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Venice Family low-incom and individua

y Clinic provides quality health care to me, uninsured and homeless families als on the Westside of Los Angeles. Table of Contents Greeting From Liz Forer


Our Family In 2012: Personal Stories

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Our Mission and Philosophy


Programs and Services


Clinic Locations and Service Area


Our Family In 2012: Highlights in Care

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Who We Served In 2012

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From Your Family to Our Family

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Strategic Plan: July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2015


Financial Highlights


Statement of Financial Position


Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets


Our Family In 2012: Donors

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Our Family In 2012: Volunteers

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Management and Boards


Legacy Society


Elizabeth Benson Forer, MSW/MPH Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Venice Family Clinic


Dear Friends, When I think of family, I take comfort in knowing that I am loved and cared for by a support system of people who are deeply invested in my well being. Knowing that I can lean on my family and loved ones for strength and guidance gives me courage to face the world and tackle the many challenges that each day brings. And when I reach a new goal, the sense of accomplishment I feel is sweetened when my family joins me in celebrating. In honor of the staff, volunteers, donors and patients that make up our family at Venice Family Clinic, the theme of this year’s annual report is “From Our Family to Your Family.” I often marvel at the family connections among our staff, patients and supporters. In fact, many of the individuals and families who are involved with Venice Family Clinic have been with us for a decade or more—and oftentimes, across generations. Their stories are as numerous as they are varied: a medical assistant who has provided care for a mother through two pregnancies—and one on the way—is hugged by her children when they visit the Clinic; a donor who was persuaded by his spouse to tour one of our health centers recruits his parents and children to get involved; a health insurance enrollment staff member whose parents and brother are patients, making her even more empathetic to the hurdles our patients must overcome to access health coverage and make ends meet. However people come to Venice Family Clinic, they stay with us because they know they are a part of our family. Over the past year, our family has continued to adjust to the shifting landscape of health care brought on by the Affordable Care Act and Venice Family Clinic continues to embrace that change. Thanks to Obamacare and our efforts to shape its implementation at the state and county levels, about half of our patient population will have access to Medi-Cal in 2014. Many of our patients will take advantage of being able to purchase health insurance for the first time through Covered California, the state’s insurance exchange. In order to keep helping as many needy families as possible, Venice Family Clinic is rethinking many of the ways we operate and serve our patients and staff. The new Strategic Plan introduced in this report lays out a roadmap for how we plan to work together to provide care to the neediest families in our community while ensuring that our own family at Venice Family Clinic is financially sustainable and able to thrive in the future. This vision takes a great deal of investment from our family of staff and supporters. Venice Family Clinic must continue to rely on the support of our donors, foundations and community partners to help us provide health care to our patients who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for your support and for being a part of our family.


Elizabeth Benson Forer, MSW/MPH Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


Families Grow Together The Garcia/Aguilar Family When Jazmin Garcia first came to Venice Family Clinic as a teenager, she was uninsured and expecting her first child. The attention and helpful information she received from the doctors and staff at the Robert Levine Family Health Center let her know that she had come to the right place for her medical care. Thanks to the prenatal care she received at the Clinic, Jazmin’s daughter Sophia was born healthy in 2003. When she brought Sophia in for her first well-baby visit at the Clinic, Jazmin was deeply appreciative of the staff and their excitement as they met her new baby for the first time. It was their heartfelt welcome that let her know that she could trust Venice Family Clinic’s doctors and medical staff to care for her and her growing family in the years to come. One of those providers was Todd Lechtick, a veteran medical assistant who has offered his signature brand of down-to-earth compassionate care to countless patients and families at Venice Family Clinic for almost 30 years. Todd volunteered at Venice Family Clinic for six years before joining the medical staff full-time and is a comforting presence and mentor in the Rose Avenue clinic for patient families like Jazmin’s—and their children. “One of the joys of being at Venice Family Clinic as long as I have been here is seeing families grow right before my eyes. Over time, I get to know many of these families fairly well because I’ve seen their kids since they were two months…four months…six months…all the way through childhood and into their teenage years, when some start going to the teen health clinic at our Robert Levine Health Center. For many of the families I work with, I literally get to watch their kids grow up. It’s amazing.” During a recent appointment at the Rose Avenue clinic, Todd warmly greets Sophia, now eight years old, and exchanges a high five with Sophia’s six year-old little sister, Alondra, when he finishes taking her vital signs. He remembers when Alondra was once fearful of coming to the Clinic because she was afraid of shots. Now, Alondra runs to hug Todd when she sees him. And with another child on the way—a son—Jazmin looks forward to the day when Todd gets to welcome him into our Clinic family as well. “I love the attention from the doctors and the way they treat me and my girls,” confirms Jazmin. “This is one of the reasons I like bringing my family here: the doctors and staff know you.”




Bringing Smiles To Families Nicole Thompson-Marvel, DDS “My family always took us to the dentist growing up. I thought Dr. Hill was the most fabulous dentist in the world!” laughs Dr. Nicole Thompson-Marvel, staff dentist at the Ruth Zeigler and Jack Skirball Dental Clinic. “Even though my parents were insured, it wasn’t until years later that I realized that the clinic we visited was a community dental clinic—much like the ones where I would train to be a dentist!” A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Dr. Thompson-Marvel always knew she wanted to be a doctor—she just wasn’t sure which medical specialty she wanted to pursue. After finishing high school at 16 years old, Dr. Thompson-Marvel started learning more about dentistry while a pre-med undergraduate at Xavier University in New Orleans. “One day I went to the library and checked out a book on dentistry,” explains Dr. Thompson-Marvel, who would still see Dr. Hill during her trips back home. “As I started reading, I could hear Dr. Hill’s voice in my head encouraging me to pursue dentistry.” Inspired by a post-baccalaureate medical program and Dr. Hill’s words, Dr. Thompson-Marvel enrolled in dental school at the University of Mississippi. Throughout dental school, she would volunteer at a nearby community dental clinic. After graduating, her desire to provide comprehensive dental care to low-income families led her to rural Sicily Island, Louisiana, where she would help start the community’s first dental clinic. “Sicily Island was a tiny town in the middle of cotton fields with a single gas station and one grocery store. Our patients would sometimes travel an hour or more to our clinic for dental services,” Dr. Thompson-Marvel remembers. “Seeing how grateful and happy our patients were when they left certainly inspired me to focus on providing dental care to needy families at a community clinic.” After almost seven years in Sicily Island, Dr. Thompson-Marvel relocated to Los Angeles in 2006. With our first staff dentist in place, Venice Family Clinic was now able to offer dental services to our patient families. What began with Dr. Thompson-Marvel and a small team of assistants working out of a single portable chair at our Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center has grown into a comprehensive dental program at the 1,800-square Ruth Zeigler and Jack Skirball Dental Clinic, opened in 2011. Today, the dental clinic continues to grow—both in the number of families served by the clinic and its use of medical technology. In fact, the newly launched electronic dental records system will make it easier for Dr. Thompson-Marvel, Dr. Indulal Nagrecha and our team of volunteer dentists to track the treatment of the 2,000+ patients who visit the dental clinic each year. “In Louisiana, our dental patients would show their gratitude for our services by cooking their favorite dishes and giving them to us at the clinic,” explains Dr. Marvel. “Our patients at Venice Family Clinic express their thanks by actually following the advice we give them. When they come back for their next visit, we tend to see noticeable improvement in their oral hygiene—and that makes me smile.”


