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mita Baig has been committed to the protection and preservation of India’s

AMITA BAIG photographs by joginder singh

mighty maharajas forts & palaces of india

heritage for over twenty-five years. She has

amita baig

promoted new methods for the protection of historic sites, and has been at the forefront


of the conservation movement in India, promoting the concept of preservation with

the centuries, as kingdoms rose and fell or

might y m aharajas

General of the Architectural Heritage Division at INTACH before becoming an independent consultant. She is currently Consultant to the World Monuments Fund for its India program.


oginder Singh, an architect by training, specializes in architectural photography.

Though he enjoys photographing modern Indian architecture, his interactions with historic buildings leave him enchanted and enriched. Regional response, material expression, and spatial complexity, coupled with an attention to detail, form a part of his visual dialogue. There have been a number of solo exhibitions of his work. The Vendome Press 1334 York Avenue New York, N.Y. 10021 Distributed in North America by Abrams Books Printed in Singapore Jacket designed by Alecia Reddick

expanded into mighty empires, the need for protection against invaders resulted in the building of magnificent forts and fortified citadels across the country. Many of these fortresses sheltered entire cities, as well as royal palaces and pleasure gardens that were known for their splendor and luxury.

Mighty Maharajas: Forts and Palaces of India brings together a unique architectural legacy – from ancient forts mentioned in Hindu epics to strongholds built by a succession of rulers, arranged geographically within a historic or aesthetic context. The narrative provides glimpses of history enlivened by stirring tales of valor and sacrifice while lavish color photographs reflect the cultural heritage of each palace and fort, bringing the royal experience to life for the reader.

mighty maharajas

balcony of Mussaman Burj

and the fortifications on the riverside us $75.00 can $86.00 back jacket:

fascinating collection of historic forts

and royal palaces waiting to be explored. Over

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Pillared hallway leading to Amba

F o r t s & PA L A C E S o f I n d i a



Mighty Maharajas  

Splendidly decorate fortress palaces, built by India's mightiest rulers.