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Resilience Maintaining and Increasing Your Resilience

Some stress is good for us. Most of us require challenging goals and at least some degree of pressure to fulfil our potential. It is also normal for our stress levels to rise as we cope with situations that are meaningful to us, especially when we experience periods of uncertainty, setbacks, or long periods of pressure. The concept of resilience is to keep our stress at a level that allows for optimal performance. Too little stress and we can experience decreased attention and interest. Too much stress and we can experience physical and psychological symptoms leading to weakened performance. Research in this area suggests that while some people seem to come by resilience naturally, these behaviours can also be learned. Resilience is not an extraordinary thing but is rather ordinary and can be learned by most anyone. Since the 1970’s, psychological research has not only shown how to distinguish between people who will grow after failure from people that will collapse, but also how to build those skills to grow. Key Learnings during this session:

• Define resilience • Adapting high performance sport into a workplace • The big three links to resilience: sleep, physical activity, and your “gut” health • How to include mindfulness in your workday to improve resilience and health • Value based living • How to build optimism Length: This session can be done as a classic lecture OR an interactive group work session. Both have been well received from 60 to120 minutes. For a 60 minute session - 2 learnings; for a 90 minute session - 3 learnings; and for a 120 minute session - 5 learnings. Who is this for?: Human Resource professionals and wellness consultants

What to expect: Group pre-resilience screen with feedback, presentation or interactive sessions, worksheets as homework and to use at the office with teams.

The time to relax and take a minute for yourself is when you simply don’t have time to do it.

You are the biggest and most important asset you have!... Look after yourself.

Darren is on the leading edge with GRIT. Resilience is where it is at. We can’t control what happens in the lives of our employees, but we can ensure they have the skills to get through it. GRIT is quickly becoming one of Dal’s “signature programs” and the results from participants have been outstanding. Word is out and people are starting to look for the next offering. Janice MacInnis | Manager, Organizational Health “When my run in high performance sport is over and I move to being a full time professional engineer, I still plan on consulting with Darren and Vendura Wellness to maintain the performance and productivity I have come to expect of myself.” Mark de Jonge, Olympic Bronze Medalist 2012, World Champion 2014 and World Record holder Men’s 200m Kayak Canada “Darren’s systematic and multidimensional approach to assessing, preparing, monitoring, and developing resiliency in the individuals I work with, is a critical part of the journey for executive coaching or high performance team development.” Dr Colin Guthrie, Mental Performance Consulting Group


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Darren Steeves, MSc., CEP, CPT Vendura Wellness 902.452.3348

Darren is a professional Exercise Physiologist and has worked in the health and performance field for nearly 25 years. He is a co-owner of a wellness consulting company in Halifax. He has consulted within corporations, with top level executives, Olympic Medalists and World Champion athletes and attended the most recent Rio games as a sport scientist with team Canada. Darren was also one of the original authors of Behavioural Engineering, the theory behind the Incite platform launched in 2017. Darren is currently the lead researcher with the Own the Podium project and heads the Research Action team for the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic. Darren is also leading a large scale resilience study in partnership with Dalhousie University, looking at the links between resilience training in University students and health outcomes. Lastly, check out Darren’s new book, “Are You Ready? Stop Wishing It Was Friday,” on Amazon.

Resilience Define resilience

• Defining resilience in today’s terms • The meaning of bounce back and “bounce forward” • What are key components to building and sustaining resilience: optimism, problemsolving, emotional intelligence, etc. • Learn the foundation (toolbox) of resilience and the tools that need to be in it • Participants will do group work and develop a team word wall for resilience

Adapting high performance sport into a workplace • • • •

What we can learn from working with athletes Awareness, learning and action Access-study-journal Participants will understand the advantages of assessments and pulse checks and will complete a mini-GRIT assessment prior to event

The big three link to resilience: sleep, physical activity, and your “gut” health

• How physical activity, sleep and keeping your gut healthy are positive coping skills and drive resilience • Changing behaviours in the big three • Participants will receive up-to-date information on the big three from leading researchers in the field

How to include mindfulness in your workday to improve resilience and health • The mindful hydration study • How to put mindfulness into your day easily and without much “thought” • Participants will practice on-site and receive take home information and access to webinars on the topic

Value based living

• What are your top three values and do you live them • Participants will develop their top three values

How to build optimism

G.R.I.T. study at Dalhousie University 2016

• Optimism is not something you either have or you don’t, this is a teachable skill • Participants will receive a worksheet that they can use for themselves and at the office

Love your job. Have a nice home. Stay in shape. Eat organic. Get enough sleep. Take time for yourself, but be there for your family and friends. The pressure to have it all is greater now than ever. Meanwhile, you see your friends posting their latest amazing vacation or new relationship on social media. Is everyone else really that happy and content?! It’s no wonder so many of us feel like we’re coming up short. Alex, a smart, driven professional, has those thoughts as well. Then he meets Jim, a guy who seems to have it all together. For Alex, this unlikely friendship is life changing.

Overall percent change across all four major sections (Emotional Intelligence Personal, Emotional Intelligence Social Agility, Bounce Back, Well Being) and Grand Total change


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Read Alex’s story, and see if you can relate to any of his obstacles. Stick with him as he clears a path to the life he wants to live. Then, check out our guide to living the life you want to live, complete with starting points and quick tips. Are you ready?

Vendura wellness resilience training  
Vendura wellness resilience training