Families Make Our Work Possible The Liker Family As long-time supporters of Venice Family Clinic, co-chairs of the Silver Circle Gala from 2007–2012, and, of course, our 2013 Irma Colen Leadership Award honorees, Julie and Dr. Harley Liker have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to Venice Family Clinic and its goal to provide health care to families who have nowhere else to turn. Together, their generous contributions, fundraising leadership and countless hours of volunteer work have made an invaluable impact on Venice Family Clinic and its continued growth. “As Harley and I started creating a family of our own, I was struck by the numerous health care challenges presented by raising children, from routine pediatric visits to actual illnesses,” explains Julie, a member of Venice Family Clinic’s Advisory Board and a founding member of the Mental Health and Child Development Board Subcommittee. “We wanted to do our part to make sure that low-income and uninsured families have access to quality medical care regardless of their ability to pay.” Dr. Liker has been involved with Venice Family Clinic for over 20 years. From the early 1990s—when he provided care to the Clinic’s patients during his residency at UCLA—until today as a member of the Clinic’s Foundation Board, Dr. Liker is part of a family of supporters whose passion for Venice Family Clinic directly advances the Clinic’s growth. In fact, Dr. Liker helped secure the $3 million gift from the Simms/Mann Family Foundation to open the Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center in 2006. It was one of the largest donations in the history of Venice Family Clinic. “When I think about how far Venice Family Clinic has advanced in the last twenty years, I can’t help but feel a tremendous sense of pride regarding the impact we’re making on thousands of lives in our community,” confirms Dr. Liker, pictured here with his family outside the Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center in Santa Monica. Today, the Likers have made their support of Venice Family Clinic a family affair: their children routinely volunteer at the Clinic and donate books and toys to the Children’s Play Area. Julie has organized school trips for their children’s classmates to volunteer at Venice Family Clinic and their son donated a portion of his Bar Mitzvah gifts to the Clinic. Thanks to the continued support of families like the Likers, Venice Family Clinic is able to remain a medical home for thousands in need across Los Angeles.




Generations Of Care The Gochez Family “I wouldn’t change what I do for the world!” exclaims Ingrid Gochez, a community health insurance program specialist at the Irma Colen Health Center in Mar Vista. Although Ingrid has worked for Venice Family Clinic for six years, she’s been a part of our family since she was eight years old. Growing up, Ingrid’s parents were uninsured and they relied on Venice Family Clinic for their family’s health care. She remembers the kindness and attentiveness the staff gave her family and credits the counseling services she received as a key turning point in her life. “As a teenager, I definitely got myself into trouble, as all teenagers do, and my mom knew exactly where to go. She brought me to counseling services at the Rose Avenue Clinic and it changed my life forever because I had an outlet to share with someone who wasn’t one of my parents,” Ingrid explains. “I dropped out of high school for a while and my counselor was the one who encouraged me to home school and continue my education. Even after I got pregnant, I stayed motivated to complete my GED in part because my counselor kept encouraging me. I had my parents—but I know that connection with my counselor was just as important in making me the person that I am.” Today, Ingrid is part of a team that helps ensure our patients have access to health care coverage—including understanding their eligibility for public health programs, completing the enrollment process and renewing their coverage annually. In 2012, the Clinic dedicated additional staff and resources to make sure eligible patients are properly enrolled. With Ingrid’s mother and father still receiving their medical care at Venice Family Clinic as Healthy Way L.A. enrollees, Ingrid knows firsthand how critical her role is in helping patients understand the changes in the health insurance enrollment process. “For many of my clients, particularly those for whom English is not their first language and who speak Spanish dialects, the enrollment forms can be intimidating to navigate and understand,” continues Ingrid. “With all the changes in the health care coverage programs, even explaining to my parents how things have changed can be difficult. I think part of the reason my clients trust me to help them is because I remember coming here as a little girl and being grateful for the services that I received.”



Our Mission and Philosophy Mission: To provide quality primary health care to people in need. Vision: To improve the health of people and communities through accessible, quality care. Philosophy: (a further definition of the Mission): Venice Family Clinic is guided by specific principles which are the foundation of its day-to-day decision making and future planning. The principles are as follows: 1

Venice Family Clinic's highest priority is to provide primary health care to those without access to care. Prevention, treatment, care management and health promotion are integral components of the primary care that we provide. Venice Family Clinic strives to provide comprehensive medical, mental health, educational and supportive services, as well as appropriate specialty care.


Our service model reflects our commitment to improving the health of individuals and communities. We continuously strive to deliver the highest quality health care.


The Clinic demonstrates leadership through its strategic advocacy efforts on behalf of the uninsured.


We promote cultural competence in all aspects of our organizational culture and service delivery. Patients are partners in their health care relationship with providers at Venice Family Clinic. Providers and staff demonstrate respect for and understanding of cultural differences. We believe that health problems and solutions are best approached by an understanding of the whole person in the context of physical, emotional, social, cultural and economic needs.


Venice Family Clinic values its dedicated staff. We endeavor to maintain a culture of collaboration, service, mutual respect and appreciation for all contributions.


Volunteer services are the cornerstone of Venice Family Clinic's organization since its inception. Volunteers and staff work in partnership to accomplish our mission. Community involvement and institutional collaborations secure vital resources for the Clinic.


Our enduring commitment to medical training enables the Clinic to have a broad and sustained impact on community health through the formation of dedicated, knowledgeable health professionals.


Venice Family Clinic embraces research that contributes to its mission and benefits the communities that we serve.


Venice Family Clinic promotes community development. We strive to optimize quality of life by strengthening individuals, families and communities. We facilitate leadership training and patient involvement in program design, delivery and evaluation.


Programs and Services • Primary health care including medications, diagnoses, treatments and laboratory tests; • Pediatric care including well-child, developmental screenings, immunizations and parenting classes; • Teen services focusing on reproductive health care and contraception; • Health education for chronic disease prevention and management: weight management and nutrition counseling; • Reproductive health care for men and women, including prenatal care, contraceptive services, prevention, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and cancer detection and management; • Chronic disease management for asthma, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and obesity; • Homeless health care including clinic and shelter-based services and case management; • Vision care program, including ophthalmology, optometry and digital retinal screening; • Dental care including exams, x-rays, extractions, root canals, fillings, fluoride varnishes and oral hygiene education; • HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services, linked to supportive education, case management and social services through a partnership with Common Ground called Westside Partners; • Specialty care provided by volunteer physicians in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, ear/nose/throat, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, podiatry and rheumatology; • Health insurance enrollment assistance; • A domestic violence screening and intervention program called Safe Families; • Mental health care services, including counseling, stress and medication management, support groups, case management and psychiatry; • Child development services including an Early Head Start program called Children First—a homebased program for infants and their families; and • Acupuncture, chiropractic care, osteopathy and mindfulness-based stress reduction as part of the Integrative Medicine Program.

14 14

Service Area Borders North: Mulholland Drive East: La Cienega Boulevard South: Imperial Highway

Venice Family Clinic provides a medical home through seven clinical sites on the Westside of Los Angeles County.

Clinic Locations and Service Area



Our Family In 2012: Highlights In Ca

eConsult: Modernizing Specialty Care

Coordinating Care for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

As a community clinic at the forefront of medical technology, Venice Family Clinic was among the first clinical sites in Los Angeles County to start using eConsult, a new collaborative telehealth initiative of the L.A. Care Health Plan, MedPOINT Management and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services that allows primary care providers to consult remotely with specialists, thereby ensuring our patients have more efficient access to specialty care and appointments.

Since spring 2012, Venice Family Clinic has responded to a significant increase in seniors and people with disabilities (SPD) seeking health care services. Many of these patients suffer from acute and chronic illnesses that require teams of specialty doctors and health care coordinators for effective treatment. These patients were transitioned, often without prior notification, from Medi-Cal fee-forservice care to Medi-Cal managed care provided by Venice Family Clinic.

The electronic consultation and referral system makes it easy for providers and specialty care physicians to have an ongoing online dialogue and share clinical information to better coordinate patient care. The specialist can request more information, provide treatment recommendations, or recommend a face-to-face visit as necessary. eConsult is successfully reducing the notoriously lengthy specialty referral and appointment process to a few days and decreasing unnecessary specialty care visits that cost our patients—and the health care system—time and money.


In total, Venice Family Clinic has become the assigned medical home to 2,200 SPD patients living in our service region. We have taken several steps to ensure these patients get the care they need, including creating a SPD Quality Improvement Task Force. We are working to put in place the resources and establish the relationships that will ensure seniors and people with disabilities at Venice Family Clinic receive quality care and are assured the quality of life they deserve.


New Access Point Grant

Virtual Dental Care for Children

In June, Venice Family Clinic received a $975,000 New Access Point federal grant to improve the health of underserved communities by assuring access to comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services. This grant will allow Venice Family Clinic to reach more low-income men, women and children on the Westside, and particularly focuses on serving additional homeless patients.

