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What makes us the industry leader VendEngine provides cloud-based technology solutions specifically designed for the corrections industry. From inmate commissary deposits to commissary management systems to a myriad of inmate communication platforms, VendEngine offers the most advanced technology platforms in the corrections industry today.

Secure and Dependable Our dual-redundancy backup systems mean your jail is NEVER without access to your data. All of our applications are SSL Certified, PCI compliant and have every level of data encryption available.

Comprehensive Suite Our platform is designed as an application-based modular system that can plug into any existing Jail Management System delivering a comprehensive suite to your jail.


Suite Features VendEngine is one of the most advanced electronic payment and communication platforms, providing cloud-based technology solutions to the corrections industry. We specialize in griveance filing, vending management, payment solutions and portof-entry hardware and software, managing your full jail technology needs.

Inmate Email and Text Messages

Video Visitation

Grievance Filing and Requests

Debit Card Release Program

Commissary and Phone Deposits

Accounting and Auditing Reports

Booking & Lobby Deposit Systems

Digital Mail Applications

Electronic Health Records

Convenient and Accessible Our technology system is 100% cloud-based, so there is no need for a server in your jail. You can access over 45 different accounting and auditing reports and manage all inmate communications remotely with your PC or mobile device.

Need Kiosks? We design, build and manufacture our steel lobby and booking kiosk machines in the United States and offer lobby kiosks at no cost to your jail. We also offer inmate ordering and video visitation kiosks custom-designed for your facility.

Commissary Ordering Platform

Premium Content (Games, Video, Music)

Education and Law Libraries




Highlights & Features VendEngine offers a comprehensive suite of applications that your jail can use to facilitate nearly any technology need. Jail Trust Funds Management VendEngine offers over 150 accounting and auditing reports, a comissary warehouse management system and a point of sale system integrated into The Trust Account. When synced with your Jail Management System, this makes passing audits a breeze.

Commissary Ordering Our picture-based Point-of-Sale system integrates seamlessly with your Commissary provider or your own in-house commissary. The funds stay within the Jail Trust accounting system and makes commissary ordering a breeze.

Need Tablets? We have them. Our windows-based tablets feature the entire VendEngine suite of applications outlined in the brochure along with Games, Books, Movies and Streaming Radio.

Booking, Lobby, Online and APP-based deposit solutions Our booking and lobby deposit systems are convenient and easy-to-use for officers or the general public. With 5 different ways to deposit funds onto phone, commissary or tablet time, there are no shortage of options for your visitors and officers.

Debit Card Release Programs

Grievance Management

As one of our most convenient features, the debit card release program allows inmates to walk out the door with their funds loaded on a MasterCard debit card. The funds are loaded instantly and for immediate use.

One of our strongest and most popular products, the Grievance Management System allows your inmates to file electronic grievances, enables your officers to respond to them and even allows for a higher-tier appeal process.

Radio With over 30 genres of music and over 300 radio stations, VendEngine and iHeartRadio are partnered up to stream music into your tablets for every listener’s choice.

Videos Law Libraries

The Mailroom

Medical Requests

Through our partnerships with third-party vendors we can deliver a FREE up to date legal law library to your inmates. This includes both federal and state laws.

Inmates can receive and send emails and texts in the Digital MailRoom. All content is processed through our key word filter for review and approval once flagged.

Inmates may request medical attention directly to the healthcare team in your facility with no need to tie up staff time handling medical requests.

Work Release Our work release module allows your facility to manage the in’s and outs associated with dealing with work-release inmates, the income they receive, how to manage any fines and fees they might need to pay along the way.

PREA and Suicide Alerts Instant alert system for inmate suicide or PREA situations that goes straight to your phone or email.

VendEngine has partnered up with Crackle, one of the largest TV, Movie and content providers in the U.S. for streaming movies, shows and documentaries in the country.

Books With over 54,000 books, the VendEngine system has one of the most comprehensive library archives available on the VendEngine tablet.

Jail Documents Load your Inmate handbook or any other Jail Documents to the Inmate System.

Games The VendEngine system has over 20 games for inmates to play.





Digital Mail Application The digital mail application allows individuals to send electronic mail to inmates and also allows facilities to scan in paper mail for inmates to view on the kiosks directly, instead of having to pass mail through the facility to inmates. The process is more secure, efficient and takes less time for officers to have to maintain mail for inmates.


Direct Email and Text Messaging This free mail application allows family members to submit an electronic letter to the inmate directly for free! It arrives faster to the inmate after going through our keyword search engine for review. They simply go online to to send their mail to the inmate.


Attachments and Photos


Better Facility Security


Always Maintain Control

Family members can also add pictures or attachments to their digital mail for the inmate to view and keep on their kiosk files. All files are reviewed by jail staff before being delivered to the inmate. Hard copies can be requested in paper form upon release from the facility by the inmate.

The digital mail application is free, easy to use, prevents contraband from getting into the facility and is quick to set-up and begin using.

Facilities still have full control over what goes in and out, can set alert words to be flagged, and allow for auto-approval or they can search against messages in reports later for investigative purposes.


On-site & Off-site Video Visitation Visitation can be a lengthy process and becomes a security risk when moving inmates from one part of the jail facility to the next. VendEngine has revolutionized the way inmates communicate with families and friends through our cloud-based video software system. On-site video visitation is available at no cost for families and friends to talk with inmates in a safe and secure manner through our state-of-the-art hardware, designed and manufactured in the United States. Off-site visitation is available for families and friends to visit through our free app. From anywhere, on their cellphone, laptop or mobile device. The off-site visitation module from VendEngine is the best in the industry.


100% cloud-based and secure The VendEngine system operates in the Amazon Cloud and that means that your data is not only safe and secure, it is accessible to you anytime, anywhere. Your information is stored instantly and is retrievable anytime you wish.

No servers on-site to maintain Since the VendEngine system works through a secure connection to the cloud, there are no servers to place on site and no hardware to maintain. We simply plug it in and it works.

Administrators can monitor videos Assigned Jail administrators can view and listen to all sessions in real-time. Administrators also have the ability to interrupt a session or terminate a session at anytime.

Recorded capabilities EVERY video session is recorded for investigative purposes and stored up to six months. The sessions are easy to retrieve and view from any connected device,

Family members or inmates schedule a time for the video session to take place.

Family members visit the jail facility (on-site) and join the session on the kiosk at the jail.

An inmate joins the session from the kiosk located within their pod or cell. Inmates can also request visitation sessions or spurof-the-moment sessions from their kiosk rather than having to schedule ahead of time for sessions. Full scheduling capabilities available for on-site and off-site visitation, including facial recognition, auto-approval status, video arraignment/lawyer account management.

with no software to load. Legal and Judicial calls can be blocked from recordings.

Download and store .mpeg formats on the server The VendEngine system makes it easy to view and download any session. With no software to load and individual can simply download a stored video session in standard .mpeg or .wav format onto a hard drive or thumb drive instantly.

Scheduling The VendEngine scheduler allows individuals at home or at the facility to schedule their own sessions at any time. The system even allows for inmates to schedule their own sessions as well.






We connect inmates to their loved ones hassle free. helps deposit money for inmates to use for commissary, phone


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we make connecting them to friends and family as simple as possible. The JailFunds transaction system has the most secure standards of technology available today. Once submitted, your deposit is in the designated commissary account in realtime. No need to drive to the jail, our system is available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. JailFunds is the most secure and efficient deposit system in the corrections industry. Download on the

App Store

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Google play

weekends included.



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Vendengine brochure 2017 final