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“This was a story about skin that was inspired by the fact that we are more than the sum of our body parts. We create many more things, like tulips, and blooms and pinwheels, and spades. All tied up in gorgeous glowy skin! I had the best time doing this shoot. When I think of my little worlds, and the whimsical nature of what I see, I wondered how the body as a nude could make a debut! Bonnieland has never been vulgar, it's always been about beauty, about life loving us and playing with us. I had the wonderful fortune of being able to work with Sarah DeAnna, an amazing soul with an absolutely flawless body. She reminds me of a butterfly. So of course when I asked her naked little self if she could stand on her hands and bend her legs backward over her head she said yes. Her being able to so gracefully contort into these positions just made me feel like the body is just such a lovely vessel that allows us to soar, be more and experience life.�

- Bonnie Holland

Bonnie Holland: Skin