For low-income families, a trip to the dentist’s office is usually deferred until it’s absolutely necessary: when they feel pain. That’s why in 2012, Venice Family Clinic became the first community health center in Los Angeles County to participate in the Virtual Dental Home program, a telehealth initiative that brings dental care to underserved children— right in the communities they are in.

The grant period of eighteen months translates into $650,000 annually for Venice Family Clinic and offers increased reimbursement for patient visits and pharmacy prescriptions. “The health care law is making our community health centers stronger and ensuring more Americans get the care they need,” confirms HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “These awards demonstrate a commitment to improving and expanding access to quality health care for local communities.”

Developed by the University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, the groundbreaking Virtual Dental Home project allows dental hygienists— like Venice Family Clinic’s Mireya Rodriguez, pictured here with 4 year-old Maira Reyez at Pine Street Preschool in Santa Monica—to bring portable imaging equipment into community sites such as Head Start programs to take x-rays and photographs, perform cleanings and temporary fillings, and create an online dental record system. The records are then reviewed remotely by Venice Family Clinic dentists who provide further diagnosis and create treatment plans—including scheduling appointments for more extensive treatment at Venice Family Clinic’s Ruth Zeigler and Jack Skirball Dental Clinic. With plans to expand the virtual dental home project to additional sites on the Westside, our dental team will be able to teach important oral health care habits to even more needy children who might otherwise go without dental care. 17

In Fiscal Year 2012, we cared for 23, 106,307 health visits to Venice Family

75% live below poverty

60% have no insurance

23% children





11% seniors

802 patients through a total of y Clinic’s seven clinical locations…

(…and sometimes, we even made house calls) In addition to serving thousands of needy families each year at our seven clinical locations, Venice Family Clinic is a leader in neighborhood efforts to provide care to homeless individuals and families living on the street and in local shelters. Under the leadership of Director of Homeless Services Terri Brehove, MD and Coley King, DO, our shelter outreach and street medicine programs have grown into a new county-funded partnership with local community groups to not only provide medical and mental health services, but to move the chronically homeless into permanent supportive housing. Through an innovative initiative of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Services known as the Integrated Mobile Health Team (IMHT), Venice Family Clinic’s Coley King, DO and Carrie Kowalski, PA-C hit the streets each week with a team of case workers and mental health and substance abuse counselors from the St. Joseph Center and OPCC. Together, they offer mental health and medical services to homeless individuals on the streets and beaches, schedule appointments and make at-home follow up visits to patients who have transitioned from homelessness into housing through the program. “I started off with a bicycle and a trailer,” admits Jens Jensen, a formerly homeless patient pictured here receiving medical care from Kowalski and Dr. King at his new apartment in Los Angeles. “Off and on, I was homeless for over twenty years. Now I have to place a live. I have a bed and dishes. I don’t have any more problems with the police department and I’m eating healthier and staying on my medications thanks to this program.”


From Your Family to Our Family

From families who give anonymously to top physicians, Hollywo family of contributors, foundations, corporations, community part

In 2012, Venice Family Clinic received an unprecedented outpour array of events including hosted fundraisers, shopping events, proceeds to benefit Venice Family Clinic, we’re continuously in innovative ways they get involved.


od executives and world-renowned artists, we’re grateful to our tners and volunteers who support Venice Family Clinic each year.

ring of generosity from our Westside neighbors. Through a wide toy drives and even a newly-released coffee-table book with spired by our neighbors’ commitment to our mission and the


Strategic Plan July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2015 An organization that is advancing its mission needs a set of strategies to guide its program development, build a solid financial foundation, and prepare for challenges that lie ahead. Through the collective work of the Board of Directors, Foundation Board, Strategic Planning Committee, patients, volunteers and staff, Venice Family Clinic’s Strategic Plan for July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2015 was developed. We also reached out to community leaders and other stakeholders for their input and analyzed data from a community needs assessment report to create this plan. All of these ideas are encapsulated in four key strategies that will drive our progress over the next three years: Strategy I:

Serve the neediest while ensuring financial sustainability.

Strategy II:

Enhance the skills and talents of Venice Family Clinic staff by investing in staff training, staff development and communications opportunities with the intention of increasing patient satisfaction, staff retention and efficiency.

Strategy III:

Prioritize efforts to improve service delivery, create greater efficiency and develop and enhance partnerships to optimize service to the community.

Strategy IV:

Plan and evaluate the breadth and depth of services and infrastructure that will enable Venice Family Clinic to fulfill its mission while taking into account the rapid change of the health care system.

While these four strategies provide a brief overview of Venice Family Clinic’s priorities through the end of Fiscal Year 2015, the full strategic plan with detailed goals, objectives and activities can be viewed online at As we look to the future, we welcome your input on how Venice Family Clinic can best use our resources to expand our organization and continue offering quality health care to thousands of families in need in our community.


Financial Highlights Income Total $41,052,317*

13% 44%

Government Contracts & Grants $5,180,344

Private & Community Support (In-Kind) $18,372,283

1% Sale of Donated Property $594,067

23% Third-Party Reimbursements for Services $9,303,267

19% Private and Community Support (Cash) $7,716,010

<1% Interest and Dividend Income $213,009

Expenses Total $42,866,572

4% 2% Health Education & Outreach $1,030,312

Fund Raising $1,521,548

6% Children First Program $2,538,283

8% 80%

Management/General $3,519,252

Health Care** $33,845,774

* Does not include realized and unrealized loss on long-term investments ($326,663). ** Health care includes emergency and lab services, medical salaries, clinical volunteers, drugs, and pharmacy supplies.


Statement of Financial Position For the Year Ending June 30, 2012 Assets Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Short-term investments Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $343,379 and $835,745, respectively Grants and contributions receivable â&#x20AC;&#x201C; short-term, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $25,000 and $25,000, respectively Pharmaceutical inventories Prepaid expenses and other assets

$1,694,224 $1,193,301 $2,549,300 $3,560,895 $800,707 $114,959

Total current assets


Long-term investments


Contributions receivable â&#x20AC;&#x201C; long-term, net of discount


Beneficial interest in charitable remainder trusts Property and equipment, net Total assets

$473,484 $6,481,308 $22,862,749

Liabilities and Net Assets Current liabilities Lines of credit Notes payable, current Accounts payable and accrued expenses Total current liabilities Pledge liabilities Total liabilities Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets Note: A copy of the full audited report is available upon request.


$3,000,000 $203,000 $228,231 $3,431,324 $554,733 $3,986,057

$7,498,085 $6,104,550 $5,274,057 $18,876,692 $22,862,749

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets For the Year Ending June 30, 2012 Unrestricted

Temporarily restricted

Permanently restricted


Revenues, gains and other support Cash Revenues Private and community support Government support Third-party reimbursement for services Interest and dividend income Realized and unrealized gains (losses) on investments Gain on sale of donated property Net assets released from restriction Total Cash Revenues In-kind contributions Revenue Net assets released from restrictions Total revenue, gains and other support

$5,148,261 $5,180,344 $9,303,267 $9,297 ($260) $594,067 $3,217,806

$1,517,749 $203,712 ($326,403) ($3,217,806)

$1,050,000 -

$7,716,010 $5,180,344 $9,303,267 $213,009 ($326,663) $594,067 -





$4,154,948 $14,217,335 $14,628,738 ($14,628,738)


$18,372,283 -





$15,473,491 $2,538,283 $1,030,312



$15,473,491 $2,538,283 $1,030,312





$1,668,422 $1,998,007 $12,579 $14,628,738 $244,005 $231,935



$1,668,422 $1,998,007 $12,579 $14,628,738 $244,005 $231,935

Total in-kind expenses





Support services Management and general Fund raising

$3,519,252 $1,521,548



$3,519,252 $1,521,548

Expenses Program services Health care Children First Program Education and outreach Total program services In-kind expenses Laboratory and x-ray services Physician and other clinical volunteers Children First Program volunteers Donated drugs and pharmacy supplies Other donated supplies and services Insurance

