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10 years younger

Behind The Scenes: The Ten Years Experience

10 years younger

Our lovely winner apryl!


ever having transformed anyone’s life, or even attempted to, the entire Ten Years Younger project was so completely emotional for all involved. Selecting our deserving winner, Apryl Webb, from an impressive number of applicants, judges Willow Pearson and Gemma Treby, broke the news to her over the telephone… marking the first step in Apryl’s transformation. Greeted by a scream, the Velvet team couldn’t have been happier to break the news to our winner. From this moment on, our relationship with Apryl became an overwhelming emotional rollercoaster! From her first session with Liberté Fitness, (www.libertefitness. com) the impressive outdoor exercise gurus, we knew we’d made the right decision. “I was very enthusiastic about starting with Liberté,” explained Apryl. I wanted the chance to build back the muscle I’ve lost, and the class truly pushed me to my limits.” Being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia five years ago, Apryl’s life dramatically changed, affecting everything from her weight, hair and teeth to her attitude and confidence. “The drugs that I have to take completely zapped my muscles, so I gave it my best shot.” Combining the thrice-weekly classes with an ongoing weight control plan, prescribed by the Bury St Edmunds-based clinic, Weight Medics, ( Apryl began to gain confidence in herself once more, learning how to steer clear of temptation and stick to her diet.

“Patient Care Manager, Amanda Jackson, is such a warm and friendly person, making me feel quite at ease from our first meeting,” Apryl revealed. “She is on the programme herself, so you don’t feel like you’re talking to someone who couldn’t possibly have any understanding of your situation. You know she does. “Although I couldn’t take the metabolism boosting medication, just going and having some support was enough to boost my willpower to stick to the diet. I had quite a few shocks on my first visit, but was very pleased with the results – in just three months I’d lost nearly a stone!” First measuring her original degree of obesity at 44.1%, we knew there was some way to go in improving Apryl’s body health, but no one could prepare us for the impressive drop to 33.9% on her final weigh in. With nothing but endless dieting and fitness through the first month of Apryl’s transformation, we all thought it was about time she underwent a little TLC, which is where the rest of our impressive line up came into play. Beginning with Dermaplicity’s ( specialist nurse, Catriona, Apryl couldn’t believe her luck. “I could talk to Catriona like an old friend even though we had only just met,” laughed Apryl. “I was not sure what to expect, having watching TV programmes of a similar nature, I half expected to come out of the first session looking like road kill with a face covered in peeling crisps by the end of the week. Happily, it was nothing like that.”

Combining an intense course of facial peels Apryl was able to undergo some of the clinic’s most sought after treatments, starting with a proteolytic enzyme skin resurface. “After Apryl’s initial medical consultation and skin assessment, I carried out a proteolytic enzyme skin resurfacing peel to break down dead and damaged cells to reveal smoother more refined skin,” explained Catriona. “Apryl’s face was cleansed with DermaQuest Daily Enzyme cleanser, a gentle non irritating cleanser often used for sensitive and acne skins and to treat open pores. Once removed I applied the DermaQuest Algae scrub with jojoba beads to give an even, but gentle exfoliation.” Visibly relaxing in the chair as Catriona continued her first treatment, Apryl couldn’t believe the transformation. “It wasn’t long before people started asking what I had been doing different,” she said. “The treatments were very gentle but very effective.” Presenting no tingling, stinging or redness, Apryl’s first treatment concluded with a Jan Marini Skin Zyme mask, left on for 10 minutes whilst she laid back and relaxed to the tranquil music of lapping waves and stress reducing peaceful melodies. Once the mask was removed, Apryl was brought back to reality with the help of DermaQuest’s Advanced B5 serum, which improved hydration to brighten the skin, firm and strengthen in one easy layer. As the second treatment came about, just one month later, Apryl could hardly wait to get into the chair. Undergoing a glycolic peel with stem cell technology, even the Velvet team were keen to see the results, given the first session’s success. Set to even out the skin tone, texture, fine lines, acne and scarring, the peel was perfect for the pigmentation of Apryl’s face. Using the stem cell technology to achieve excellent results with no side effects or redness, even we are now considering the lunchtime treat. Cleansing the face with DermaQuest’s Glycolic creamy cleanser, Catriona prepped Apryl’s face with DermaQuest’s Dermaprime to remove excess surface oils before applying the glycolic stem cell peel for 10 minutes. After the glycolic peel was removed, Apryl finished with a Lira Clinical collagen-hydrating mask, which was left for 10 minutes to leave skin feeling plumped, hydrated, soothed and radiant. The third and final treatment, received just days before Apryl’s final photoshoot was simply enough to send her into the seventh heaven. The DermaQuest Pumpkin Vitamin A Peel presented a similar luxury to that of the second

