly te ia donate (w by ngement immed sed to be taught making this arra am I n. tio Padilla truly bles na r. do D ld es ak ou m w I , ch give ss, whi llars that I could st in the busine do be n e io ill th e m ar a u d w yo ha e thos ho son, t if I Again, Dr. David hat I can to help arly sufficient, bu w ne do be t t us no m I ill w at u th ntribution is because of yo the best. My co . Nonetheless, it ic lin C ily m Fa give it to Venice ep You receive care. God Bless and Ke ay M . gh ou come after me to en even as it is just not “Thank You”— y, sa to ss le ed ne In closing, it is py New Year! ap H s. and Your Sincerely, Janet

Dr. Mayer B. Davidson is Venice Family Clinic's co-founder and a volunteer endocrinologist. Dr. Miriam Padilla is a staff internist. 8

View Venice Family Clinic’s 2008 Annual Report at

Connect with Venice Family Clinic Online Become a Fan on Facebook Did you know you can stay up to date with Venice Family Clinic’s media coverage, events, and publications by becoming a fan on Facebook? Just enter “Venice Family Clinic” in the search field, then click “Become a Fan.” Sign up for the E-Newsletter With just a handful of keystrokes, you can receive e-mail updates from Venice Family Clinic about new programs, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. Visit and click the “Add to mailing list” link in the top right corner. View the 2008 Annual Report Learn more about how and why Venice Family Clinic does what it does by downloading the Clinic’s 2008 annual report, What if?, on the publications page at Time Magazine Visits Venice Family Clinic In its special feature, “The New Frugality,” Time Magazine’s web site,, shot a video interview with Venice Family Clinic’s CEO, Liz Forer, and others about how the economy is changing life for people at free clinics around the country. To view the video, go to the Clinic’s Facebook page or visit and enter “Venice Family Clinic” in the search field. Printed on 50% recycled, FSC-Certified paper

Encounters: Spring 2009 | Venice Family Clinic  

TITLE: "Four hundred artists. Ten architectural gems. One great cause." CONTENTS: Bring a Friend - A Message from the CEO; "Life is Beautifu...

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