Total supporting services Total expenses

Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year






















Donors Gifts from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 $1,000,000+ Estate of Sylvia and Mose J. Firestone The Simms/Mann Family Foundation Dr. Victoria & Ronald Simms The Skirball Foundation Ruth Ziegler $100,000 - 999,999 Kathleen Aikenhead The Atlas Family Foundation Lezlie & Richard Atlas Gerrie Smith & Dr. Neal Baer California Community Foundation Varian S. and Gwendolyn L. Green Fund Rose and David Dortort Foundation The California Wellness Foundation Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Lou Colen The Eisner Foundation Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation The Fineshriber Family Foundation Ruth Flinkman-Marandy Patricia & William Flumenbaum Gumpert Foundation The William H. Hannon Foundation George Hoag Family Foundation Kaiser Permanente of Southern California W.M. Keck Foundation L.A. Care Health Plan The Norman and Sadie Lee Foundation Wilbur May Foundation Anita May Rosenstein & Arnold Rosenstein Brian Rosenstein Amanda May Stefan The Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation The Resnick Family Foundation Lynda & Stewart Resnick Dr. William Resnick RGK Foundation Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System Mission Fund Health System Mission Fund Saint Johnʼs Health Center 26

State of California Attorney General Tides Foundation UniHealth Foundation Ziering Family Foundation Marilyn Ziering Anonymous (2) $50,000 - 99,999 Baxter International Foundation The Dharma Grace Foundation Chuck Lorre First 5 LA Center for Oral Health International Creative Management - (ICM) Constance Lawton & James Yoder OneWest Bank The Rose Hills Foundation Jeffrey E. Sinaiko United HealthCare Services, Inc UC Davis Center for Health and Technology UCLA Health System David Geffen School of Medicine Witherbee Foundation Anonymous $25,000 - 49,999 The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation The Carol and James Collins Foundation The Help-Som Child Foundation Amy & James Childress Joseph Drown Foundation Dr. Susan Fleischman & Paul Katz Fox Sports Media Group The Karsten Family Foundation Marilyn H. Karsten Karinna & Timothy D. Karsten William M. Keck, Jr. Foundation Susanne & Paul Kester The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation Susan G. Komen for the Cure Liker Consulting Inc, A Medical Corporation Julie & Dr. Harley Liker Marcled Foundation

Gail Margolis, Esq. Laura & James Maslon The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation Estate of Dr. William Molle The PIMCO Foundation The Specialty Family Foundation The Vollmer Family Foundation Eva Vollmer Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic & Art Foundation Billie Milam Weisman Diane & Michael L. Ziering Anonymous $10,000 - 24,999 The Angeles Clinic Foundation Dr. Lawrence Piro Dr. Carol Archie & Dr. Edward Keenan Kathy K. & Matthew Scott Barrett The Cecile & Fred Bartman Foundation Blue Shield of California Foundation The David Bohnett Foundation Judy & Bernard Briskin Charities Aid Foundation Lisbet Rausing & Peter Baldwin Corporation for Supportive Housing Roy E. Crummer Foundation Dr. Mayer B. Davidson & Roseann Herman, Esq. Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation The Richard F Dwyer Eleanor W Dwyer Fund The Edelstein Family Charitable Foundation Estate of Robert L. Feldman Elizabeth Benson Forer & Daniel Forer Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center The David Geffen Foundation Diane & Dr. Jimmy Hara David Hockney Louise & Herb Horvitz Foundation Dr. Louise Horvitz The Mark Hughes Foundation Tatiana & Todd James William L. Jones Dr. Satish Kadaba

Maria Hernandez & Henry Kamberg Melinda Lerner & John Powell Diane M. Lesser Diana & Derek Lidow Major League Baseball Dr. Diana Bonta & Dr. Frank Matricardi Maxicare Research and Educational Foundation Medtronic Foundation Milken Family Foundation Audra & Jeff Nathanson National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Eli Lilly & Company New England Patriots Foundation Robert Kraft / The Kraft Group NBC Universal in memory of Coach Tom Martinez Rebecca Pollack Parker & Hutch Parker Quiksilver The Gary Saltz Foundation Fern & Robert Seizer David & Judy Shore Foundation Judith & David Shore Lon V. Smith Foundation Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Harriet & Richard Squire Sunair Children’s Foundation Travel Store, Inc. Wido Schaefer Michele Rakoff & Alan Sieroty United Breast Cancer Foundation United Way of Greater Los Angeles J.B. and Emily Van Nuys Charities Rebecca & Michael E. Vest Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Gail & Irving Weintraub Wells Fargo Foundation Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Anonymous $5,000 - 9,999 Debra Abramowitz & Dean Prober The Actors’ Fund Patricia Adams The Allergan Foundation

Attias Family Foundation Diana & Daniel Attias The Bloomingdale’s Fund for the Federated Dept Stores Foundation Dr. Sarah E. Carpenter & Robert Newman David Casares Cathcart Millennium Foundation, Inc. Comerica Bank Dole Food Company, Inc. Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Tomas Fuller Jowlinda Bastvan & Tom Funke Jeanne & Arnold Geffner The Diane & Guilford Glazer Foundation Diane & Guilford Glazer Google Inc. Andrea Gorfolova Christine & Dr. Chester F. Griffiths HBO Estate of Goldyne Hearsh Susannah & Chris Henrikson Leslie Joseph Christine & Jordan Kaplan Sharon & Michael Kelley Jena & Michael King Rini & Arthur Kraus L.A. Louver Gallery Laboratory Corp of America Deborah Laub Sheelagh Boyd & Larry Layne Carlos Lazaro Tracey Loeb & Kent Beyer Cody Lukert Macy’s Lisa Maki Amita & Viren Mehta Cheryl Nakao-Miller & James Miller Miriam Muscarolas MusiCares Foundation, Inc Roberta & Richard Nathanson Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Nuveen Investments Harriet & Richard Orkand Family Educational & Charitable Foundation Paradigm Carol & William Parente Dr. Patricia & Dr. Thomas Paulsen Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation Jeanne Phillips Ralphs Ronald Segall Diane Sherman The Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation Simon-Strauss Foundation Patti & Richard Sinaiko Sitrick Brincko Group Nancy Sitrick & Michael Sitrick Snyder Family Trust Mr. & Mrs. Allan Snyder

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Chelsea Harmon Bahareh Haykani Mastaneh Haykani Alison Headley Mayra Hernandez Sunita Hingorani Laura Huettner Teresa Hughes Teresa Huynh Isabelle Ibarra Nicole Jackson Virginia James Larissa Johnson Akaash Kataria Anadjeet Khahera Linh Khanh David Kim Yihwa Kim Maria Kolmakova Argina Kudaverdian Lawrence Kuklinski Jojo Lai Azim Laiwalla Chia-Chi Lee Cindy Lee Marcus Lee Alvin Li Soobin Lim Lauren Lipnick Irene Louie Jessie Lynn Josephine Lyons Michelle Mahanian Linda Marcus Anupam Maroly Claire Mazahery Daniela Mendoza Tiffany Mock Sara Mottahedan Lauren Moy Sean Nazari Christi Ng Kaley Ngo Bella Nguyen Cynthia Nguyen Johnny Nguyen Josephine Nguyen Nhu T. Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Ezinna Nnabue Vanessa Olvera Paulina Ong Matthew Ortega Linda Pabon Pooja Patel Sujana Patel Rod Paulsen Nykia Peace Jason Pedowitz Keila N. Perez-Castellanos Kelly Perkins Jacob Perrin Michael V. Plato Candy Ramirez Aneela Reddy Srinidhi Reddy Jennifer Rhee Serena Roddam

Robin Rodriguez Lindsay Rogers Michael Roman Jack Rosner Julian Ruiz Julie Sackman Jason Saidian Felicia Salanga Julie B. Salzman Dennis Sambolin Brooke Scheidemantle Rekha K. Sekhon Jazmin Sevilla Negeen Shahandeh Mohammad Shahshahan Laura Sherman Aaron Shpiner Rachel Siemons Brett Simenhoff Samuel Simpson Nesim Sisa Aida Siyahian Miranda So Simi Sohal Allie Southam Aswin Srinivasan Kate Stein Katie Stern Allen Susman Tracey Tan William Tan Ayesha Tariq Paulina To Michelle Tom Vanessa Torres Amy Tressan James Truong Monica Tsai Meghan Verga Linda Vien Christine Vuong Claire Wang Yi F. Wang Candace Weisz Dana White Bennett Williams Courtney Williams Brenton Winship Carole Wong Eric Wong Dorna Yaghoobzadeh Nicole Yap Justin Yoshida Linda Yu Sofia Zahid Community Outreach Marilyn Lerner Marit P. Shapirod Dental Assistants Fiorella Candamo Marisol Ceballos Jesus Cervantes Alice Chang Maryam Ghavamian Charles Jasper Lin Jing Raveena Kanwar

