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OCTOBER 2011 Volume 1/Number 3

BUSINESS OF THE MONTH 3 Jamerican Designs PINK SUNDAY 4 “Pink Sunday at Greenway Church” “A Big Lesson”



5 Dr. Antoine Hawkins “The Power To Forgive”


((((((Hey Professionals))))))) Hello and thank you all for supporting the 3rd edition of “It's Your Time to Shine. ” This newsletter was created in order to assist the members of Vendors Preferred and other business professionals advertise their businesses without paying an outrageous fee. If you would like to be featured in our Vendors Spotlight, contribute an article, or be one of Just Pearlz's picks, please view our Newsletter Guidelines. WANT TO BE A VENDOR AT OUR NEXT VENDORS MEET UP PLEASE CONTACT US AT VIPVENDORS@GMAIL.COM.. All photos of LaNette K. are courtesy of Jamerican Designs. Visit them on the web at

Pink Sunday Greenway Church of Fort Worth Texas

PINK SUNDAY AT GREENWAY CHURCH Greenway Church of Fort Worth,Texas went PINK!! I would like to thank Greenway Church for participating in PINK Sunday. This event was to promote breast cancer awareness and Pinknation Fashion Show. What Greenway did: *They asked that everyone in the church wear pink *They served breakfast on pink decor *The church bulletin event went pink *Asked visitors and friends to wear pink *Many thanks to the performers/committee for attending in their PINK.. *Passed out breast cancer awareness packets provided by Susan G. Komen ALL MINISTRIES THAT PLAYED A PART IN THIS EVENT THANKS!! THANKS Apostle Antoine Hawkins for your love and support of this event.

A BIG LESSON by LaNette K.

Upon creating PINK Sunday I had no idea that Susan G.Komen actually has an Official PINK Sunday that they sponsor during the month of October. The foundation created this event in order to provide different churches across the country with information on breast cancer. Although our PINK Sunday was in September I would also like to thank Susan G. Komen for being a sponsor of our one month early PINK Sunday(lol) and providing 50 packets to the families of our church.For more information about how your church can have PINK SUNDAY please visit for more details.

LaNette K. Photo courtesy of Jamerican Designs (


This year in our church we instituted an annual Good Friday service that focuses on Prayer, Praise, Worship and "The Seven Last Sayings on the Cross". I vividly remember one of ministers speaking from the subject, “Father, Forgive Them.” I have heard many sermons on this topic, however this time it was uniquely different. The minister stated that to forgive and forget is not as simple as we think, but forgiving is only truly possible if we remember things differently. What a powerful truth! As I began to reflect on my time of counseling couples and individuals in my ministry I often think of how unforgiveness is usually due to the memory of the pain, the hurt, the heartbreak or the disappointment inflicted. The Lord’s Prayer gives us insight into how to forgive even in the worst of situations. For example, in the fourth section of the Lord’s Prayer, we pray for God to“forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors." The word “forgiveness” in the Greek means: “to send away, to dismiss or to wipe off.” That is what Jesus did for our sin nature. The Lords Prayer, however, suggests that as we receive the vertical dimension of forgiveness from God, we must also extend forgiveness horizontally to our offender. Central to the theme is the idea that forgiveness of sins by the Father is proportionate to forgiveness of offences by us. In other words we will get mercy, kindness, and release from God as we extend mercy, kindness and release to those who have offended us. No matter the offence! Thus, no matter what is going on in your life my brothers and sisters. No matter what manner of offence you have received whether it is the loss of a loved one through violence, the violation of your person or even the denial of a well deserved job or promotion. We will be released from physical ailments, emotional stress, psychological terrors and spiritual burnouts when we free others from the tyranny of unforgiveness. The blessing of forgiveness causes the inner freedom and the fortitude of that results in the embrace of all of our lifestyle offenses as a path to victory, growth and our ultimate freedom. Believe God to give you the power to forgive!

