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MINIMUM STANDARDS of GCDP IC internships in the Czech Republic 1. Facilities 1.1. Food 1.1.1. Not provided (written in TN form). 1.1.2. Communication: Focus on expectations arising from TN form, skype interview, do not promise you cannot provide, event it can be more interesting internship. Specify them how and when do they get food – if we will provide some.

1.1.3. LC can try to ensure the food for free (school – lunch). 1.2. Accommodation 1.2.1. Provided (mandatory from XPP). 1.2.2. Each LC has to specify options in TN form: host families, dorms, flat (interns, AIESECers). 1.2.3. Living place has to contain at least bed, access to bathroom, to kitchen (with possibility to put something to the fridge).

1.2.4. Max 8 people per toilet/shower, 3 people per bedroom. 1.2.5. Each LC has to put information about frequency of changing place in TN form. 1.3. Internet 1.3.1. Min in AIESEC office (written in TN form). 1.4. Transport 1.4.1. Not provided (written in TN form).

2. Min and max working hours 2.1. Prepare specific JD: take into consideration preparation and working time, time in new host family, work with AIESEC (possible CEED – if the person is here for CEED, it’s time extra, not covered in minimal working hours).

2.2. Specific JD (written in TN form, take into consideration preparation and working time for project, time in new host family).

2.3. CEED (possibility is written in TN form). 2.4. Min working hours: 25hr/week (min.15 working hours + 10 hours preparation) = min. 4 working days/week. 2.5. Max working hours: 40hr/week.

3. Reception 3.1. Booklet: information about project, Czech Republic and LC. 3.2. Pick up intern in the final destination. 3.3. Have a contact with interns: each intern should have 1 person responsible for him (buddy). 3.4. Welcome Party/LC meeting/ Bye Bye Party. 3.5. Invitation to LC meeting. 3.6. Welcome package: maps (show them where is LC office), contact on people from LC.

4. Preparation 4.1. Preparation seminar before beginning of project (Train the Trainees).

4.2. Content of preparation: team-building with huge debriefing, information about project and the Czech Republic, presentation skills, flow and specific of the project (logistic, program, communication, debriefings explanation etc.), NPS training and trainee leader elections.

4.3. Min duration of the preparation seminar is 3 days. 4.4. Send survey Welcome to the Czech Republic to trainee and fill Accreditation 201X.

5. Trainee satisfaction 5.1. Select trainee leader during Train the Trainees and set up expectations with the whole team. 5.2. Organize two debriefings – 2nd and 4th week of the internship 5.3. Check NPS on regular basis – open case, state of NPS and response rate

6. Extra things 6.1. Organize 1 small „trip“ or activity with AIESEC (something else then welcome party). 6.2. Invite intern to conferences.

Minimum standards of gcdp ic 12.3.2014  
Minimum standards of gcdp ic 12.3.2014