Maston Kucheki Wanni Lie Jaycee Lim Jessica Lopez Alisha Nichols Batool Obeidat Steven Phan Kristy Potts Alexandra Quiroz Jose Rodriguez Afra Saleh Sean Sooferian Mark A. Sy Jennifer Villalta Ramsen Warda David Weld Jack Yeung Dentistry Alicia Chang, DDS Allan Parigian, DDS Anu Rajasekaran, DDS Indulal Nagrecha, DDS Miriam Razi, DDS Dermatology Lisa K. Chipps-Vassilev, MD Melvin Chiu, MD Noah Craft, MD UCLA Dermatology Saeed Jaffer, MD Mohan Kamath, MD Christina Kim, MD Delphine Lee, MD Ralph Massey, MD Ronald L. Moy, MD Maggie Olsen, MD Rhonda Rand, MD Myron Samovitz, MD Adriana Schmidt, MD Ki-Young Suh, MD Belinda Tan, MD Edward L. Tobinick, MD Dispensary Assistants Edom Assefa Shana Barkhordari Amy Barsoum Jonathan Chiang Ilona Datskovskaya Michael De Guia Christine Duong Michael Edwards Tina Ho Payam Javaherizadeh Ann-Louise Johansson Jasbir Kaur Grace J. Kim Jackie Kim Stella Kim Angie Koo Julie Larsen Jiaxi Li Mary Lim Justin Lin Lillian Luu Vanessa Ma Hoang Nguyen Johnny Nguyen

Melissa Odulio Raquel Phillips Sandra Pineda Paiman Sarrafzadeh Joy Shi Stephanie Sun Anna Szeto Dang Tran Linda Tran, MD Joanna Wu Diana Zhang Ear/Nose/Throat Alyssa Ba, MD Brian Worden, MD Chester Griffiths, MD Greg Frazier, MD Emergency Medicine Amy Stone, MD Endocrinology Mayer B. Davidson, MD Janet Winikoff, MD Nilem Patel, MD Family Practice Nisha Agrawal, MD Anne M. Arikian, MD Anna Cao, MD Arthur Channessian, MD Jinsun Choi, MD Shanna Choi, MD Rebecca Clear, MD Matthew Connolly, MD Walter Coppenrath, MD UCLA Department of Family Medicine Thomas J. Early, MD Benjamin Gilmore, MD Joshua Goldman, MD Karla Gonzalez, MD Angela Hernandez, MD Linda Huverserian, MD Jennifer Kwok, MD Martine Laing, MD Duy Le, MD Lenard Lesser, MD Jennifer Logan, MD Sarah Louie, MD Luz Lozano, MD Melanie Lungay, MD Ricardo Manuel, MD Morodak Meas, MD Manuel Mendoza, MD Ernesto Mendoza, MD, Jr. Victoria Millay, MD Gerardo Moreno, MD Katherine Neuhausen, MD Pedro Olea, MD Yassi Omidvar, MD Monica Plesa, MD Laura Pratt, MD Brian J. Raffetto, MD Surya Reddy, MD Analiza Sanchez, DO Shannon Snoon, MD Rachel Solomon, MD Shabana Tariq, MD Derjung Tarn, MD 31

Alana Ugell, MD Sandra Vizireanu, MD Leanne Zakrzewski, MD Timothy Zee, MD Gastroenterology Robert Elson, MD UCLA Gastroenterology Fellowship Program Genetics David Rimoin, MD Health Education Nicole Apsay Christopher Ascencio Virginia Azzariti Whitney Barns Isa Barth-Rogers Aamir Bhimani Kristian Clausen Christine Curry Cathy L. Deguzman Brian Dickey Adaora Ezeani Armand Flores Julie Gerber Angela Gonzales Ashley Hunter Sandra Ibrahim Alison McCleary Revecca Millan Carol Ochoa Tiffany Pham Juliette Reid Nancy Repreza Isa S. Rogers Hanna Shin Health Insurance Rasha Ahmed Waka Banchi Bryan Castillo Sandra Contreras Melissa Estelle Ann M. Hernandez Lissette Islas Risa Kahn Sally Khakshooy Brittany Mastin Kelly Nishikawa Selene Solis HIV Education Marisol Ornelas Jared Rinaldi Maya Steinborn Khoa Truong Infectious Disease Ellie Goldstein, MD Internal Medicine Janet Abou, MD Ivy Amezcua, MD Erin Atkinson, MD Dustyn Baker, MD Gaurav Banka, MD Alejandra Bautista, MD Douglas Bell, MD Jihane Benhammou, MD


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David Hunt, MD Judy Hwang, MD Danielle Ivanova, MD Frank Johnson, MD Daniel Kahn, MD Reva Kakkar, MD Beverly Karpman, MD Brian Kim, MD Tiffany Kim, MD Jayon Kim, MD Judy Kim-Hwang, MD Mira Kistler, MD Matthew Koehler, MD Molly Koehler, MD Rene Kohlieber, MD Madlavi Koka, MD Ben Kretzman, MD Stephen Ku, MD Sameer Kulkarni, MD Sonali Kulkarni, MD Nicholas Kwaan, MD Justin Laube, MD Thuy Le, MD Steven Le, MD Jane Lee, MD Marissa Lee, MD Joyce Lee, MD Peter Lefevre, MD Lucinda Leung, MD Jesse Levin, MD Vivian Liao, MD Jessica Liao, MD Daniel Ling, MD Danielle Lingnau, MD Erica Lubliner, MD Asha Mansulkhani, MD Elise Martin, MD Karen Martinez, MD Stacey Maskarinec, MD Ian Mecham, MD Wendy Medina, MD Shahab Mehdizadeh, MD Amy Metzger, MD Christina Metzler, MD Wendy Molina, MD Jayavani Moodley, MD Myrna Nahas, MD Kimberly Narain, MD Steven Neal, MD Jonathan Neyer, MD Marie Ng, MD Leah Ngure, MD Christopher Nguyen, MD Andrea Oh, MD James O'Keefe, MD Michael Ong, MD Jeremy Orr, MD David Padua, MD Neil Parikh, MD Margaret Park, MD Margaret Parker, MD Amar Patel, MD Leena Patel, MD Nimesh Patel, MD Sajan Patel, MD Ami Patel, MD Bharat Patel, MD Molly Patterson, MD

Peter Paull, MD Lin Pei-Fen, MD Janelle Plavchan, MD Ioana Popescu, MD Ritbune Prakobhit, MD Janet Pregler, MD Jose Quiroga, MD Nalini Rajagopal, MD Lucas Ramirez, MD Anisha Rastogi, MD Lhasa Ray, MD Sunil Reddy, MD Nicholas Reese, MD William Reid, MD Adam K. Richards, MD Michelle Rios, MD Erica Romblon, MD Joshua Rubin, MD Laura Rush, MD Inderpreet Saini, MD Ramin Salehi-Rad, MD Norma Sanchez, MD Joshua Santos, MD Joshua Sasine, MD Kareen Sassi, MD Michael Seibert, MD Digish Shah, MD Sigish Shah, MD Rena Shah, MD Ruby Shandilya, MD Martin F. Shapiro, MD Ashok Sharma, MD Rebecca Shatsky, MD Victoria Sheen, MD Jagruti Shukla, MD Karandeep Singh, MD Edwina Skinner, MD Lisa Skinner, MD Anna Skor, MD Jane S. Spiegel, MD Salitha Sunderrajan, MD Robin Tang, MD Nicholas Tangohaivang, MD Niki Tank, MD James Templeman, MD Holly Thomas, MD Elizabeth Trevathan, MD Roberto Vargas, MD Alexander Viehman, MD Tammy Wan, MD Yi-Chium Wang, MD Neil Wenger, MD Aisha Williams, MD Anisha Williams, MD Jason Williams, MD Paul Willis, MD Lauren Wolchok, MD Hawkin Woo, MD Joyce Wu, MD Jamie Yao, MD Patrick Yao, MD Julia Youn, MD Phillip Young, MD Christine Yu, MD Liz Yzquierdo, MD Melody Zaya, MD Annie Zhang, MD Kali Zhou, MD