Dr. Antoine Hawkins is the Senior Pastor of the historic Greenway Church in Ft. Worth, Texas ( and the founder of The International Coalition of Apostolic Networks (The ICAN Group). Email:



A Testimony of the Faith and Healing of Cynthia Robinson Monday October 4th, 2010, my oldest daughter Brandi Ervin, rushed me to Huguley Memorial Hospital Emergency Ward, where we meet up with my youngest daughter Crystal Wilson. My body was riveting in pain all over. That was the only reason they were able to drag me to the hospital, for I had refused to go up till that point. I pleaded with them to refrain from calling their Pa,(my husband Tyrone Robinson) because that was the night he was supposed to bring the word at bible study. They chose to call him anyway. In order to relieve my pain the ER doctor had to knock me out with morphine. Eventually I was admitted into the hospital for further testing. The mass in my breast, which family and friends had been praying and fasting against, turned out to be cancerous and had metastasized to my lung, liver, spine, hip and bone. At about a year prior to my diagnosis, my cousins, Debra Marzett and Shirley Mason had begun praying against the mass. God told me that this sickness would not lead to death but would be documented for those who would doubt what God would do in my body. For Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. He is still in the healing business!!

Before I was released from the hospital (the doctor said it was an aggressive stage four cancer) I started treatment. I never stayed in the hospital room like I was sick but continued to go to the chapel to pray and sing, giving my testimony. God showered me with so much love from family and friends. People I did not even know were praying and standing in the gap for me. Before I could start any treatment, I had to be assigned a doctor. Dr. Potluri agreed and affectionately adopted the name “Dr. Princess” for me. That Friday I began treatment in the form of chemotherapy. Some of the side affects included: insomnia, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, loss of hair and nails…… just to name a few. What I never loss was my appetite. I was told I would be made comfortable, but throughout this time God’s Word continually reminded me of who’s report I should believe in. God has the final word. My heart was heavy for those who were in treatment for this disease. Each time I went in for treatment I would dance and shout hallelujah and encourage the staff and others to join in with me. Always praising and thanking God for my healing, I never doubted his Word or His promise for my life. I had some bad days but I had far more good days. In less than six months after my admittance into the hospital, God completely turned my diagnosis around. My doctors found NO MORE CANCER IN MY BODY! I want to recognize my husband Tyrone, my children; Brandi and Crystal; my son-n-laws; Jashon and Virgil; my daughter Robben, my grandchildren; Myles, Niya, Jayden, Auria, Jaylin, and Aiden, my sister and brother-nlaw; Jerlene and William Newton, my nieces and nephews, Pastor/Apostle Antonie Hawkins and the Greenway Church family, Minister Eddie and Rosa Smith and The Higher Dominion Church family, Pastor Rose King and the Christian Outreach Center Church family, Apostle Cheryl Roberts and Husband Jeffrey and the Success in Salvation Ministry, Monique and family, Larry and Susan Buck and family, Earl Guant, the cancer narrator at Huguley Hospital, Dorothy, Victory Awning Co., my good friends Marie and Skip Spoons and last but not least, Mrs. Helen Cooper, my friend and sister who went to be with the Lord. I love you all, Cynthia. Because of Jesus I am CANCER FREE, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, ALL THE HONOR AND ALL THE PRAISE!!!


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I would like to thank Alphonso /Pamela with AEII Designs for creating such amazing work not only for the Vendors Preferred Newsletter but the advertisement for Pink Sunday was amazing. Thanks for supporting my vision!!

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Special thanks to Cassandra Russell (817)909-0989 with Organo Gold coffee for providing the BEST coffee/tea and hot chocolate during breakfast at PINK SUNDAY!! Special thanks to Greenway Church 1816 Delga Street Fort Worth,Texas for hosting their first PINK SUNDAY to promote breast cancer awareness and to Susan G. Komen for sponsoring PINK SUNDAY at Greenway Church. Thanks again to Cake Diva, The Spa Bar, Dr. Linda Amerson for making the Vendor Preferred Meet Ups greater.

Cassandra Russell

Breast Cancer Awareness October Ed  

Business Needs Breast Cancer Prevention

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