10 years younger


weight medics liberté

10 years younger

willow hair consultants

nicola sexton

pure beauty

treatment, leaving the face glowing for up to an hour afterwards to ensure Apryl was left looking and feeling amazing for several days afterwards. “Catriona is her own best advert,” laughed Apryl. “I couldn’t find a wrinkle on her face anywhere. I was very sad when my last session finished.” In between rushing to the Newmarket based skin and laser clinic, Apryl found herself experiences a wealth of luxuries with the help of many of our local boutiques and spa retreats. Embarking on a colour consultation with the gurus of Cuckoo Clothing in Cambridge (, Apryl spent an afternoon with the store’s co-founder Michelle Veenman. “My trip to Cuckoo Clothing was so much fun,” revealed Apryl. “My friend came with me to watch the proceedings and was commandeered by Michelle to act as assistant putting mark stickers in the colour swatch on the colours that suited me best. It was so good to have her involved too, she has since booked one for herself after watching mine. “I could really see the difference between the colours that suit you and don’t. My colour swatch goes everywhere with me now, whenever I go out shopping so I don’t waste money buying things that don’t suit me. “Now I wear my clothes, they don’t wear me!” Speaking to Michelle it was great to hear of Apryl’s progress. “With Apryl’s fair complexion and blue eyes, we were able to introduce a palette of cool colours and striking textures, identifying pastel shades and soft whites as her most suited look,” explained Michelle. “Avoiding yellows or orangey pink, Apryl can take many bright and patterned shades, most noticeably blues.” Leaving the store feeling on top of the world, Apryl’s next stop with the lovely dentist Dr Johan could not have been more welcomed. Undergoing her first experience of teeth whitening with the experts at Cosmetic Smile (, Apryl couldn’t wait to get into the chair. “I was really looking to forward to having it done,” Apryl beamed. “The medication I was on had done something odd to my teeth and left a lot of staining that was not coming off no matter what I tried. “I was able to relax throughout the hour treatment, and couldn’t wait to see the final effects.” Leaving with the Hollywood smile, we couldn’t wait to see Apryl after the treatment. Bumping into her in Cambridge city centre days later she was still smiling away, showing all her glamorous new pearly white shade. With the perfect skin, perfect teeth and clothes to match, we couldn’t wait to get Apryl in the hairdresser’s chair. Having neglected her cosmetic regime after first being diagnosed, Apryl was in much need of a little TLC and Willow Hair Consultants ( was the perfect place for her. “My hair was in desperate need of a professional sort out,” she revealed. “Having given up on some of life’s little luxuries when I stopped working, I had taken to cutting and colouring my hair myself. It was out of condition and needed some urgent attention. “I gave Willow carte blanche to do what she liked, but to be honest Willow was so nice and had put so much time and effort into the entire process if she had shaved my head or given me a Mohican I would

10 years younger “The whole experience was amazing and everyone who donated their time and expertise deserves a huge thank you. Everybody was fantastic, thank you for an experience of a lifetime.”

mark ashworth probably have politely said thank you, but she worked a miracle – I love it.” Using Great Lengths hair extensions, Willow was able to create a fuller, textured appearance, introducing low and highlights to Apryl’s naturally fair colours. The overall effect was memorising; Apryl lost years in minutes. Returning to the salon before her final photoshoot, Apryl couldn’t believe how easy her new hairstyle was to maintain. Embarking on the final moments of her transformation in the final build up to her photoshoot, Apryl spent a relaxing afternoon with the experts at SK Clinic + Spa (www.skclinic. in Bury St Edmunds. Undergoing a relaxing massage and aromatic bath, Apryl was able to unwind and reflect on her journey so far. Visiting the gorgeous shoe boutique, Nicola Sexton (www., just a stone’s throw away from the spa retreat, Apryl was able to find her tiny feet a new pair of shoes to enjoy. Working with the store’s namesake, Nicola, she was able to find the perfect pair of plimsolls from Nicola’s personally tailored range to perfect her new look. “My pretty, practical pumps will definitely be on my feet on Christmas day,” she laughed. Finally leving the historic town of Bury St Edmunds, Apryl returned to Newmarket to enjoy an evening of relaxation with her husband Robert at one of the town’s most prestigious hotels, Bedford Lodge Hotel ( “What a treat, and one that Robert could share. We spent the afternoon walling in the pool and Jacuzzi before getting dolled up for dinner,” said Apryl. “It was nice to have an excuse to get dressed up! The meal was really good, we will definitely being going back there. The rooms were lovely with pure white crispy bed linen, and we received an impressive breakfast the next morning. It was a

brilliant break.” As the final days of her transformation loomed, Apryl spent an afternoon with the beauty queens of Pure Beauty (www. in Newmarket undergoing one of the salon’s Fake Bake spray tans. “I haven’t laughed so much for ages,” Apryl recalled. “I came out looking like an Oompa Loompa. “Leaving it on for 24 hours, and enjoy a good scrub, I was left with a nice honey coloured tan and an instant confidence boost.” Using one of the industry’s best products, Pure Beauty were able to cater for all shades of tan, giving Apryl a light bronzed polish to match her naturally fair colours and newly highlighted hair. Finally the photoshoot arrived, bringing with it the talents of Perfect Mobile Beauty’s Nikki Tolworthy (www. Using soft and natural colours, Nikki transformed Apryl in time for her close up giving her the final edge of luxury at the end of her journey. It was on her last appointment with the talents of Ashworth Photography ( that Apryl’s journey truly came to a peak. “The photoshoot was great fun and photographer Mark made me feel quite at ease. “Mum and Robert came with me to view the results… I didn’t recognise myself and neither did they. The pictures were fantastic, I wanted them all, it was so hard to choose! It was the perfect finale to a most fantastic experience.” Finally leaving Apryl to rest, the entire Velvet team couldn’t believe her journey was over. She looked simply fantastic and radiated in confidence. “The whole experience was amazing and everyone who donated their time and expertise deserves a huge thank you. Everybody was fantastic, thank you for an experience of a lifetime.”

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Behind The Scenes: The Ten Years Experience  

Go behind the scenes of the winner's Ten Years Younger experience.

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