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Constance G. Lawton Lou Lazatin Harley Liker, MD, MBA Tracey Loeb Frank Matricardi, Dr. PH Michael McClain Viren Mehta Wendy B. Meyer, PhD, LCSW Christopher O'Brien, MD William D. Parente Neil H. Parker, MD William Resnick, MD, MBA Paul Saben Flora M. Santacruz Fern Seizer Stewart L. Seradsky Lourdes Servin Jeff Sinaiko Wendy L. Smith Todd Stern Millie Sterz, RN, MPH Arthur Stickgold Marsha Temple, Esq. Carmen Thomas-Paris Elina Vartanyan Shirah Vollmer, MD Carl Weissburg, Esq. Michael S. Wilkes, MD, PhD Elizabeth L. Wu Children First Early Head Start Program Agustin Orozco Angela Peters Azadeh Salek Chelsea Jones Erica McDonnell Hannah Shin Julia Lembrikova Kathleen Palas Lisa Tripp Loraine Blatt Sulin Wu Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Holiday Movie Gloria Abrams Victoria Abrams Alexandria Alberts Jill Alberts Michael Alberts Cynthia Ayala Marielle Bagnard Catherine Barnes Radu Bogdan Carol Davis Louis M. Del Pozzo Suzanne Dranow Jennifer Engler Gabriela Galvez Nayeli Galvez Sandra Galvez Berenice Garcia Roberto Garcia Trisha G. Glenn Karen Goldberg Kristen Goldberg Peter Harvisit Gloria Hernandez Mackenzie Howe

Ashely Klotz Stephanie Klotz Grace Kuhlenschmidt Todd Letchick Isabela Leyva-Garcia Olga Leyva-Garcia Blanca Lopez Sharon McQueen Riley McClendon Maurice Morales Chris Navarro Lauren Pearl Cate Post Susan Post Laurie Principe Leslie Roberts Emma Sanderson Lee A. Sanderson Linda Semon Monica Spiro Basia Tcheng Jill E. Thomas Betty-Jo Tilley Daniel P. Whalen Megan Wheeler Chelsea Worrell Haley Worrell Deborah Worrell-Hale Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Play Area Steffan Alvarez Nicholas Anderson Yegermal Asnake Erynn Baldwin Simone Burnett Brian Chu Chelsea Cronin Michael Diaz Elizabeth Dimitrova Ryan Dollbaum Madelin Dunton Alissa Eno Charles Fabish Florina Garci Rim Gebremariam Arash Gharib Monica Gutierrez Tamalyn Hack Liset V. Hernandez Juanita Herrera Iaelishia Hicks Raelishia Hicks Hayden Howard Lily Howell Wendy Hsiao Simratjit Hunjan Aydin Jang Jieun Jun Kasuni Kotelawala Shaina Lever Molly N. Llamas Ashley Maldonado Stephany Martinez Esteffany Medina Adriana Mellor Sean Moss Lui T. Oi Nicole Okita Dorcas Olayemi 35

Sean Pan Alison Rachowiecki Harman Rahal Ramin Rajaii Allison Ramsey Jamie Rey Cynthia Ruiz Hipolito Ruiz Luis Sanchez Lisa Sedivy Jonathan Shahbazian Michael Suiter Connie Tan Lisa Tan Eric Wagreich Melissa Wilcox Halina Yee Samuel Zetumer Sandy Zhu Agustin Orozco Angela Peters Azadeh Salek Chelsea Jones Erica McDonnell Hannah Shin Julia Lembrikova Kathleen Palas Lisa Tripp Loraine Blatt Sulin Wu Clerical-Administrative John Adams Sana Ahmad Rebekah Aladdin Christopher Alford Sonya Allahyar Saif Alqaseer Alyson Alvarez Amos Anderson Loris Anderson Thomas Anderson Rattan Appoo Jo Ellen Aragon Tramaine Austin-Dillon Rohan Balasuriya Janel Baruengo Scotland Beavers Ileana Becerra Jennifer Beers Elisabetta Beraldo Katya Bernard Tony Biel Stephen Blaha Chet Bohao Esmeralda Bonilla Rex Boone Ben Bregman Patrick Brown William Bruns Katie Burgett Tom Burke Tab Bush Marilyn Cabrera Dario Calderon Chelsea Campos Jaime Campos Cindy Cancio


Joe Cantu Scott Carter Jose R. Castillo Irene Chapa Aman Chaudhary Mike Che Eric Chen Julia Chen Kelly Chien Tanvi Chonasgi Draco Chu Johnathan Cilien Greg Clark Sharon C. Claros Michael Cogley Jessie Comstock Eric Contreras Christine Coons Steve Copeland Matthew Correia Daniel Crandall Erica Crawford Patty Crespo Damian Crichfield Hilary Crocker David Cutman Kensley Davis La'Shana Daykhorsky Matthew Dick James Dittmer Albert Domasin Steve Duday Amy Duong Brigette Duran Swestha Dutt Karston Erickson Alesandra Espinoza Stephen Estes Ilinca Filimon Nicole Flowers Alec Frank Ronald J. Frederick Gregory French Natalie French Jovanna Galindo Kenneth Gao Omar Garcia Camila Gelmini-Brown Dan Genetti Marissa Giron Sandy D. Gordon Steve Gratwick TaMisha Greathouse Christopher Greene Aarti Gupta Robert Hardin Shanon Harmon Talisa Hayes Vincent Hederman Nousha Hefzi Paul Heinjus Ryan Herren Erik Hilkey Jason Hill Jerry Hill Kati Hinman Jessica Hobbs

Scot Hobert Bryan Holdman Lydia Hu Jeffrey Huchenson Jennifer Huynh Nicholas Ingram Catherine E. Iwata Sri Jeevaprakash Ava Jones Dan Kael Art Kardashian Steven Kay Amber-Rose Kelly Aseem Kelly Hyun J. Kim Skylar X. Kim Daryl Knebel Dan Kozlowski Elijah Kravets Gali Kronenberg Rahim Laiwalla Steven Lam Elissa Lappenge Laura Lavin Braden Lay-Michaels Michelle Le Kevin Lee Harrison Levy Jake Liker James Look Kaye Lu Sara Mackey Eloisa Madrigal Nicole Magueflor Kenneth Maher Michael Mango Ariana Martinez Gregg Marx Gary McDaniel James McDaniels Nathaly Medina Manolo Mejia Elizabeth Meshes Vincent Mitchell Chynna Moerlien Gregory Mooney Jessica Murillo-Garcia Justin Natoli Daniel Neri Angelique Nguyen Tuyen Nguyen Idnss Njike Laura Ochoa Kip O'Neal Giannina Orozco Edgar Ortiz Patrick Owen Telo Pablo Michael Andres Palmieri Youri Park Steve Parks Kandrap Patel Chett Patrick Elliot Penhasian Huong Pham Linh Pham Victor Pina

Iliana Ponce Allyson Pressman Christopher Pritchett Cindy Pubols Cindy Puga Dana Pysz Michael Quilario Shahryar Rahdari Luis Ramirez Jennifer Reaves Jessica Reback Nikita Reiserer Maricarmen Reyes Robert Reza Raul Rios Roxana Rojas Frank Roller Lizbeth Romo Stacey Rosborough Daniel J. Rosen Corey Roskin Roxana Rubio Joseph Sahagun Meljon Salazar Jennifer Samson Seira Santizo-Greenwood Shira Saperstein Eric Schiff Rachel Schlossberg Rebecca A. Schreiber Gynai Seaborne Joseph Seeman David Sequeira Jonathan Shahbazian Deja Shepherd David Shorter Allyx Shriver-Rice Cheryl Sims Molly Sinclair Sampat Sindhar Robert Smith Kiran Sonnad Roslyn Soriano Emma Stackpole Ian Sterling Jason Stine Andrew Stogel Aaron Straus Kevin Sweers Autumn Taylor Steven Taylor Kirby Tepper Tracey Thompson Erik Mulianto Thong Kamie Tierce Alexander Totz Serge Tran Dat Trang Ocean Tsai Christina Tse Luis Urbina Robert Diego Vallejo Linda Vazquez Veronica Vice単as Tarsha Walker Sarah A. Wall Mark Warwick

