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An Egg Separator

Catologue Main Feature Other Features Problem Statement Prototype Workflow Orthorgraphic View Color Study

Note: This is a group project done by Shan wei, Sanny Lin and myself. Each and every endeavor was more of a result of collaboration. Hence, it is hard to identify who did which part.

Yupi is an eggyolk separator and storage device that allows one time operation and easy cleaning.

Problem Statement CAPACITY “’s just too small. It requires a container fo a specific diameter to settle on...” “ have to separate one egg after another, the process is repetitive...”

TIME “ takes forever for egg white to drip through, I have to lift it up and rotate a few rounds...”

LEAKING “ might end up with egg yolk anywhere but where you wanted it...”

All the egg yolk separators in the market have similar workflow. Therefore, users experience the same three problems that are listed on the left. Consumers choice are mostly based on price and material as the difference between different products are minimal.

The products show on the left are #1 seller in the market of egg yolk separator. Thoes shown on the bottom are popular choices among consumers. (Results based on Amazon Best Sellers Rank)


egg white left over by separation

A water bottle was used as a prototype because of its similarity in form, material and function to our product. It proves the efficiency of using suction force to separate egg yolk from egg white. The prototype were able to solve the three main issues with traditional egg yolk separator and proved to be much more efficent. However, we found out a serious problem with this simple prototype: the difficulty of sucking egg yolk increases due to the fact that the previous egg yolks add pressure

on the next one. As shown in the picture above, all the egg yolk slide back to the neck and pushes down as the bottle was flipped over. Therefore, we need to modify accordingly to prevent the backflow of egg yolks.

Workflow Conventional Workflow

Crack Egg. (3s)

Wait for egg white to filter. (8s)

Transfer yolk. (3s)

Repeat as neccessary.

Steps Required for 6 eggs: Conventional Separator 4 steps x 6 eggs = 24 steps (168 seconds)

Yupi Workflow Repeat as neccessary.

Collect egg yolks. (5s each)

Remove neck. (3s)

Transfer yolk. (3s)

Yupi 2 steps x 6 eggs + 2 steps = 14 steps (50 seconds)

Form Study

We made prototypes of different shapes shown below and we found out that Form A were the best one because of symmetry and its suitability for different hand sizes. Compare to Form A, Form B causes confusion as users try to figure

Form A

out how to hold it most comfortably.

Form A Form B

Form B

Orthographic View 1.15” 0.8”






Main Feature Squeeze

One Time Operation

Suction Force

Yupi uses suction force to separate the egg yolk from egg white. You can work on 6 egg yolks at one continuous operation. The plunged-in neck prevents backflow.

Other Features 2. Peel open the bottom to wash and air dry.

3. Store egg yolks in the refrigerator and consume them later.

1.Remove the neck to release the egg yolks.

65 %

75 % 70 %

55 %

90 %

Color Study We studied color in the market of kitchen products and how our product can fit into the kitchen environment. (shown in the infograph below) Also, we researched on colors that can produce a mood of cheerfulness and we quantified it accordingly as shown by the graph on the right. In the end, we came

55 %

75 %

43 %

up with a line of product according to the highest rating on the scale. Pink was excluded because the lack of pink color products in the kitchen environment. The color options are shown in the picture below.

90 %

55 %

60 %

75 %

90 %

85 %

50 %

65 %

70 %

55 % 48%

65 %

99 %

99 %


A Wafflemaker that Controls Overflow

Underestimation of batter quatity results in waffle missing corners.

Overflowing is a huge issue when making waffle. The overflowing batter sticks to the side due to heating, which furthur results in difficulty when cleaning.

Most waffle makers cannot stand vertically. Thus, they occupy a lot more space when not in use.

Some iron plates are irremovable, making it difficult to clean.

Handles are scorching as steam is trapped inside the waffle maker and escapes in copious amount when lid is lifted.

Oil spray onto the iron plate leaks through the hinge when waffle makers are stored upright.

35% 5-15 min 0-5 min 15-25 min

Unevenly cooked

Batter overflowing


Size too small/big


How much time do you have to make breakfast on weekdays?


No Yes

Do you clean immediately after you have breakfast?

Sticking Time too long/short

4.5% 4.5% I make batter____.

4.5% Storage


Imperfect Shape

Just before cooking Last night and refrigerate it With the one premade from Walmart


Burnt waffle

How much are you willing to pay for a waffle maker?

Scorching handle

Below $30 $30 to $60 $60 to $100

Removable Overflow Compartment

Channel Removable iron plate Handle

Section View

Cloi has a overflow compartment which is magnetically attached that traps expanding batter. Hence it is mess-free.

To test the validity of the concept, I drilled a hole through a waffle maker, the hole extended into the cast Aluminium plate. During the cooking process, excess batter overflow through the hole that I drilled, leaving the cooked waffle clean and crispy. More importantly, no batter overflowed from the rim as I sealed it.


both large enough and goes along with the general form.


overflow compartment

has three sections: the cover, the mesh for trapping batter and the teflon coated base. Four cuts on the base for


management. Tansparent and open base for cleaning oil dripping

Light Indicator: Blue: cooking Yellow:Ready to eat

from the hinge.

Perforated surface for

release. Removable cast iron


steam plate.

Overflow Compartment

Iron Plate

Steam Release

Cord Management

1. Injection molded Polycarbonate frame around the light. 5

2. Extruded aluminium overflowing compartment cover, painted with white glossy paint.





4 7

3. Pri-crimp waved stainless steel mesh for batter tapping. Connected to 3 with a rubber band on the edge.


4. Cast aluminium plate with teflon coating, connected to 6 through magnetic attraction. 5. LED light. 6. Injected molded aluminium upper housing with glossy white paint. 10

7. Upper cast iron plate with non-stick coating. 8. Injection molded PVC button.


9. Injection molded aluminium upper and lower hinge.


10. Lower cast iron plate with non-stick coating. 11. Injection molded aluminium lower housing with glossy white paint. Housing for heating coils and thermostat. 12. Injection molded Polycarbonate base for upright storage.


13. Plug. 14. Small cut for cord management. 15. Injection molded aluminium with glossy white paint, attached to the acrylic base, non-functional.




Yuhan Li Portfolio  

I am a junior at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign industrial design program.

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