Shannon Wasley Kelly Wasserman Michael Weber Vanessa Wegman Myke Weiskopf Huang S. Weng Kirk White Nikki Williams Anna Wong Peter Wowkowych Kim Woynowskie Jennifer Wright Gabriella Wynn Griselda Yanez James Yoder Eric K. Yun Ettore Zaccarelli Ruby Zasloff Ashli Zeinart Silver Circle Belen Anzaldo Ronnie Blaszczyk Jovan Bowles Cliff Carter Ivy Chang Chris Dax Harish Dharmarajan Amanda Dobernic Katie Enright Samantha Guevara Bazillia Gutierrez Gabriela Islas Cheryl Quintana Leader Brendan McCreary Darcie Miller Shweta Namjoshi Alejandra Perez Orozco Vanessa Ortiz Cindy Pubols Andrew Shubov Marla Stevelberg Amy Tebo Joanie Thompson Peter Williams Venice Art Walk & Auctions Jen Aaron Farah Abdi Ridwa Abdi Kimberly Adams Heng Adrian Penny Akashi Robin Akashi Beth Allyn Liza Alon Virgilio Alon Eloisa Anderson Martin Anderson Chelsea Anderson Abraelle Anderson-Shirley Alexandria Anderson-Shirley Blanca Andres Andrea Andrews Nannina Angioni Nick Anglewitz Vu Anh

Rodolfo Arce Jennifer Arnette Rasheed Asim Valorie Avedisian Vickie Baker Claudia Baldreas Ellen Balkan Jessica Baluyot Michael Barloewen Zoila Barrios Joyeux Noel Battle Liz Bazan Alan Beckman Jill Bernshouse Shawna Birnbaum Carolyn Bishop Michele Blackmon Ronnie Blaszczyk David Blocker Judi Bloom Laura Blum Jennifer Boller Leta Bonin William Bonner Eric Borja Steve Bornstein Lana Borsook Seo Boseok Helen Bottum Anthony Brannan Melendez Brannan Wendy Brazill Devin Brooke Janet Brown La Shaun Brown Shelly Brown Susan Brown John Butta Rhonda Byer Kelly Caffrey Peggy Calamaro Nadezh Callueng Kristina Campbell Robert Canchola Maj Canton Roxanne Carlos Nichol Carlson Samantha Carnell Wendy Carraher Peggy Chase Roberto Chavez Wu Cheng Zheng Chenwa Karen Chu Paru Chul Min Jim Ciccone Juliana Ciccone Justin Ciccone Karen Ciccone Stephen Ciotta Kathi Claude Tom Cleys Amy Coane Denise Cochran David Cohen Sandra Colucci Kathy Conaty Ann Connelly

Jennifer Connelly Lauren Connery Carlos Contreras Bailey Conway Simon Cordova Keith Costantino Kimberly Cowan Heidi Coy Jahkeim Cromedy Jan Cross Patricia Cross Osmond Cruz Susan Curtis Debora Dale Kate Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Andrea Aliya Daniels Karen Davidson Ramona Davis Judy De La Torre Richard deArmond Molly DeBower Marlyn Dege Laura Denahy Michael Detto Susanne Detto Rhonda DeVictor Eliana Deza Harish Dharmarajan Jessica Diamond Jessica Dinsay Raynor Dona You Dong Ki Francine Dorsey Sherman Dorsey Reut Douer Erica Eddings Barbara Eichorn Shahar Eldar Porhasian Elliot Lily Ellison Sarah Engle Ashlee Enriquez Richard Escobar Violet Estrada Janelle Everill Erika Fabian Wang Fancher Diane Fantl Pam Fees Jan Ferguson Cindy Fierro Pat Fierro Maria Filippou Matt Florin Sabine Forster Doug Freed Hallie Freeman Susan Freeman Helen Frick Cindy Friedberg Lynn Friedman Susan Friedman Caroline Futoran John Garcia Aileen Garrigues Lisa Gelber Jmar G. Gemora Courtney Gero

Pomish Gertrude Lisa Gild Anna Gilmore Alexis Ginn Judy Giovani Naama Givoni Becky Gold Jeanne Goldsmith Carlos Gomez Ruby Gonzalez Susan Goodman Hollie Gorish Christopher Gray Zoe Ann Green Barbara Greenfield Michael Greenfield Jeff Grier Barbara Grotts Jonathan Guerrero Judy Gutierrez Ana Gutshall Lauren Haas Timika Hall Ashley Halverson Kim Han Na Vanita Hanson Erin Harnisch Meredith Harsh Margot Hartman Anne Harvey Cindy Henry Linda Hensley Jordan Herb Robyn Herring Sarah Highley Shelley Hochberg Rochelle Hochburg Gregory Holland Sharon Hollingsworth Sylvia Hornidge Kristi Horvath Martin Howard Angela Howe Wang Hu Linda Hughes Gabriella Islas Yadira Izaguirre Elkrief Jade Kung Jae Won Bonnie Jaffe Marilyn Jaffe Brad Jamison Kim Jay Karen Johns Christopher G. Johnson Sue Jones Gloria Jurisic Wang Kai Lun Nancy Kakoyannis Stacy Kamin Stella Kaminskaya Olena Kataieva Halisha Kessee Becca Kistulentz Janessa Klein Kelly Kleinschrodt Matt Koehler Molly Koehler 37

Neal Krone Claudia Krumlauf Janet Kupchick Richard Kurland Hayana Kwon Nancy Lahana Karen Lamp Karen Lauterbach Carlos Lazaro Veronica Lebron Sarah Lederman Brenda Lee Doris Lee Taehyun Lee Samantha Leija Phyllis Lessin Linda Lessing Gerard Leutner Sandy Levin Jana Leyrer Ngo Lihn Elvira Linarte Mimi Lind Ngo Linh Diane Locklear Margarita Loeza Alma Lopez Blanca Lopez Rudy Lopez Reyna Lopez Maya Lujan Mariane Luna Vi Luong Ellen Lutwak Colleen Lynch Susan Lynch Fran Lyness Janice Lyons Jennette Maclaughlan Pete Mais Shoshana Maler Lisa Mallory Cheng Man Yin Annette Mann Ashley Manning Enriquez Maria Gregory Masatani Kathleen Mascari Dawn Mattocks Brooks Maxine Korin Maxson Michael McClain Kamikka McCoy Madeline McCusker Leslie McDougall Monica McFerren Theresa McGuirk Bruce McHugh Diane McHugh Natsko McKissack Alma Mejorado Jimenez Melanie Jennifer Melendez Pat Mendez Max Mendoza Parrick Michael Barbara Miliken Jamie Millman 38

Kim Minkyeong Colin Mitchell Barbara Mizrahi Crisanta Monterroso Kristin Moore Ivan Morales Roxy Morataya Arnette Morgan Joan Morrissey Guadalupe Mota Mary Murphy Donna Murray Michael Muttera Teri Muttera Suzanne Najarian Shweta Namjoshi Kopelow Nancie Keshia Nash-Johnson Kimberly Nichols Suzanne Nichols Arnette Nick Patterson Nicole Chris Nochez Paul Norlen Linda Novack Kristal Oates Jenny Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brian Chinyere Oparaocha Amy Oswick Ron Ozur Lipman Paige Pamela Pakzad Joselyn Palacios Amelia Pang Veronique Pascal Lucia Pasquinelli Diane Patalano Lucia Patino Eddy Patron J. Adrienne Pender Nick Perlmuter Andrew Petrovsky Toni Pezone Tiffany Pham Melissa Phuphanich Rulging Pi Judy Pies Tang Pingtao Rhoda Pregerson Joanne Press Jack Prichett Brittany Prtugal Cindy Pubbs May Pun Loan Quach Phung Quach Marisa Ratoff Anna Maria Ray Kevin Ray De La Cruz Dona Raynor Jodie Rea Anjali Reddy Jonathan T. Reid Toni Reilly Rachel Reilly Karen Reitz Mary Jo Reutter Nikki Ribas

Crista Riccio Kelly Rich Aimee Richer Zack Ritter Judy Roberts Terry Ellen Robinson April Rocke Melissa Rodriguez Lindsay Rogers Danelle Rondberg Waller Rose Marilyn Roth Jeff Rothman Elizabeth Shubov Jerry Rotramel Kat Rotramel Laura Rutebuka Sheril Sakai Alma Salazar Devon Salazar Michael Salerno Eileen Salmon Shifra Saraff Marie Sarapata Stacey Scarborough Lindsay Schanidt Miriam Schorr Carol Schwartz Ken Scott Collin Seals Marlene Seelig Cristobal Sema Surjarutra Senna Nathan Sestack Lucia Sferrino Mary Kay Shaefer Susan Shapiro Arzu Sharee Valerie Shavers Tigre (Elizabeth) Sheets David Shioji John Shiroma Bonnie Shok Liu Shuaiting Ashley Shubert Rayne Sieling Rachel Siemons Diane Silver Gayle Simon Stacy Sinclair Lucia Singer Stephanie Slack Liza Smirnoff Margaret Smith Mary Smith Tim Smith Marta Soriano Eleanor Stahl Jennifer Stanley Carol Stannard Maya Steinborn Derek Stemrich Barbara Sternberg Stephanie Stillings Casey Swinburne Lam Tae Ho Miche Tagawa Basia Tcheng

Amy Tebo Christopher Teichert Rhonda Teichert Emsiale Tejiro Dolores Theard Carmen Thomas Jill Thomas Wydney Thomas Joanie Thompson Alex Thurnher Ward Tilghman Mark Tomlin Diana Torres Tonja Townsend Ingrid Trejo Thalia Trentacarlini Nancy Treutelaar Pauline Trinh Anne Troutman Pat Trujillo Marianna Tuchscherer Maika Tugnao Lauro Valdovinos Marcela Valdovinos Kathryn Varlotta Evelyn Vasquez Sandra Vasquez Lawrence Vaughn Annika Veldre Christine Waljeski Carol Walsh Jonathon Wang Lee Wanhi Gale Warren Arnette Weat Vern Webb Laura Weiss Dianne Welles Patti Wienke Albert Wijaya Nancy Wilding Peter Williams Mikey Wilsker Karen Wilson Amber Winters Joan Wrede Margaret Wu Holly Wyman Hannah Yi James Yi James Yoder Lee Yong Ju Candace Young Dale Youngman Nicole Zagelbaum Janice Zeitinger Jennifer Zhang Don Zink Janet Zitron


Management and Boards Elizabeth Benson Forer, MSW/MPH, Chief Executive Officer Management

Karen Lamp, MD, Medical Director, Ziegler Chair in Family Medicine Laney Kapgan, Chief Development Officer/Director of Development

Karen Lauterbach, Community Health Insurance Program Manager Loreto Melo, Chief Financial Officer

Venice Family Clinic Board of Directors

Joan E. Herman

William Flumenbaum, ChairElect

Brian D. Kan, MD

Brian D. Kan, MD, Chair

Ashley Johnson, Secretary Jeff Sinaiko, Treasurer

Mayer B. Davidson, MD Paula Davis Aime Espinosa Luis Galvez Rev. Lynda D. Gray Neil H. Parker, MD Bill Resnick, MD Paul Saben Flora M. Santacruz Stewart Seradsky Lourdes Servin Carmen Thomas-Paris Leisa Wu Venice Family Clinic Foundation Board of Trustees

Susan Adelman Carol L. Archie, MD Neal Baer, MD Rick Bradley Lowell C. Brown, Esq. David M. Carlisle, MD, PhD Mayer B. Davidson, MD Susan Fleischman, MD William Flumenbaum Chester F. Griffiths, MD, FACS Jimmy H. Hara, MD

Ashley Johnson Deborah Laub Constance Lawton Lou Lazatin Harley Liker, MD, MBA Tracey Loeb Gail Margolis, Esq. Melissa Martinez Frank Matricardi, Dr PH Viren Mehta Wendy Smith Meyer, PhD, LCSW William D. Parente Hutch Parker Neil H. Parker, MD Bill Resnick, MD Paul Saben Michael Sarian Fern Seizer Alan Sieroty Jeff Sinaiko Russel Tyner, AIA Michael S. Wilkes, MD, PhD Leisa Wu Venice Family Clinic Board Emeritus Ruth Bloom Daniel Hillman, MD Joanne Jubelier, PhD Karl A. Keener, Esq. Ruth Moss Marsha Temple, Esq

Stacey Scarborough, Director of Children First/Early Head Start

Anita Zamora, Chief Operations Officer

Venice Family Clinic Philanthropy Board Kathleen Aikenhead Lou Colen Marjorie Fasman Ruth Flinkman-Marandy Hilary & Robert Nelson Jacobs Glorya Kaufman Susanne & Paul Kester Shawn & Larry King Deborah Laub Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos Chuck Lorre Laurie MacDonald Anita May Rosenstein Victoria & Ronald Simms Harriet & Richard Squire Eva Vollmer Billie Milam Weisman Sylvia Weisz Ruth Ziegler Marilyn Ziering Diane & Michael Ziering Janet & Jerry Zucker

Laddie John Dill Raymond Eden Leah Ellenberg, PhD Lila Garrett Allan Gordon Daniel Helberg Roseann Herman, Esq. Douglas I. Jeffe Diedre Kelly-Gordon Mary D. Lane Barbara A. Levey, MD, FACP Julie Liker Connie Linn Al Markovitz, MD, FACP Michael McClain Kelly Chapman Meyer Robert Moverley Charlotte Neumann, MD, MPH Chris O’Brien Regina Pally, MD Kenneth Ramberg Joyce Rey Brian K. Rosenstein Todd Stella Millie Sterz, RN, MPH Arthur Stickgold

Venice Family Clinic Advisory Board Martin Anderson, MD, MPH Bernard Briskin

Jill E. Thomas Matthew A. Toledo Carl Weissburg, Esq.

Stan Chiu Henry G. Cisneros Lou Colen Lucia Diaz

As of March 21, 2013

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Make Venice Family Clinic Part of Your Legacy Membership in Venice Family Clinic’s Legacy Society continues to grow as supporters of all kinds— recognizing the abiding need for accessible, quality health care for all Angelenos—include the Clinic in their wills or other planned giving arrangements. The thoughtful generosity of Legacy Society members ensures the sustainability of the Clinic’s essential services for tens of thousands of low-income and uninsured individuals. Planned giving also provides numerous financial benefits to donors, such as reduced taxable income, options for distributing estates to heirs, reduced capital gains, even income for one’s retirement. For more information about how to include the Clinic in your will or establish a life-income gift, please contact our Chief Development Officer Laney Kapgan at 310.664.7932 or If you have already named Venice Family Clinic as a beneficiary in your estate plan, please contact us so that we may appropriately recognize your generosity.

Legacy Society Members Robert C. Aronoff

Dr. William Molle, MD

Katherine Bard

Carol Mortier

Irma & Louis Colen

Charlotte Neumann, MD, & Alfred Neumann, MD

Mayer B. Davidson, MD, & Roseann Herman, Esq.

Janet Papkin

Sylvia & Mose Firestone, PhD

Maida Richards

Patricia & William Flumenbaum

Stanley Richards

Elizabeth & Daniel Forer

Erich and Martha Schweiger

Elaine Hoffman

Fern & Robert Seizer

Ruth Jacobson

Jeffrey Sinaiko

Joanne Jubelier, PhD

Leonard Stone

Satish Kadaba, MD

Ina Tillman

Marilyn H. Karsten

Beatrice Zeiger

Amita & Viren Mehta


604 Rose Avenue Venice, CA 90291-2767 General Information: 310.392.8630 Development: 310.664.7910 Patient Appointments: 310.392.8636

Venice Family Clinic's 2012 Annual Report  

"From Our Family to Your Family" - 2012 Annual Report for Venice Family Clinic

Venice Family Clinic's 2012 Annual Report  

"From Our Family to Your Family" - 2012 Annual Report for Venice Family Clinic